InboxPays Review: Get Cash for Simple Tasks - Scam or Legit?


Jun 14, 2018
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At this point, I think we can all more or less give pros and cons for GPT sites. The pros would include flexible time, the chance to make some extra pocket money, and that the tasks involved are pretty easy and doable - you know, watching videos, doing small surveys, and earn cash to read emails. As for the cons? Well, it can’t quite replace a real money-making gig, and there are issues of getting screened out or not getting paid on time, which are real bummers.

Today I’m going to be reviewing a GPT site called InboxPays. It’s not very popular, so I didn’t really know about it until someone I know mentioned trying it out. So is it a legitimate site - the kind you can stick with to earn a passive income, or is it bordering on being scammy? Do its pros outweigh its cons? Let’s find out together.

First things first - what is it?

InboxPays is a GPT (“get paid to”) site through and through. Its tagline is “make lots of cash on a single click!” which is kind of an over-promise, at least to me. Its services and rewards are available to users from the USA only.

How long has it been around?

It’s been operating since 2009, and based on the website layout, hasn’t really given any thought to upgrading its look and usability (it’s full of text and unsightly fonts and colors). It’s based in Chicago and is run by a marketing group called A&A Marketing, Inc.

Is registration free?

Becoming a member of is free, and as they state in their FAQ, they actually pay you to sign up. There is a $5 sign-up bonus which will be credited to your account once you have verified your email. Sounds generous, right? But more on this in a bit.

Does it pay well?

For a GPT site, there seems to be a wide array of tasks to do in order to earn at InboxPays. There’s the task of opening emails sent to your inbox and getting paid just for opening them and reading them. There is also participation in market research AKA paid surveys. There are also trial and paid offers from their advertiser-partners. And if you were born under a lucky star, you can try out the jackpot prize for their Spin to Win game! Payments are paid via PayPal.

As for the site paying “well”, a quick look at each task reveals that it pays more or less what you would expect a GPT site to shell out to members. It’s around 25 cents per email link click and “read”, which sounds good except there is a maximum of three clicks a day. Good luck earning usable cash with that! A completed survey is anywhere between 50 cents and a dollar, and surveys are usually few and far-between for GPT sites. There are also paid trials, but I didn’t bother trying those out because they were asking for my credit card details, so nosireebob, nope.

How do I start earning extra income from InboxPays?

As stated earlier, merely signing up will get you credited an instant $5 to your account. But here is where it gets really tricky. THE MINIMUM CASH OUT IS $50! I nearly swore out loud when I read it, but there it is, brazenly stated on their FAQ: “As soon as you reach $50 or more in your account you can send us a request for payment!” Then it goes on to describe how payments are made in multiples of $50, so if you get a couple of dollars over that, you will basically have to wait to make another $50 to cash out your earnings. It seems as though they don’t really want you to get your hands on your money so they implement impossible-to-meet increments, which just sucks.

There is also a referral bonus being offered if you get other people to sign up and start earning via InboxPays. This means 10% of their earnings go to you once they submit a payment request. But waiting to cash out for a measly $5 referral bonus might take forever, so this is one instance that I am disappointed (I’m being polite, I’m actually enraged) by a site’s referral system.

The verdict?

I would be hard pressed to call InboxPays legit because of the numerous complaints about it being nearly impossible to cash out with them. Also, the minimum trigger pay is just ridiculous at $50! It’s like investing in something, hoping to just break even, and not even getting that anytime soon. I wouldn’t recommend this site at all.

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Your turn!

Have you been a member of InboxPays? What was the experience like? Please share them below so we can compare notes.




Oct 10, 2018
I never tried them myself because too many people said its a scam. But I can't really say if they're bad or not. When I did my research I basically went to Trust Pilot ( ) and noticed a lot of people there claim they didn't get paid or having a hard time reaching their minimum amount. I heard of a few cases with other survey providers where they do similar tricks. Such as when the user gets close to the minimum payout they will basically show less surveys so its super hard to reach it. No me thats just short term thinking because don't they want the user to do more surveys in the future? Is inboxpays scam ? I can't say for sure but I wouldn't try them based on the comments I saw. In the end its super frustrating when you are finally close to the payout and then you can't cash out. been there done that with other providers before. never again!
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