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Jan 21, 2019

Dog walking services is one industry in the United States that has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

Data from IBISWorld shows that as of December 2018, about 75% of the entire household population in the United States own pets or roughly 187 million pets. These homeowners were also reported to have spent nearly $70 billion annually on dog walking and pet sitting services. These figures, IBISWorld adds, is seen to increase in the coming years.

If you are into dog walking or pet sitting and given these figures, chances are that there is almost always someone in your area that will need your services. These sites are among those that are frequently visited by pet owners. However, there could be jobs in your community that are not advertised online. Some of these could offer options that are better than putting up your own dog walking/pet sitting business.

Dog Walking Jobs In Key US Cities

Check out these dog walking opportunities in some key cities across the country:

New York City
Dog walking is believed to have originated here in the early 1960s, so it’s not surprising that there are plenty of jobs here that you can take on and make you earn as much as $45,000 a year.

1. Luke Dogwalker NYC
At Luke Dogwalker, it is important for them to optimize your dog’s walking sessions. These include walking two dogs only per session, holding walks for just an hour, and notes and photos of dog walks. They also offer services such as boarding, home sitting, and grooming.
Earn: $14 per hour

2. Mixy Paws
Serving all of Manhattan, Mixy Paws takes pride in having the “most loyal, reliable, skilled, and loving caregivers.” If you think you have what it takes to be a part of their team, just let them know what traits you possess that would make you an excellent caregiver. And oh, you must love dogs to get in.
Earn: $14 per hour

3. Swifto
Earn: $20-$61
Swifto takes pride in having college-educated, insured, experienced, and professional dog walkers. Swifto assures aspiring dog walkers of a steady income, with walkers handling between 15 and 40 dog walks a week.

4. Really Love Dogs
Earn: $15-$20 per hour
This companyoves dogs so much it offers “immeasurable amounts of love and affection at no extra charge.” Individual dog walks are highly recommended, although dog walkers may walk two to four dogs at the same time.

5. NYC Pooch
Earn: $21-$100 per session
What is your most favorite thing to do with a dog? Be sure to have an answer ready when you apply for a job at NYC Pooch. The company puts a premium on the pet-walker relationship so much they want to know that this isn’t just a job for you. NYC Pooch is big on private walks and gives bonuses for sessions during weekends.

Los Angeles, California
With more than 2 million households that have pets, LA appears to be promising as far as pet walking opportunities are concerned.

Here are some sites that you can check out if you’re an LA-based dog walker.

6. Dave’s Dog Walking
Earn: $15-$30 per hour
At Dave’s, no job is too big, and no animal is too small. They provide services for your birds, dogs, cats, fishes. Whatever you have, Dave’s professionals will provide them with personalized care.

Pet sitters can do 15- to 30-minute walks and may work early mornings, late evenings, or weekends.

7. Sitter4Paws
Earn: $60-$80 per day
What sets Sitter4Paws apart is that they do background checks on their walkers, just to make sure pet owners have peace of mind when their pets are taken out for a walk.

8. Care4Cuties
Earn: $1,000-$1,500 per month
Nothing beats providing personalized care for pets than Care for Cuties. If you love the idea of writing notes for pet owners to let them know how the dog went, then this is the company you.

Another unique service being offered by Care for Cuties is the Pet Taxi, where you got to drive a pet to wherever it needs to be—vet, groomers, or home. And as an employer, Care for Cuties promises to exceed your expectations.

9. Doggie Bliss
Earn: $20-$125 a day
Licensed, bonded, insured. That should be enough for you to consider joining the Doggie Bliss team. If you believe you have the passion and love for pets, and you could turn this into a career, check them out in the link below.

10. Peace of Mind Pet Concierge
Earn: $22-$35 per hour
If you’re looking for a company whose main thrust is to give pet owners peace of mind while their dogs are being entrusted to other people, then you’ve come to the right place.

Aside from the usual pet walking service, Peace of Mind goes the extra mile by offering escort services. Need to take your pet to the groomers or vet, but you can’t do it yourself? Peace of Mind takes care of it.

