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Apr 16, 2018
EarnThatBuck Review Framework

Each review you write for should follow the framework provided in this post. We created this framework to help maintain a consistently high quality of writing across all contributions. It also ensures that all posts provide the basic information that members usually look for.


Your review should follow the following outline:
Intro/What is Name/Offer?​
Details/Things You Need to Know​
How to Earn/Ways to Earn​
How Does it Pay/Payout Options​
Our Verdict/Conclusion/Scam or Legit?​
How to join/I want to join​
Your Turn/Call to Action​

Intro/What is Name/Offer?
The intro is just that: a basic introduction to the product. A good intro usually shows what problem the product solves. But don’t get too caught-up in the finer details yet: you’ll have the rest of the article to do that.

If the product has an intro video, embed it in this section.

The Details/Things You Need to Know
This is where you put the meat of the article. Discuss the different details and features of the product, and whether you think they are positive or negative.

How to Earn/Ways to Earn
Our members will need to know how to actually earn using the product, so add all relevant information, such as payment and reward levels, pricing schemes, and the like.

How Does it Pay/Payout Options
Our members will also need to know about payout rates and options. Provide this information, if it’s available.

Our Verdict/Conclusion/Scam or Legit?
This is where you provide your final opinion on the product. Explain why it is or isn’t worth people’s time, and whether you think it’s legit or not.

If you have screenshots of the product, add it to this section.

How to join/I want to join
Tell people how they can sign up. Don’t forget to add the necessary links. (See link formatting under Best Practices and FAQs)

Your Turn/Call to Action
Your review should end with an open question asking readers about their own experiences. Instead of asking plain questions, make them dynamic and enticing to answer (e.g. Instead of asking “What do you think about this product?” ask “Did you have the same great experience as I did? Let us know!”)


Perspective, Voice, and Tone
Write in the first person perspective (“I think this app is great!”) and refer to readers using second pronouns (“You will like this app”)

Try to use the active voice as much as possible. (“I used this app” vs “This app was used by me”) An active voice makes the article sound more authoritative.

Tone should strike a balance between informal and authoritative. You definitely know your stuff, but at the same time, you’re sharing your opinions to help other members of the community.

Style and Grammar/Plagiarism
All articles should pass plagiarism checks. We use both Grammarly and Copyscape to verify whether contributions are original. We allow up to 3% match, as technical terms cannot be rewritten. If you think rewriting a certain part undermines the content and readability of your article, then keep it as-is. Use your discretion, but be mindful.


Does my article have to strictly follow the article outline?
Not necessarily. The outline is a suggestion to help you form and structure your ideas. You can rename the sections as needed, or even forgo it altogether. Generally, the writing should serve the idea.

Can I review something that has already been reviewed on the forum?
Yes. If your review has a unique spin or is in-depth enough, you can post it in its own thread. But if it doesn’t, post it as a reply to the existing thread.

Should I only link to registration URLs?
No. While you’ll want to keep outside links to a minimum, there will be times when you will have to link to a relevant article or document.

How do I add links to the official site and download pages?
For registration URLs and mobile-specific download links, always add the complete URLs in the following order:

Link: <paste entire URL here>
iOS: <paste entire URL here>
PlayStore: <paste entire URL here>

Only add links to the US or Canadian versions of the sites. Most of our readers are from those countries. It wouldn’t make sense to provide links to regional versions of the site.

Should I include Invite Codes?
Yes. Invite codes are valuable to your readers. Think of them as discount coupons you clip from newspapers. Except this time, they’re getting the discount info from your article.

When an author adds these codes, they get a sign up bonus when a reader uses them for their signup.


Try and stick to the following formatting, as much as possible.

[Name] Review: [Question Posed] - Scam or Legit?

18/bold for headers

bold for subheaders
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