How to Sell on Craigslist Fast – My Top Methods


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Today, I will try my best to give some advice on how to earn money online. But even with all the best online earning methods at our disposal, we sometimes need to sell stuff to make some extra cash. Sometimes, we even need to sell stuff just to declutter or make extra room in our house. One of the best placed to sell your stuff is Craigslist.

Since most of us would like to sell quickly, I’ll be sharing some bits of advice on how to sell stuff on Craigslist fast. I could write a book of advice on how to sell stuff fast. But the truth is, you only need to remember a handful of “best practices.” And they are:


Price It To Sell

This will always be the undisputed top way to sell on Craigslist fast. They say sellers need to find the perfect buyers. But the thing is, buyers are also looking for the perfect item. And usually, one of the primary ways they gauge items is by price. You could, in theory, have the most awesome product for sale, but unless it’s priced correctly, chances are, it won’t sell.

And another thing you need to remember is that on Craigslist, people are usually looking for deep bargains. Let’s say you’re selling a designer bag. You can’t price that at retail, or even slightly below retail, and expect it to sell on Craigslist. Simply put, the potential buyers on Craigslist are looking to buy things for cheap. But when I say “cheap” I don’t mean “demeaning.” If what you’re selling is valuable or collectible, by all means, take that into consideration. The flipside here is that if you sell something at super-cheap prices, people will think what you’re selling is fake.

The key here is to take into account your market, and price accordingly. What I like to do is look at similar items being sold. Note that the keyword here is “sold.” You want to see what buyers are actually paying for. Then what I do is undercut that price slightly, to make my item even more enticing. It’s worked for me, and I’m sure it’ll work for you. It sucks having to price stuff lower than average, but you’re selling a lot of stuff, moving more items will more than make up for it.


Take Clear And Accurate Pictures

With camera phones becoming better and more accessible, there really isn’t an excuse anymore not to take good photos of the items you’re selling. Showing clear, well-lit, and properly framed photos is one of the best ways to sell fast on craigslist. But even with a good camera, you’ll still need decent lighting. The easiest, no-brainer way to do this is to take your items outside and take photos outdoors.

I also need to clarify something here: “good” selling photos don’t just look good. They need to be accurate. And by accurate, I mean they need to show the good, the bad, and even the ugly of what you’re selling. A legitimate seller will be upfront about any defects or damage to the item. And the best way to show that is through photos. Don’t worry too much about showing all the ugly bits of your items. In my experience, sellers who are upfront about these things actually get more sales. Legitimacy is key. And, of course, you’ll have to (again) price the product according to its condition.


Write Great Product Descriptions

One of my pet peeves with online sales listings are when the seller describes the item as “WYSIWYG.” This is short for What You See is What You Get. I hate it because it’s lazy and it gives off a negative first impression. It tells potential buyers that you couldn’t be bothered to write a halfway decent description. And I don’t think buyers would like to deal with that type of seller. To make matters worse, they’re usually accompanied by dark and blurry photographs. So whenever I see an item described as “WYSIWYG” I get worried about the things I don’t see.

It might be a bit of a hassle to write good product descriptions, especially if you’re not really a writer. But the best rule to keep in mind is to be clear, concise, and accurate. You don’t need to write an award-winning novel. All you need to do is cover some of the basic details and answer some key questions. Including:

What are you selling?
What are the basic details of the item?
How much are you selling it for?
How much will the shipping cost?
What is the item’s condition?
Where are you located?

Simply answering those questions in your selling post will accomplish a lot towards making your listing super-enticing to potential buyers.


Be Friendly And Accommodating

As Craigslist sellers, it’s a given that we’re not exactly professional sellers. But just because we’re not professionals, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t practice some basic customer services. They include:

Being patient when it comes to inquiries. I know it might get frustrating answering the nth question without actually selling anything. But that’s just part of the selling process. And I’ve had people inquire, then disappear for a few days, only to reappear and buy the item they asked about. So you’ll never know if the person you’re talking to will turn out to be the one who actually buys the item. So it’s recommendable to always be patient. You don’t have to be this super-friendly explosion of rainbows. Simply being patient and accommodating will be enough.

Being accommodating also means entertaining certain requests from the buyers. These requests will depend based on what you’re selling, and the individual requirements of the buyer. For example, if you’re selling antique china, expect the buyer to request additional packing materials and insurance. If you’re selling electronics, the buyer might ask you to drain the battery first before shipping. All these requests add to the time spent preparing the package, but they’re all essential to giving your customers (that’s just what they are – customers) a positive experience.


Provide Your Mobile Number

Communication is important in online selling. You can always communicate via direct message or email, but I discovered that buyers like it when you leave your mobile number in your listing. I’m not sure why that is, but I think it makes the process feel more personal. Using a mobile phone also enables you to respond to questions, or make follow-ups, more quickly.

For my first few listings, I added my personal number. Big mistake! My line was inundated with weird text messages at 3 am. The messages eventually petered out, after which I got a cheap phone and prepaid number for Craigslist buyers. I still get weird messages, but at least they don’t get mixed in with my mom’s texts.

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