RULES How to Write An Awesome URL Shortener Review

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Apr 16, 2018
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This guide will describe exactly how to write awesome reviews for URL shorteners. Please use this guide when posting about URL shorteners. Each point below should be separate sections within your post.

1) Introduction
Start with an introduction to the URL shortener. Include the name, how the earning model works (usually CPM) and any other general information about the URL shortener. For example, is it targeted towards certain countries? How long has it been around for? etc

2) How Much Do You Earn
Include the payout rates (you can copy/paste from the site, screenshot) or link to payout rates if it's in on a public page.

3) Payment Methods
Here is an example of how payment methods should be written:

Payments are arranged automatically on the 1st of each month, provided you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount of $5.
  • Paypal - Minimum withdrawal at $5.
  • Payza - Minimum withdrawal at $5.
  • Payoneer - Minimum withdrawal at $10.
You must answer the following questions when writing payment methods
  1. How often and when do they pay?
  2. What payment methods are offered by the service? (list ALL of them)
  3. What are the minimum payouts
  4. Any other payment-related information you can think of.
4) General Information
Include all information about the URL shortener. For example, here is the information for .
  • is free to use
  • It was founded in 2009 by Ian Donovan who is also the owner of x19 limited.
  • shows full-page ads for 5 seconds before the user can view a Skip button.
  • is open for both Publishers & Advertisers.
  • The primary ad formats in are Interstitial, Banner and Pops Ads.
  • They have (3) three payment methods, and the minimum payout is at $5.
  • They also have a referral program that pays you 20% of all of your referral's earnings for LIFE.
This includes the following:
  • When was it founded? Any other background information about the company.
  • How long does it show ads before showing a skip button? Any other information regarding how users see ads?
  • What ad formats does the service have?
  • Payment methods summary - how many payment methods and what's the minimum of all?
  • Does it have a referral program? If so, how much does the referral program pay? List all the details.
5) Verdict:
The verdict includes your final words about the URL shortening service. Explain your experience and based on your research, whether the shortener is marked as scam, legit or unrated. Here is one example: is one of the original link shortening solutions, and it's a great URL shortener for those that want to shorten their links and also earn extra cash. It might be efficient for some and might not work at all with others. It’s entirely your call on how much you can make with this. The more you share your links, the more you will earn. If you are hesitant, I would advise that you can give it a try because it's one of the top URL shorteners out there.

To see examples of approved URL shortener articles, please visit here.
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