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago is believed to be home to more than 600,000 dogs. This number allows professional dog walkers in the area to earn an average of $25k a year.

Below are some of the sites you can check out if you want to be a dog walker in Chicago.

11. Chicago Jay Walkers
Earn: $15-$30 per hour on average
Chicago Jay Walkers uses Pet Check Technology to track its dog walkers’ sessions. If you love dogs, the outdoors, and walking, this could be the job you’re looking for.

12. Second City Pet Care
Earn: $14-$32 per day
This company offers exceptional service for its furry clients—staying at home with the pets. If your idea of fun is to be cuddle with a dog all day, then this could be the job you’ve been looking for.
You can also be a “spaw” technician, providing services to dogs such as brushing, teeth cleaning, and giving them baths.

13. Little Paws Dog Walking
Earn: $7-$25 per hour
Little Paws Dog Walking uses the latest technology to ensure that pets get the quality care it deserves. Dog walkers are screened and trained—even the experienced ones—to make sure that pets are well taken care of.

14. Out-U-Go
Earn: $950-$1500 per month
Are you helpful, happy, and dedicated? Do you enjoy having dogs as co-workers? If you answer yes to all these questions, then you’ve come to look for employment at the right place. Out-U-Go also has you covered, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re protected or not when you’re out with the dogs.

15. Poodly Pawesome Dog Walking
Earn: $13-$16 per hour
At Poodly Pawesome, you can earn $13 in as short as 15 minutes! Servicing pet owners in the north side of Chicago, Poodly Pawesome also allows you to earn extra if you’re willing to do extra walks.

Atlanta, Georgia
When you live in a place like Atlanta that’s been named one of the country’s pet-friendly cities, you’re sure to find plenty of dog walking opportunities.

16. Brookhaven Dog Walker
Earn: At least $17 an hour
If you’re big on animals—dogs, cats, fish, birds, and even reptiles, Brookhaven Dog Walker is worth checking out. You also get to earn extra if you’re lucky enough to be caring for a pet that lives 5 miles outside of Brookhaven, as you get to charge a bit higher.

17. Alfie Pets
Earn: $17-$30 per hour
If you take your love for pets seriously, Alfie Pets can help you with that. Before you can become part of the team, Alfie Pets makes you go through days of classroom and on-the-job training. That way, your clients are assured that you will give their pets the care they deserve.

Walks may be held between 8 am and 8 pm, at 25- and 50-minute intervals. You may also find work checking on the pets every 15 minutes for food, water, and potty needs.

18. Pupwalkr
Earn: $13-$25 per hour
At Pupwalkr, these lovable pets are the masters. Whether they want to run around or have their fill of belly rubs, it is your job to make them (and you) happy. Aside from walking, you may also do sleepovers and taxiing for the dogs.

19. P.A.W.S. of Brookhaven

Earn: $18-$40 per visit
If you can love other people’s pets like your own, you shouldn’t have any problems being a part of the P.A.W.S. of Brookhaven team. Devote your complete love and attention to Atlanta’s fur kids, making sure they look forward to you every visit.

20. Buckhead Pet Pals
Earn: $22-$85 per visit
If you’re visiting Atlanta with your pets, don’t hesitate to call Buckhead Pet Pals to take care of them. Buckhead offers not just dog walks but also services like late-night pet sitting, visiting cats anytime, and waiting for the repairman or delivery. If you can do any of these as a dog walker, give them a call now.

Houston, Texas
In Houston, dog walkers earn an average yearly wage of $39,000. The city government takes pet ownership seriously that it has set up a Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care and the hotline 3-1-1 to address pet-related concerns.
If you’re based in Houston, you may check out these sites if you’re into dog walking/pet servicing.

21. Doggie Walks Houston
Earn: $17-$40 an hour
Be part of a professionally trained team that goes the extra mile, with services such as providing taxi services, bringing in the mail and watering the plants after walking furry friends to make sure clients come home worry-free. Doggie Walks covers a large part of north, central, and west Houston.

22. The Dog Walker
Earn: $18-$45 an hour
Whether you want to be a dog’s playmate or merely a companion at home or during walks, you can be any of that at The Dog Walker. Covering almost all of Houston, The Dog Walker offers 30-, 45-, and 60-minute walks, jogs, or trips to the park. They also provide grooming and taxi services.

