How to Make Money on Facebook: My Favorite Methods


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Facebook has to be the greatest time-waster in the history of time-wasters. I open Facebook, click a few links, then a few more… and before I know it, five hours of my time has mysteriously disappeared. I don’t even know where all that time went. I couldn’t have spent five hours just watching funny cat videos, could I? Social media usage in my old office became so problematic that the IT department started blocking Facebook except during lunch breaks.

But here the funny thing: we associate Facebook with time wasted, but the truth is, Facebook also gives people lots of opportunities to earn! I regularly use Facebook to earn a regular income, and my earnings are so good I actually quit my day job to become a freelancer. And one thing’s for sure: I don’t ban Facebook when I work!

I’m writing this post to share all the Facebook-based money-making methods I’ve been using. If you’ve ever wanted to make money on Facebook, this post is for you. I’ll be covering all sorts of methods, from beginner-friendly ones to more advanced methods. The potential income will also vary, but they all have one thing in common: they’re all great ways to money off Facebook!

Check them out!

Sell Stuff On Facebook Marketplace

This is one of the easiest ways to start making money on Facebook. The new Facebook Marketplace is super-convenient to use because we can use our Facebook accounts to sell, and everything works seamlessly. Although Facebook only became a legit selling platform recently, most of us will already be familiar with how to sell products online – a lot of the best practices there apply to selling on Facebook Marketplace. Just the same, here are a few reminders:


Don’t Forget To Set Your Selling Area

Facebook has over 2 billion active users around the world. While it would be great to sell to all those members, I doubt you really need 2 billion potential buyers. Instead, set your selling area to an area you’re realistically capable of servicing. As for me, I love sourcing and selling used records on Facebook Marketplace. Since old records are difficult to ship, I only sell within a 50-mile radius.

Don’t Misrepresent Your Products

Write accurate descriptions of your products. And that includes listing down any defects or significant signs of wear and tear. You might not be able to charge as much as a pristine product, but being upfront and honest is a better overall business strategy than deliberately giving false information about your products.

Take Great Pictures

This one should be a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many people fail to take decent pictures nowadays. If you need to properly represent your products via the description, you also need to do so via your photographs. These days, it’s super-easy to take good shots, so try to do so. The quality of photos is a big factor in people’s decision-making processes.

Look For Bugs And Security Flaws

It’s no secret that there are tons of unscrupulous individuals out there how are trying to hack into Facebook. And while Facebook has a ton of security and programming experts, they also rely on the intel provided by regular users (albeit users with programming skills) to point out flaws in the site. Pointing out these flaws is one of the best ways to make money from Facebook. And it doesn’t have to be major security flaws. You can point out simply bugs, or if something doesn’t work that way it should. If you’re keen on making some money from Facebook, the site has a great “Bug Bounty” program that incentivizes users to point out flaws or problematic features.


Manage The Facebook Pages Of Companies

Wanna make money with Facebook? Try managing the Facebook Pages of brands. I used to work in digital marketing full-time before going freelance, and I can say with confidence that managing social media accounts – whether as a full-time or freelance – can be pretty lucrative. The internet has been a thing for quite some time now, but there are still lots of companies looking to hop aboard the social media train. Most of these companies are smaller, local businesses, or mom and pops. If you don’t have any prior experience in managing social media pages, this is a good thing, because smaller companies are usually more receptive to working with relatively experienced professionals.

Managing Facebook Pages can include all sorts of tasks. I’ll be listing just a few of the things you can do below, but it’s still best to discuss your tasks and deliverables with the client.


Post About Promos And Other Updates

This is the most basic service you can offer to brands. This involves simply posting about upcoming promos, new products, important announcements… basically anything your client will want their customers to know about. I need to mention that you need to be able to communicate in what is called the “brand voice.” Basically, you need to sound like the brand you’re working for. For example, if you’re working for a sportswear brand, stuff, formal tone won’t work.

Respond To Customer Questions And Complaints

You can also answer questions and try to fix problems that pop-up online. I need to point out that the client will have to brief you on the proper way to address certain problems – you’re not supposed to wing it. And since the client’s reputation is pretty much in your hands, you need to respond to comments and complaints in a decent, professional manner.

Create Video Content

If you have the necessary gear and skills, you can also produce video content for your client. This method also shows you that there are all sorts of ways to make money from Facebook. Take note, you need to charge accordingly, since producing videos for your client’s brand is infinitely more complex than just posting a few status updates.

Create And Manage Facebook Ads

Once you’ve done all the above tasks, you can then “promote” yourself to managing ads for your client. This involves writing copy, designing, and scheduling the publish dates of the ads. These elements are pretty simple, but you will also have to target the ads to specific demographics and measure the click-throughs and other metrics. And those require a bit more familiarity with the platform. But put in the time and research, and you’ll be earning from Facebook like the pro that you are!
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