InboxDollars Review: Get Paid for Doing Online Tasks – Legit or Scam?


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
In previous survey site reviews, I’ve listed a variety of criteria for figuring out whether a site is worth signing up for. But the truth is, the single most important aspect of a site is this: money. That is, how much money have they distributed to members?

A site can have all sorts of gimmicks – and it’d be great to have those – but at the end of the day, what matters is does the site pay its members? It really is all about the money.

So today I’ll be reviewing InboxDollars. I mentioned money earlier, because InboxDollars has paid a ginormous amount of money to its members: over $57 million. That’s a crazy-big amount. Surely, only a legit company can pay this much money to its members, right? I tried out InboxDollars to know for sure.

If you’ve been wondering whether InboxDollars is legit, here’s my InboxDollars review. Read on and be enlightened!


About Inboxdollars

InboxDollars was founded in 2000, and has millions of members. Tenure is pretty important to me, since they’re a big factor in determining whether a site is legit. Don’t get me wrong – scam sites do operate for long periods of time (too long, unfortunately). But they keep changing their names whenever they resurface to scam a new batch of members.

InboxDollars doesn’t seem to be one of those. The site is part of a corporate umbrella (also named InboxDollars) that also includes SendEarnings, InboxPounds, and DailyRewards. Like Inboxdollars, those sites also give rewards. But we’re not reviewing those right now.

First Impressions

My first impression of InboxDollars was… mixed. Don’t get me wrong, the site looks great. Clean layout, well-presented information. The site even has a Better Business Bureau accreditation. Anyone who’s read my reviews here and on the Earn That Buck forum will know I’m a sucker for a great-looking website. But the thing is, InboxDollars looks very similar to GrabPoints (which I gave a glowing review here).

Some of the basic elements of both sites are very similar. Even the main headline (“Be Rewarded”) is used by both sites. If InboxDollars were a shady-looking site, I’d dismiss it immediately. But the site looks slick and well thought-out. Maybe both sites got the hired the same designer? Maybe these sites are partner companies?


I’m not sure. But InboxDollars looks legit enough, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Like I said earlier, the important thing for me as a member is: do I get paid?

Read on to find out if they really are legit!

How To Earn Money On Inboxdollars

The methods for earning on InboxDollars are pretty standard for a survey site. You do a variety of simple tasks and get paid in cash for them. Here are those tasks:

Complete Surveys

Companies and organizations looking for opinions and feedback on a variety of topics partner with InboxDollars. These opinions and feedback are usually used for market research purposes. To encourage members to take these surveys, InboxDollars offers a cash reward for each one you complete.


Play Games

You can play games and compete for cash prizes on InboxDollars. The games are suitable for casual gamers, so it’s not like you need the be an über gaming geek to take part in these tasks.


Avail Of Location-based Promotions

Switch on your phone’s GPS to know of any special offers that are available in establishments around your general vicinity! This might require you to set your location and privacy settings accordingly. I’ll leave it up to you whether it’s worth giving up a bit of your privacy.

Watch Videos

InboxDollars hosts a variety of sponsored content, which gives out cash earnings whenever you watch them. The creators of this content are looking to increase their views and exposure. Videos comprise different topics, from entertainment, to politics, to sports, food, and technology.


Avail Of Cash And Shopping Offers

You will get paid for availing of free or trial offers from other companies, You can even earn cash for participating in some offers.

Important note: some of these offers require you to input your credit card info, even if they are free. This means you’ll have to be vigilant and remember to deactivate your account before the free trial ends and the paid membership kicks in. If you like the service enough to keep it even as a paid service, go ahead and do so.


Read Emails

Under the PaidEmails program, InboxDollars will send you sponsored emails. You will earn money by opening and clicking on the emails. The amount of emails will depend on your overall participation on InboxDollars. So the more you do other tasks, the more PaidEmails you will get.

Active participants will get up to three emails per day. Since it’s important you don’t miss these emails, I suggest getting a dedicated email account just for InboxDollars. That way you don’t miss any important notifications when they come.

Referring Friends

If you end up liking InboxDollars, help spread the word! InboxDollars has a pretty good referral program. Through the program, you will earn 10% of your referrals’ earnings. You will also get $0.10 for every dollar they earn in Qualified Earnings. I really like this program. It’s not advertised as the “main” money-making method on the site, but there were times when referrals from earnings comprised bulk of my earnings from InboxDollars. So don’t overlook making referrals!


Earning Potential On Inboxdollars

I know it sounds like a cop-out when I say that your earnings will depend on certain factors, and will vary from month to month. But hey, I’m trying to keep it real. I’m not one of those reviewers who will over-promise things to his readers. I’m going to say it as it is. (It’s like journalism, sorta)

So, yeah. Your earnings on InboxDollars will depend on how much time you have to do tasks, and the actual amount of tasks that are made available. But with that said, here’s a rough guide on the amount of points that each task will pay you:

Sign-Up Bonus – You’ll earn $5 just for signing-up!

Log-In Bonus – You’ll get $0.02 every day on your first login!

Completing Surveys – InboxDollars will pay you $0.25 for short surveys (which take 10 to 15 minutes to complete) and $0.50 for long ones (which take up to 30 minutes to complete).

Availing of Offers and Promotions – Earnings vary depending on the promo, but it pays anywhere from $0.50 to $5.

Watching Videos – Each video you finish watching will pay up to $0.10. Make sure you stick around after the video ends. Most videos will have a virtual coupon you can scratch for a chance to win $10!

Reading Emails – Each email you open and read will pay you $0.10.

Referring Friends – You’ll get 10% of your referrals’ earning, plus $0.10 for every dollar they make in Qualified Earnings.

The amount each task pays may not look like much individually, but they quickly add up. So put the time into completing tasks, and mix a variety of tasks. I think you’ll be surprised by how much your earnings add up!

Payment Options

There’s a $30 minimum payout which is a crazy-high amount. I’m honestly not too hot on that, but it is what it is. I suggest not relying too much on your earnings here. Not because you won’t earn (you will) but because it might take a while before you can actually withdraw your earnings.

When you do reach $30, you can withdraw your earnings as cash (via InboxDollars Tango eCard, or Visa prepaid card) or cheque. Processing takes 10 to 16 days which is a long wait.

With the high payout minimum, long processing time, and lack of PayPal option, my excitement for InboxDollars is dampened a bit. But hey, when you get your first payout, your membership will be automatically bumped up to Gold status, which makes you eligible for faster payment processing. So there is at least that.

How To Sign-up At Inboxdollars

Registering is super-easy. Simply visit their site – the registration form is right there on the home page. You’ll get a $5 bonus just for registering! Super-awesome!

Take note, that while registering is really easy, you might have to answer additional qualifying questions whenever you take surveys. This is for the site to determine whether you’re the appropriate demographic for the survey. (The qualifying questions don’t count towards your earnings.)

The Verdict: Legit Or Scam?

InboxDollars is legit! Their payment processing isn’t the best, but the rest of the site – from their tasks to rewards to overall site experience – makes up for it.

Just temper your expectations and be prepared to grind it out a bit before you can redeem your earnings. It might take a while to hit that $30 minimum, but don’t worry; you will, eventually, and the site is good for it.

Your Turn

So that’s my review of InboxDollars. Now it’s your turn to share! How do you find the site overall? Do you also think it’s legit!

Let’s hear your stories!
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