Is InboxDollars Legit?


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
I thought it was about time to launch into another proper, full-length survey scrutiny. Today, we’re going to do an InboxDollars review. I aim to discuss what makes it different from other survey and GPT sites and examine if it’s truly a reliable supplemental source of income.

As a full disclaimer, Inbox Dollars has already made it to a forum post here in the past. It’s included in my personal list of the five top-paying survey apps for people on the go. To say that I already think it’s a decent survey site would be a given. However, I still want to take a closer look at it based on its own merits and what it has to offer to survey-takers like you and me. Surveys have been known to change in just a couple of months regarding quality, membership satisfaction, and other factors that will dictate its legitimacy and reliability, after all.

And without further ado…


So what is InboxDollars all about?

It is a survey site that conducts market research on behalf of partner businesses and companies. The feedback comes from members who sign up and perform activities on the site, such as answering surveys, reading emails, trying your hand and luck at games, watching videos, and using shopping coupons. Basically – stuff you would normally do online, anyway.

Anyone 18 years or older can sign up for free, seemingly from anywhere in the world. There have been complaints about the availability of surveys and other tasks depending on the members’ location, though. If you have any experience in this regard, I am eager to hear all about your feedback, if only for the sake of fairness in this review.

How long has it been around?

InboxDollars was established way back in 2000 as an online rewards site. It has since expanded into British and Canadian territories to pave the way for InboxPounds (2012) and DailyRewards (2014) respectively. There are also mobile apps available for both Android and iOS users, thus adding more active ways to potentially earn among people on the go.

So far, InboxDollars claims to have paid out more than $60 million in rewards to its users. Since its establishment, the site has reaped several rewards and merits, including the Titans of Technology award of 2016!

Is membership to InboxDollars beneficial?

As I previously mentioned, sitting down and doing tasks you would normally do online and getting rewarded for it is already a benefit for yours truly. But of course, there has to be more to it than that to make it worth your while. To sweeten the deal (and as an added incentive to signing up), InboxDollars gives every new signee a $5 bonus as soon as membership is confirmed.

I would venture to say that it is beneficial – if you have enough patience, that is. Working towards cashing out $30 admittedly takes some time and a bit of waiting for your check to be delivered by post. I myself used to cash out an average of only three to four times a year (prior to being a Gold Member, which then allowed me to cash out weekly instead of monthly). But as previously mentioned, the tasks that go towards redeeming your earnings are so doable that I am practically on auto-pilot while performing them.

At any rate, the site’s payment history tab will give you a good idea of how much you’re making within a certain period. I’ve found that it’s also a practical gauge if certain tasks are more dependable and rewarding than others, and approximately how many days it takes in-between requesting for payment and actually receiving it (mine is an average of three business days).

What kind of rewards can I expect on InboxDollars?

In a nutshell – cash, plain and simple. To be honest, I like the straightforwardness of this reward – there are no complex points systems to deal with, and I can always see if I am working towards my earnings goal more starkly and plainly.

So while each task might only earn you cents upon completion, I find that keeping at them for a couple of hours helps me work faster towards my request for payment. Yes, there is a bit of waiting involved, but the other means of earning sort of make up for it. There are the usual expected tasks of surveys, paid offers, reading emails, using Groupon (a personal favorite activity), and others. However, you can also try your hand at Sweepstakes entries, entering the loyalty program for even more benefits, and referring others so you can get some passive income through them.

I don’t really view loyalty programs as a MUST when it comes to personal requirements to join an online rewards site. But having it around means the site is willing to add further incentives for those who keep at it for a longer time, as opposed to other GPT and survey sites who boot out members unceremoniously after a couple of months of inactivity.

The Verdict?

InboxDollars is a legit online rewards site. In fact, I will recommend InboxDollars as a reliable source of extra income, based on my own experience with it. I’ve been a member since early 2016 and have consistently turned to it for cashing out whenever I need to augment my savings. There have been mixed opinions about it lately, but most of the stuff I’ve been hearing from legit sources maintain that it’s still a great way to earn some pocket money (via check or cash card) without exerting too much time and effort on the available tasks. On that note, I would recommend putting this site on rotation along with other reliable online rewards platforms, so as not to chafe at the amount of time between earnings.

If you have any experience with InboxDollars – whether it’s positive or negative – I would be interested to hear your feedback about it in the comments section.
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