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May 17, 2018
It seems that more and more, paid survey sites are becoming the go-to method of people who want to do a bit of side hustle while working from home (or in the case of others, while in transit or in-between waiting periods at restaurants, clinics, and other places). The pursuit of unearthing market research and consumer behavior has led different companies to partner with survey panels and aggregators to look for users who will provide this valuable information. This phenomenon has resulted in the sudden popularity of survey panels, so don’t be surprised if there’s a new one vying for your attention in the coming days.

Such sites as Ipsos Isay Survey have bravely joined the huge, swelling rank of GPT and paid survey sites. Users can complete surveys and once they meet the minimum trigger payout, can redeem their points for cash, gift cards, sweepstakes draws, or other prizes. Sounds easy? You bet. Now let’s take a closer look at this Ipsos Isay survey site and see if it’s legit or not.


So what is Ipsos Isay survey panel all about?

**At this early junction, I want to put out this disclaimer before I proceed with my Ipsos Isay Survey review: the site seems to have stopped allowing new members to sign up. Now, I’m not sure if this is a temporary setback or if the site will be merged with a bigger one, or – I dunno exactly. Is there a sort of limbo for survey panels that need work or an overhaul? Right now, I’m afraid I don’t have the answers, but will gladly update this review once there’s new information about it.

At any rate, Ipsos I-say is a survey panel that truly focuses on surveys and not any other tasks like viewing videos or uploading photos or opening email. Joining up is free (if it’s still possible at this time) and will require some demographic-related questions to answer. These often include your location, age, gender, income, educational attainment, and a bit of backgrounder on your domestic affairs. This kind of information will be the basis for the sort of surveys you will be getting as a member which you match with.

How long has it been around?

I-Say was founded in 2011. I also discovered that Ipsos, its “mother” company, has been around since 1975! Serving around a hundred countries all over the world since its establishment date, it seems only natural to put up their own survey panel a few decades later.

(One strange thing that struck me about all this is that, while Ipsos itself has and continues to serve different countries globally, I-Say is only open to users from the USA, Canada, and the UK. So, hmmm…)

Fast-forward to today, and there is now an Ipsos Isay survey app for both Android and iOS users. With these apps, users receive mobile surveys, get notifications on available surveys, and can even create polls. There is also a new feature where prizes can be redeemed straight from the app.

Is membership to Ipsos Isay Survey beneficial?

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I usually look at other blogs, forums, app pages, and social media feedback regarding the survey panels and aggregators I want to feature in my reviews. The Ipsos Isay survey reviews I’ve read are a mixed bag at best. However, in the interest of wanting to help those looking for a side hustle, I will list down the benefits of being an Isay member (along with my personal takes for each, because I am opinionated like that).

You can receive payouts via PayPal

While this seems par for the course, I have to say that having PayPal as part of a survey site’s payout system is always a plus in my book. If you earn around 1500 points doing surveys, you can already cash out $15 on PayPal. It’s not the lowest trigger amount for cashing out I’ve seen, but it isn’t as bad as those asking you to plod slowly towards earning $50 before you can expect some money in your account.

My personal take? It’s convenient, it’s fast, and it’s safe – what’s not to like? PayPal will always be a “pro” for survey-taking, at least to me. On this note, I wish to remind you that you have to sign up with I-say using the same email you have for PayPal transactions so there won’t be any problem down the line when cashing out.


You get “consolation points” for being disqualified

It is highly probable that you will not qualify for all the Ipsos I-Say surveys that come your way. If and when this happens, you will still get five points for your time. You will also be automatically entered for the site’s Monthly Click Draw for a chance to win bigger and better prizes.

My personal take? Again, this may seem like small potatoes in exchange for the very vexing experience of getting screened out of a survey. However, 5 points are 5 points, and not all survey panels offer a consolation prize for surveys you end up not qualifying for, right?

You can get to “choose” the length of surveys you will take

Maybe “choose” is too enticing a word. However, the way the site structures their survey offerings is that you can right away see approximately how many minutes it will take to complete a survey (along with the number of points you will be earning) on the dashboard. If you wish to complete only surveys that are below 20 minutes, you can do so.

My personal take? I like this feature. Not all survey panels take the time to indicate how long you will be completing a survey for how many points, so this comes as a breath of fresh air.


You will receive an average of eight surveys a week

Several survey review blogs, forum posts, and yes, even my own past experience with Ipsos Isay survey panel has reinforced this observation. Perhaps depending a lot on the pre-qualifying questionnaire we answered, I and other reviewers seem to have been getting anywhere between five to eight surveys a week to complete. (A special note: this might not be true for all survey-takers, so please don’t take this particular “benefit” as gospel truth because it is entirely based on my own observation.)

My personal take? This is a good batting average and I hope it stays that way the longer I remain a member. Which brings me to the next benefit…

receive an average of eight surveys a week.png

Ipsos I-Say has a loyalty program

The longer you stay as a survey-taker on this site, the bigger your rewards points are. It’s that simple. Five surveys equal 25 bonus points, ten will get you 50, 25 surveys will get you a hundred points, and so on and so forth.

My personal take? Now, this is a loyalty program I can truly get behind! You will have to earn and use your accumulated loyalty points within a calendar year or else they will get forfeited, but this is not a problem for me. At the very least, I can have gift certificates or cash I can put towards my holidays' fund.

Ipsos I-Say has a loyalty program.png

What kind of rewards can I expect on Ipsos i-say?

Another good incentive on Ipsos i-Say can be seen in the variety of rewards users can redeem. There are gift and e-cards for iTunes, Target, Visa, Starbucks, Facebook games, and PayPal. There is also the aforementioned cashing out option via PayPal (a personal fave). You can also qualify for Sweepstakes entries. You can even choose to donate some of your earnings to several notable non-profits like UNICEF or Habitat for Humanity!

Points for earning and redeeming vary for each reward, but they are somewhere between 500 and 2000 points (very doable and very easy to achieve, IMHO). To be sure if you’re qualified for redeeming them, simply check out Points Balance at the top of your account page.

The verdict?

Ipsos Isay survey panel is legit. In fact, I would recommend it based on the many benefits it offers – but alas, it seems to be in some sort of hiatus as far as getting new members is concerned.

If and when the site comes back full force, I would say it’s worth a try. It does have its cons, as any other survey panel is wont to have. One of the biggest for me is the absence of a cash-incentivized referral program, which has personally become one of my favorite ways to earn on GPT and paid survey sites. Another would be that the Isay survey app is by invitation-only, so it’s not open for everyone who finds the convenience of mobile-based survey-taking an appealing and convenient one.

But at the end of the day, no matter how many sweet features and programs a survey site has to offer, it can never really take the place of better-paying and rewarding jobs. You are just going to have to practice caution and use common sense when taking part in any form of survey-taking rewards programs such as this one.
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