How to Make 100k a Month Blogging


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Blogging is big business! This post will teach you how to create and monetize your very own blog. Those monetization methods are important if you want to know how to make 100k a month online. To be honest, it’ll be a long, uphill climb before you can make 100k a month through a blog, but when it happens, it’s gonna be pretty sweet!


Find Your Niche

I’ll be dating myself here, but back when blogging was becoming a thing, you’d see all sorts of personal blogs popping up. Most of them functioned like the blogger’s Facebook page today. They’d post stories about their night out drinking, upload photos of said night out, and give shout outs to friends.

Those blogs were awesome, but that’s not what you should if you want to actually make money from your blog at the present day. Personal blogs aren’t really profitable. If you’re a popular personality, you can make personal posts, but chances are that’s not really what people will be looking for in your blog.

Instead of writing about your personal experiences, I would recommend finding a specific topic and sticking to it. The topic doesn’t have to be super-specific. You can just stick to a general topic. Take my side money guide blog, for example. I’m sticking to a very specific theme: how to earn money from side hustles and odd jobs. But even within that scope, I have the opportunity to write about all sorts of topics. That way I – and my readers, most importantly – don’t get bored.

And when you stick to a specific topic, people will know what your blog is about immediately. That would make it easier to create recall and become at the top of people’s minds when they think of a certain topic. So as tempting as it is to write about general observations on life, if you want to make big money from your blog, you gotta specialize.


Good Blogging Is Good Writing

I’d like to tackle something I keep seeing right now. A lot of so-called online marketing instructors will teach you how to do blog-related stuff like affiliate marketing and how to write persuasively. That’s awesome and all, but before you can even consider learning any of those skills, you need to be a good writer, period. How can you write to convert customers when you can’t even write well? I’m not writing this to discourage you; all I’m saying is pay attention to your writing quality first. Once your skills are up to industry standards, then you can consider monetizing.

And there’s another practical reason for this: when you get the opportunity to work with brands, they will look through your old posts to determine whether you’re a good fit for their brand. If your writing sucks, that could cost you a big opportunity. Understandably, brands (at least legit ones) will not want to work with bloggers who don’t know how to write. So work on those writing skills!


Write About Legit Companies

Let’s say you’ve found the topic you’d like to cover in your blog, and you’ve worked long and hard on becoming a good writer. Now it’s time to get your blog off the ground. I think review sites are pretty big now. If you decide to go that route, here’s a piece of advice: write about legit companies and products. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to like what you’re reviewing. But legit simply means the sites aren’t scams. For example, I write about side hustles. Below are a few brands I could write about (if I haven’t already):


ZoomBucks is a new rewards site, but are fast becoming one of the most popular rewards sites on the internet. You can earn free money and gift cards here by answering surveys, completing forms, and watching videos. I love the fact they process payments really fast – when you request a payout, you can get your earnings in 48 hours!



How do I know ZoomBucks is legit? That site is run by GrabPoints, which is one of the pillars of the rewards site industry. GrabPoints ’ reputation, in my opinion, is bullet-proof. My favorite thing about this site? They offer the highest payouts in the world. You can’t beat that!



I have friends who aren’t sure about the kind of side hustles they’d like to do. That’s cool; instead, I recommend sites like TaskRabbit, which is a platform for all sorts of odd jobs.

So those are the types of sites and apps I like to write about. They’re totally legit, and sticking to sites like those will help you earn 100k a month.


Time to Monetize!

Now that your blog is set-up, it’s time to start making money! You can make 100k a month by blogging, but it’ll take lots of work and connections. Here are three monetizing methods you should look into:

Sponsored Posts

This involves writing about specific products that the brand pays you to. If you do this, make sure you disclose that the post is a sponsored one. This, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to make 100k online – but it takes a lot of work and coordination since you’ll be dealing with brands directly. Also, you need to make sure your writing quality is up to snuff (see what I mentioned earlier).


Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are basically adding lines of text in your blog posts that link to a selling page on an online shop, like Amazon . Whenever the person clicks the link and buys the product, you get a cut of the profits. To learn more about how affiliate marketing works, check out this explainer page on Amazon. The info on that page is Amazon-specific, but a lot of it will apply to other sites as well.


Use Google Ads

Google Ads is another great way to monetize your blog – but this is the least-profitable method. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try this method, though. But try to use multiple methods to diversify your income streams.

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