How to Make Money Online as a Teen


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
My younger brother, who is graduating high school next year (proud of ya, bro!) was checking out my blog recently. He asked me why I didn’t write articles that helped teens earn money. He told me that teens tend to have limited earning methods. When he looks for ideas online, most of the sites he finds suggest the usual earning methods, like taking a paper route, mowing lawns, and babysitting. All of which is awesome, he said. But there have to be new, more innovative online jobs for teens.

To be honest, I never thought about writing for teens. For starters, I am all about how to make beer money, so that should be a big clue that my readers are mostly grown-ups. But my little bro had a point. Teens are some of the hardest-working people I know, and it would be awesome if they could get more info on how to earn from online jobs and other side hustles.

So with that said, I decided to write a blog post specifically about how to make money online for teenagers. There are lots of good jobs for teenagers, and hopefully, this blog post will be able to give teenagers a few good ideas. But I gotta be a responsible big brother and tell all my teenage readers that you should not use your earnings on beer! Okay, enough intro. Onto my list of info on how to make money online as a teenager!


Design Shirts And Other Merch

Most teenagers now have awesome illustrator and Photoshop skills. It doesn’t matter if they’re not formally designers; knowing how to create awesome designs and illustrations is a skill most teens naturally have. So why not make some cash off your talents and skills?

Here’s a great site to do just that: RedBubble. On this site, users upload designs, photos, and illustrations. And shoppers can have these designs added to all sorts of merch, including t-shirts, tote bags (the world can never have enough tote bags, amirite?), prints, mousepads, stationery, and all sorts of stuff.

It’s likely that teens won’t have access to logistics and shipping companies, which is what makes RedBubble for them – the site handles the production and shipping of the items. Basically, all a member has to do is upload the design, and RedBubble handles all the tricky stuff. They get a commission from your earnings, of course. But that’s just fair, for the service they provide.


Sell Handcrafted Items

If creating digital designs isn’t exactly up your alley, you can try selling handcrafted items on Etsy. There are lots of things you can sell here, such as folk art items, embroidery, traditional sculpture and paintings, ironwork, and even 3D printed items. Basically, if it’s a physical work of art, you can try selling it on Etsy. Competition is pretty stiff on this site, since many makers look to Etsy as their primary selling platform, but it’ll be a great opportunity to test if your skills are at par with other artists and designers.


Flip Vintage Items Online

I might sound like a geezer by saying this, but kids these days have a sharp eye for vintage items. That includes vintage clothes, vintage records, and even vintage furniture and decor. Teens are good at preserving old stuff – probably more so than us older peeps!

If you love scouring curio and vintage shops, you can try selling your finds over on eBay or Decluttr. Those sites are great places to sell old collectibles. But make sure what you’re selling is actually collectible, or desirable. Lots of people sell vintage stuff online thinking what they have is rare or valuable. So do your research first and sharpen your vintage-hunting skills before diving in.


Walk Dogs And Watch People’s Pets

If you’re tired of babysitting, here’s a nice alternative: dog-walking and pet-sitting. This is a fun job, because, well, you’re not really interacting with pesky kids (and overbearing parents). Instead, you’re interacting with pesky pets (and overbearing furparents). But you know what? That’s still better than dealing with people, sometimes.

Walking dogs is super fun and pretty relaxing. And best of all, it teaches teens to be more responsible. With babysitting, you’re usually at home, stuck in front of the TV while the kid is upstairs. But when you’re walking someone’s dog, you need to leave the house and be more aware of the surroundings.

If this is something you’d like to try out, you can look for dog walking and pet-sitting jobs at Rover and DogWalker.


Answer Surveys And Watch Videos

Rewards sites present great earning opportunities for teens to earn pretty good money. One of the best sites out there is now is ZoomBucks. For starters, ZoomBucks is a great option for at home jobs for teens because the site doesn’t have an age restriction – teens will receive notifications for tasks that are appropriate to their age and demographic.

And speaking of tasks, these include answering surveys, watching videos, and completing tasks. The first two, in particular, are great for teens because they’re really easy to do. They could even do these tasks in between chores and homework. They don’t distract kids from school and don’t take too much time and effort to do.

And lastly, ZoomBucks processes payments really quickly. When someone requests a payout, they can get their earnings within 48 hours. So let’s say you need your money for a night out on the following weekend. You can request a cash out during the middle of the week, and expect to get your money in time for the weekend.


Do Random Odd Jobs

I know a few teenagers who don’t have specialized skills – and that’s okay. Don’t stress out if you don’t know how to design, find vintage stuff, or make crafts. That only means you’re flexible. You can look for earning opportunities on sites like PeoplePerHour. You can find various odd jobs there, from data entry to transcribing audio recordings.

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