ANNOUNCEMENT How to Get Paid to Post on These Forums


Apr 16, 2018
United States
These forums came under new ownership earlier this month, and I've been working on forum improvements, collecting data, and determining strategy.

I knew before I even purchased the forums, that I'd want to build some sort of earnings system to reward users of these forums for posting great content.

Now, you can earn money talking about earning that buck!

The EarnThatBuck System - How it Works

1. Go to your user preferences and enter in a Paypal account email.
2. Post great content (we'll talk about what that means later).
3. Earn $5 for every 1000 qualified entrances to your content. Minimum 200 entrances to qualify. We pay this out every month for the previous month's earnings.

This amount is subject to increase in the future depending on how well we can monetize the site!


Q: Where can I see my earnings?

A: All earnings are reported here: Earnings Leaderboard. We are fully transparent on all the earnings of our users, that way you can message each other and verify payouts, etc.

Q: What is a qualified entrance?
A: Users are paid based on qualified entrances. While I won't share the exact formula for qualified entrance to avoid gaming the system, basically if your thread ranks high in Google, you'll get paid more.

Q: If $5 CPM good?
A: $5 CPM means it only takes 200 qualified entrances to earn $1. This makes it worth your time to write great threads. If it takes you 30 minutes to write a great thread, and it gets 4,000 entrances over the course of a year, that means you earned $20 for that one thread, and $40 per hour from just one year of revenue. Survey sites can't beat that!

As a result of this payout being residual, your writing increases your income rather than just earning you cash. Spend 100 hours writing articles, and you effectively give yourself a raise.

All that being said, as I (the owner) get better at monetizing this website the $5 CPM rate will theoretically increase.

Q: What topics can I write about?
A: You can write any original content about making money, either online or offline. Try to put your content in the most relevant forums. If enough interest, threads, and discussion are dedicated to a certain topic, we'll make a subforum about that topic. For instance, if we somehow get 10 or more articles about making money with photography, we'll create a subforum called "Make Money with Photography".

Q: Can moderators delete my posts?
A: In order to maintain high organic rankings, we maintain a high standard of content. Our initial review of content may lead us to mark content as spam, or request you add in more details.

That being said, once your content is ranking and bringing in entrances, there is absolutely no fear of your posts being deleted. At worst, we'll move your thread to another forum category, but this should not have any direct effect on the entrances your content is bringing in.

Q: What is Great Content? What do Moderators Look for?
A: Our guidelines for new threads, posts, etc are all based around having the most healthy website from an organic ranking perspective.
  • Threads need to be lengthy to rank in Google. Realistically a minimum of 500 words is recommended. If the OP (original post) isn't lengthy, it has to be a question or something to drive further replies and discussion to get overall thread content above 500 works. If it is short, and not likely to lead to specific discussion, we'll hide the thread and ask you to provide more details. One hack to easily write more content is to add an FAQ to the bottom of the OP, and answer general questions about the subject at hand.

  • Threads need to be original. Try not to answer the same questions other people have already written about on this site. If you're writing about the same program that has already been covered, provide a unique angle. Also any attempt at copying content or spinning content will result in an instant ban from the site.

  • Threads need to be formatted well. Nobody likes a wall of text. Add bold headlines, number lists, and other formatting to make the post interesting.

  • Other quality factors that'll make your post rank really well:
    • Spend a lot of time on the headline to make it highly attractive in search. One formula that seems to work well is "Subject + Benefit"
    • Add links to high-quality resources like 3rd party studies and research.
    • Add links to other threads on EarnThatBuck when relevant.
    • When you have new ideas, come back to your thread and add more content!
Q: Do only threads earn money, or can reply posts earn money as well?
A: We record the top author of any given page. If, for whatever reason, page 2 of a thread gets qualified entrances, the person who posted the top reply of that page will get credit for the entrance. This is simply a tech issue, and not because we think that post necessarily deserves the credit.

However, you can and should leave quality replies to any thread you're interested in. This helps establish your authorship on the forums, (post count, trophies, etc). More importantly, when it comes to SEO a rising tide raises all boats. If you add content to someone else's thread, and Google determines that thread to be high-authority, some authority may flow to your threads automatically just by participating!

Q: How long does it take to start driving qualified entrances?
A: For a brand new site with new content, it'd take 8 months for new content to ramp up in rankings. However, because EarnThatBuck has established content and a great interlinking internal content structure, it shouldn't take new content more than a week to see it's first results, and a couple months to establish high rankings. However this all depends on the subject matter, quality and length of content, and competition from other authors and sites.

The more high-quality content you write, the higher likelihood that one will rank within the next few days.
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