How To Always Qualify For Surveys


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Arguably one of the biggest and most common complaints about performing online tasks for money or rewards has to do with getting disqualified for a lot of surveys. It’s a frustrating phenomenon that can waste your time, effort, and even potential earnings. But what if I let you in on how to qualify for surveys at a more satisfying rate – meaning you won’t have to go through the kind of vexing experiences I just described?

Yes, it is possible. I should know – I’ve been booted out of my (un) fair share of surveys in the past. My tips aren’t the kind that promise to be fool-proof, though. Instead, they’re the results of trial-and-error experiences for several years of being a member of several surveys and online rewards sites. It all boils down to determining the best methods to ensure I optimize my survey-taking activities.

So even if they aren’t gospel truths about never getting booted out of surveys, they nevertheless have worked for me. Here are five of my tried-and-tested hacks to make sure that I always have surveys to answer and to regularly earn from.


Keep your profile information updated

Getting a qualifying survey notification in your email usually means you have satisfactorily completed your profile information. In turn, this means that the site’s partner businesses can use it to determine if yours is the kind of demographic they need for their market research.

So my first tip would be to make sure to answer the profile section of your survey site as thoroughly as you can and to keep it updated once in a while in case of certain changes in your lifestyle (such as civil status, number of kids, change of careers, etc.). It might seem like a tall order but this is the first step to getting matched with proper surveys, after all.


Fill out preliminary questionnaires honestly and thoroughly

Part of knowing how to qualify for more surveys is being ready to tackle pre-survey questionnaires. To be perfectly frank, I found them tedious and seemingly redundant at the beginning.

But then I realized how important this step is to ensure that you can optimize your participation in market research or academic studies. This is where the right kind of demographic and background information ensures a good fit with available surveys. If your answers to the preliminary questions make the cut and lots of the partner businesses are looking for feedback from your specific sector, then there is absolutely no reason why you should be getting disqualified for surveys all the time. On the other hand, if you don’t fit their target demographic, it won’t hurt to keep looking for surveys where you could.

Which brings us to…


Look up sites that are a good fit for you

Are you a teenager looking to make some extra pocket money? Or someone in the medical field who wants to have a supplemental income? Whatever background or circumstance you may have, I am willing to bet that there is a survey site where you can get a dependable stream of supplemental income.

For instance, I’ve written at length about the best survey sites for teens, for those in the medical profession, and even for kids. While some would consider these sites “niche”, a lot of those who do not qualify for mainstream survey sites and routers could qualify at a better, more dependable rate here. My teenage daughter is living proof of this. While she technically can register with most of the existing sites that allow users who are 13 years or older, she still hardly qualified for most of the surveys they offered. With survey sites specifically geared towards users her age, she had a better chance of completing surveys and earning from them.


Read genuine member feedback and reviews

Some of the best places for survey and GPT-site related feedback are from online rewards forums and others allowing threads on the topic. Survey site review blogs are good resources, as well. You could also look up some of the sites’ social media pages that allow feedback from users.

Of course, this method entails filtering the honest reviews from those who made by disgruntled ex-members or competitors and obviously paid/sponsored posts. I find that it helps when you learn to discern when it comes to survey reviews and feedback and to always look for payment proof while you’re at it.


Make a list of the surveys that actually work (and stick with them)

If you’re really wondering how to always qualify for online surveys, the answer is: there are ways to go about it, but there is no shortcut to it. You are really going to have to put in some time, effort, and experience before you could have a list of reliable survey sites to keep.

I’ve mentioned several times in past blog posts that a handful of dependable survey sites – meaning, those where you qualify for most of the surveys, pay well and fast, have added ways of earning such as referral programs, bonus streaks, etc. – should be in your regular rotation of online streams of income. What I do is allot a bit of my time each day or week to visiting each survey site, and ensuring I have notifications on for those that email or send alerts for available surveys. I also make sure to be updated about new sites (that’s where I find forum information from other members extra handy) that are promising before giving them a test spin. If I find them satisfactory, I add them to my regular roster.

Those survey sites that have special circumstances when it comes to earning, such as those that pay only once a month or after a couple of weeks, have a higher-than-usual payout trigger amount, and other issues, are kept as back-up sources of income. When it’s slow going with my usual sites, I usually turn to these “spare tire” ones to augment my earnings.


The Verdict?

You can qualify for surveys most of the time. You just have to be patient, honest, and thorough about it.

One of the easiest ways to go about it would be to try survey routers instead of specialized survey sites. The former allows you to be matched with surveys that you qualify for, instead of waiting around for surveys from a specific-niched provider like the latter. It is also good to be on your toes about potential survey sites that are scams or offer an unsatisfying experience overall.

If you have more tips to add on how to always qualify for surveys, we’re all ears! Please share them in the comments section below.
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