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Jun 14, 2018
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My husband once asked me, “If you love socializing but work from home, how do you reconcile that?” He knows all too well how I love hanging out with my girlfriends and sisters, and that in general, extroverts like me thrive in the company of others. So yeah, how do I end up not going ballistic spending so many hours online, right here at home, without actual human interaction for most of the time?

If you’re the same, you’ve probably had to get yourself acclimatized to earning a living by not leaving the house too often. Well, I’m glad to report that there are ways to get to interact and “mingle” with other people - albeit online or virtually - which isn’t really all that bad. In fact, judging from the kind of interaction I see on this forum, it’s potentially an enjoyable and educational one, and can even be the stepping stone to forming deep bonding and friendship!

With that being said, here are some home-based jobs I would recommend to extroverted and sociable people. With heavy traffic, the rising cost of fuel, and the general inconvenience of commuting to and from a workplace, I believe extroverts will be getting the best of both worlds by doing these work-from-home jobs while still communicating with other people!

Consider customer service

The customer service industry was MADE for extroverted people. Who else but those who love socializing and know how to listen and give good advice can handle the kind of pressure of dealing with dozens of clients a day? Definitely not introverts! So if you have the kind of friendly, empathetic, and reassuring tone or voice plus the patience to listen to/read complaints and feedback from customers, consider becoming a customer service representative online.

You can do this either via a chat interface with no video, or one that lets customers see the representative via a chat window and actually hear your voice as you converse. Or, you can answer customer concerns via the old-fashioned way - the phone! To get you started, here’s a nice list of companies looking for customer service representatives who can work from home. Most are US-based, though some are also open to reps worldwide.
Become an online tutor

Perhaps there is no better way to interact online than to become a virtual tutor. There is a myriad of ways to teach someone online and get paid for it - from helping people with their homework and research, through to teaching them the nuances of another language, and just about anything teachable in-between!

The good news is, there are so many online teaching platforms you can try to do based on your experience and level of expertise! I know there is already an article in this forum that thoroughly discusses the dozens of resources you can use if you want to start being an online teacher. It just goes to show how in-demand the job is, and it’s especially attractive to extroverts who love a one-on-one interaction and the chance to impart some useful knowledge to others.

Do tech support

Again, if helping out others is your thing, then consider being a tech support agent to channel all that helpfulness. This entails knowledge in IT, mobile apps and devices, and mostly computer-related stuff. People will be asking you for technical know-how, so the key is providing them with the kind of information that they need, in a language they will understand.

So many companies now outsource their tech support to those who are willing to work from home, so you can do this either at a part-time or a full-time capacity. A simple Google search will lead you to dozens of job openings. The average pay for a tech support agent is $15 an hour, which is quite good. You would likely be required to work at the company’s peak hours, so you can work your daily schedule around that.

Go for interactive survey sites

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about survey sites that require video interaction, or conversing with either a chatbot or a real live moderator! These appeal to me very much indeed. Some of the interactive survey sites I’ve heard about so far are:
  • Mindswarms (reviewed here) - though not quite interactive, this survey site gives you the chance to take video “selfies” instead of just the usual typing in or checking off boxes for survey questions. This self-recorded survey platform will definitely appeal to extroverts! Plus, the pay is good, too.
  • Invoke Live (reviewed here) - using a web-based software from the company, you can participate in surveys via a live chat-room setup with other participants, plus a moderator from Invoke and the client who requires the kind of data you can provide on their products or services. The compensation promised is quite good, as well.
  • PollPass (reviewed here) - there is a lot of interactive survey fun with this site courtesy of a friendly chatbot! You also won’t get screened out, unlike in other surveys! It’s also mobile-friendly, so you can do survey chats on the go.
The verdict?

I may be extroverted, but I do choose the kind of people I want to be around with on a daily basis. I chose to work from home because when I was working in an office, the people around me made the daily grind miserable and not something I looked forward to. So fast-forward to today, and I am happily ensconced in my warm and cozy home, doing home-based tasks which allow me to interact with people, anyway. If you feel the same way, then I guarantee the legitimacy of these tips!

Your turn!

Are you an extrovert who suddenly found yourself doing home-based tasks? How do you manage to fulfill your need to be sociable and be around people? Please share your experiences with us!
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Jun 14, 2018
I am in the middle of both. I can easily adapt to every situations. But most of the time I am home so I go to forums. These may not be a big earning sites but I love the interaction that I can get from everyone. Lots of informations on different things that can also enhance my knowledge and skills. Though I love to be with people, there are times that i want to be alone and that is where when I am online working.
My husband calls it the "in-betweenovert"! :)
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Jun 14, 2018
I think I’m also extroverted and outgoing sometimes, but also want to work from home! Now even extroverts don’t necessarily crave to be around toxic people all the time. One way to avoid that, of course, is to work remotely. So thanks for this nice list of remote careers for extroverted people, June!

Since I have a customer service industry background, I instantly gravitated towards the same industry, albeit remotely. I tried out for Answer First as a sort of virtual receptionist doing answering service duties. My short review of it is - I liked it! Their services include 24/7 answering services, dispatching, voice mail, call patching, taking down messages, scheduling and reserving for clients, etc. As mentioned, I was a virtual receptionist where I worked 40 hours a week. The clients I handled were mostly those doing transitions from startups to having a fully-staffed office, and those who are basically understaffed.

It did get kind of rote in the end, though, which is to be expected with this kind of work. But I look back at that time fondly because it helped me out from financial straits, and when I got back on my feet I’ve gone full-time on the freelance stuff.


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May 16, 2018
Working as a tutor is one of the best online gigs if you have an outgoing personality and the requisite expertise. But I think I’ve babbled enough about online tutoring gigs in other threads, lol. (PS: online tutoring is awesome, and you should definitely give it a try!).

But you know another interesting job for extroverts? Transcribing audio transcriptions. At first glance, it seems like the exact opposite of the type of work an extrovert would like to do. You don’t interact with people, you usually work alone, and worse of all, you have to listen to people talk for hours without being able to join the conversation. That doesn’t look like the most ideal scenario, right?

But hear me out. Extroverts tend to be the best listeners, in my experience. And that don’t just listen… they have this uncanny ability to decode what a person is saying. And that’s a skill that will definitely be useful when trying to understand what a barely audible audio recording is trying to say. When you transcribe, the people making the recording don’t exactly have radio-friendly voices. Some of them tend to eat their words, jump from one thought to another, and are sometimes incoherent. So the transcriber has to figure out what that person is trying to say. That job gets easier the better you are at listening – and extroverts fit that bill.


Jun 13, 2018
Have you guys considered taking care of pets and walking dogs? I think “outgoing” doesn’t have to apply towards other people. You can be outgoing towards pets, too. That’s a totally legit skill, and there are lots of people who would pay good money if you’ve got a pleasing personality towards pets!

There’s another thread in the Earn that Buck form that talks about doing just that. I thought I’d share some of the advantages of taking care of other people’s pets. One of the tops reasons to do this is that it pays well. If course, you won’t make “give up your job and retire instantly” type money. But it’s pretty good money. Enough to supplement your income.

But the biggest advantage here is that you’ll be spending your time with pets! I don’t know about you, but something about spending time with a big old husky, or even an aloof cat, just appeals to me. As far as officemates go, animals are awesome. You know exactly what they need, they don’t pretend, and they’re not fake to you. Of course, pets can sometimes be a pain to manage. But it still beats going to the office!

If you want to give this a shot, check out the earning methods in this thread!