How to Save Money on Heating Without Freezing


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
There are certain things you should never scrimp on, no matter how dedicated to the frugal lifestyle you are. I’d like to think I’m a pretty frugal person, but even then, I never cheap out on things like food quality, medicine, health and wellness, and coffee (it’s one of my few luxuries, promise!). If you asked me about that list last year, I would tell you that heating is another thing you should never scrimp on. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground when it comes to heating. You’re either adequately heated, or freezing your butt off.

But surprisingly, I learned that there are indeed a few ways to save money on heating. And these methods aren’t just effective when it comes to saving you money, they’re actually effective when it comes to keeping you warm! These methods have saved me tons of money, and this is money that went directly to my high-yield bank account… okay, I did treat myself to some super-awesome Peruvian coffee beans, but treating yourself occasionally is actually a great way to stay fiscally disciplined in the long-term.

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My Personal Favorite Technique for Saving on Heating Costs

Anyway, I’ll be sharing a couple of related techniques on how to save money on heating. You wouldn’t think it’s possible, just like it isn’t recommended to save money on medicine. But it is indeed possible to save on your heating bill. Read on to find out how!

Use the Magic of Air Pockets

Okay, this is less magic and more science, but it’s still a great way to stay toasty when you’re in bed. Basically, air pockets allow the retention of heat better. And that’s because air is actually a pretty good insulator since it doesn’t conduct heat that well. I could get into the science in great detail, but I’m not a science dude. It’s probably best that I refrain from talking about science, apart from telling you that air pockets work.

But how do you do this? You create air pockets by layering your linen. Layering linen is a great way to – wait for it – layer your savings heating costs!

The first layer of your bed should be flannel. Flannel feels so, so good to the touch, but there’s an important reason why you should get flannel. The fabric has pretty loose weaves, which is what gives it that distinct feeling. That loose weave creates – you guessed it – air pockets within the fabric. Flannel itself is not warmer than other fabrics, but it insulates so well you’d swear it was warmer than other fabrics.

Also, I need to point out that flannel tends to be pricier than other types of sheets, but in this case, the initial cost is more than worth it, since you’ll be saving on your heating bill in the long run. So consider this post your license to buy that nice flannel duvet guilt-free.

Next, get cotton bedsheets. But not just any cotton will do in freezing weather. You need to get sheets with loose-weave cotton. This is pretty critical to keeping yourself warm. This follows the same logic as a flannel. Loose-weave cotton has more air pockets within the fabric, allowing the retention of heat better. For even more extreme heat-retaining power, you can get put a second sheet on top of the other.

And now we get to the topmost layer of your bed – the duvet or comforter. I don’t know about you, but I used to consider a duvet or comforter a pretty big luxury. Comforters come in all sorts of fabrics, but the best one will always be done. Because – you guessed it – it has more air within the weave. And down comforters may seem pricier initially, but consider the initial outlay an investment. You should make your money back in savings on your heating bill.

So all the fabrics I mentioned above have ample air pockets on their own. But when you layer them one on top of another, they create even more air pockets between themselves. And that offers another (literal) layer of heat-retention to keep you comfy during this cold, cold nights. (Sorry, feeling kind of emo right now).

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Now it’s Your Turn to Share!

I’ve discovered that just about everyone has their own ways to save on heating costs. This post only contained my methods, but I’m sure there must be dozens of methods out there. If you have your own technique on how to save money on the heating bill, let us know! I am always on the lookout for the next awesome idea for saving money. So let’s hear your ideas on how to lower heating costs!
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