Seattle, Washington
Seattle is big on dogs so looking for a dog walking job should be a walk in the park.

23. Waggin Tails
Earn: $18-$75 per session
Waggin Tails gives you the opportunity to go beyond doing basic walks by offering off-leash adventures during walks to Magnuson, Luther Burbank, and Marymoor parks. With over 25 years of experience, Waggin Tails operates in most of Seattle and the Eastside area.

Boston, Massachusetts
There are six fun things to do with pets when you’re in Boston. You can either go to at least six parks, take a boat ride, go to the beach, go out and eat, do the Freedom Trail, and go shopping.

24. Heads & Tails Pet Service
Earn: $13-$39 per hour
Heads & Tails treats each and every pet left to their care like their own and sees to it that they can provide a safe and fun environment for them. If you feel like you can commit to this while satisfying your desire to be around pets, then this is the company for you. They offer 20-, 30-, and 60-minute walks, with additional fees for weekends and holidays.

25. Running the Pack
Earn: $27k-$37k per year
Winner of Angie’s List Super Service Award, Running the Pack operates in the communities of Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Framingham, Natick, Needham, Newton, Somerville, Watertown, Waltham, Wayland, and Wellesley. If you happen to be in any of these areas and are looking for dog walking gigs, this company is the one to call.

26. Wagging Tail Dog Services
Earn: $21-$75 a day
Here at Wagging Tail, we take pet care to a different level. Walkers get the chance to take part in their assigned pet’s birthday party, and even assist them in taking part in weddings! Sounds cool, right? You also get to become part of a team whose members have been proven to be reliable, honest, and life-long pet lovers/owners.

Miami, Florida
Pooch-friendly people can expect to get busy in Miami, one of the well-known dog-friendly states in the country. Take them to parks and beaches, restaurants, hotels, malls, and even workout sessions. They’re all welcome, whatever shape and size they may be.

27. Dogs Go Walking
Earn: $20-$60 per session
As a dog walker for Dogs Go Walking, you get to walk the dog and reinforce its obedience training. Part of your routine with the dog after every walk is to give them treats, pet them some more, and even kiss them! Now that’s a lot of lovin’ to show.

28. PAWS Miami
Earn: $16-$75 per session
PAWS uses the latest technology to make sure each dog-walking experience is seamless for the client, the dog, and you as the walker. Miami’s first and only personalized cage-free home pet-boarding service provider, PAWS assures its walkers are generously compensated for simply showing its furry clients the love and care they deserve.

29. Downtown Dogs Miami
Earn: $29k-$38k per year
Walkers can do 15-, 30-, 45-, and 60-minute walks, runs, and a weekly scheduled “pack play” as part of Downtown Dogs’ services. Walkers get to have a list of customers for the week. That way, they get to see most of their charges.

Why walk dogs for a living?

Over the years, the number of households that have pets has been increasing. Along with this is the rise of the number of companies that have been formed to cater to the needs of these pets. Given these, it is no surprise that dog walking services are in demand, and you will be surprised to know how many firms and individuals are out there offering these services.

Aside from the health benefits dog walking gives you and the extra cash in your pocket, dog walking allows you to go home satisfied with the thought of having been a help to a pet and its owner.

How do I get these jobs?

The more experience you have with animals—be it at a veterinary clinic, doggie daycare, or past dog walking experience, the better are your chances of landing a good dog walking job.

You may also choose to get yourself additional training at the International Association of Canine Professionals so you may be a certified dog walker. This will be particularly useful if you eventually decide to open your dog walking business.

Final thoughts
Dog walking is a decent job that allows you to earn extra cash in your spare time and get some much-needed exercise. Just be diligent in looking for a company which you feel like you belong in and everything should be fine.

Can you recommend any dog walking company in your area? How was your experience with them? Share them in the Comments thread below and help a fellow dog lover,
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Apr 16, 2018
WOW, this is one extensive list of dog walking jobs. Great job and thanks for contributing.
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