Is Harris Poll Online Legit or a Scam?


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
How’s everyone doing? Today, we’re going back to basics – reviewing another survey site to see if it’s worth our time and effort in the pursuit of higher earning (heh, I just coined that phrase and I’m hoping it catches).

I am adding this post to the growing list of Harris Poll online reviews as a sort of PSA. When I first started researching it, I found mostly glowing reviews. As months passed, however, the reviews became more mixed. Some expressed disappointment, while others claim it remains a legit way to earn. To be honest, it’s not so strange a phenomenon when it comes to GPT and paid survey sites – going from great to so-so in the reviews department, I mean.

However, I think it’s only fair to still give it a try to personally see if it’s worth pursuing. So I signed up for membership, and here is my full review on it. Hope it helps you make up your mind about being a member (or not)!

So what is Harris Poll Online all about?

The home page tries to summarize the Harris Poll membership experience with this line: “Influence important decision-makers in government, corporations, and non-profit organizations with your unique insights.” It’s a basic survey site through and through – you sign up to participate in research surveys, earn points (“HIpoints”) in the process, and redeem rewards after.

The site itself is no-nonsense concerning both design and copy. Now, why am I bothering with the design, look, and feel of a site? Because for me, it pays to see if they like sugar-coating stuff with sleek graphics and bloated words – it makes me suspicious. I’m once bitten, twice shy about beautiful sites that deliver nothing but frustration. But aside from a travel catalog-like slideshow on the homepage, the Harris Poll site is pretty primary and uncluttered. And the FAQs are answered in a straightforward manner, so I got to learn a lot about the site before even signing up as a member.


How long has it been around?

The site appears to be the online version of The Harris Poll, which proudly calls itself “one of the longest running and most respected barometers of public opinion in the United States.” It doesn’t indicate when it was established, though. However, The Harris Poll itself was established in 1963 if you are concerned about pedigree.

According to the support and FAQ page, people 13 years or older from the United States, the United States territories, select countries from Western Europe, Japan, and Canada can sign up with Harris Poll Online. There have been noticeable improvements with the website, the biggest of which is that it is now available as mobile apps for both Android and iOS users.


Is membership to Harris Poll Online beneficial?

Harris Poll surveys will earn you HIpoints, which will be credited to your account anywhere between 10 minutes and 24 hours after completing a survey on the site. Once you have accumulated enough HIpoints to redeem your choice of rewards, you can browse through the menu of gift card options in the rewards catalog found on the top navigation menu.

The gift cards you choose will depend on the number of HIpoints you currently have available. A $10 gift card is worth around 1,250 points, and with an average of a hundred points per survey, we’re looking at quite a bit of survey-taking before redeeming anything worthwhile here.

So where am I so far with Harris Poll surveys? Still not anywhere near redeeming any gift card, which is a bummer. I only receive an average of 3 surveys per month, so it’s not enough for me to earn and redeem monthly. And even with a mobile app which I keep checking anywhere I go, I hardly seem to qualify for new surveys. There are no email notifications which would have been convenient. It has been a vexing experience waiting to be eligible for surveys, so far.


What kind of rewards can I expect on Harris Poll Online?

Not cash, definitely. This is admittedly one of the first things that soured me a bit on Harris Poll. There are rewards to be had here, though, make no mistake about it.

Some of the famous brand logos associated with Harris Poll rewards include Amazon , iTunes, and Starbucks (right smack in the home and rewards pages). There are other gift cards to various restaurants, subscriptions to different publications, and even airline mileage. The variety and amount of gift card choices do appease the lack of cash rewards as an incentive. Upon request, e-codes are sent within 24 to 48 hours. Physical merch, on the other hand, can take a full week to two business weeks via USPS delivery.

It is also noteworthy that for every survey you complete, you will instantly qualify for the quarterly sweepstakes worth $10,000. This would be a sweet deal if only I had some luck with this kind of thing (and if they had proof of members actually winning the sweepstakes somewhere in the site – sadly, there isn’t any that I could find).


The Verdict?

Harris Poll Online is legit enough in the sense that it doesn’t over-promise what it offers to members. I’ve also seen enough payment proof to tell that they do pay out and that the rewards being offered are real. Plus, the site has quite the pedigree, being the digital offshoot of The Harris Poll. Those qualifications were enough to allow me to give it a spin.

But do they under-deliver? I would say, yes, unfortunately. Since it’s such a basic site, they don’t even offer any referral system with which to earn some passive income. It’s purely survey-answering here, but even that isn’t enough to earn you the kind of money that is worth investing your time and effort. So unless things improve as far as the number of surveys is made available is concerned, I don’t think I will be keeping this one in my regular roster of surveys for now.
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