How to Accelerate Your Swagbucks Earnings by Paying Less for Services than the Reward


Apr 16, 2018
United States
There is a quite simple formula to absolutely dominating Swagbucks :

Swagbucks Earned - Money Spent = Profit

Before I dive into the details, let me explain what Swagbucks is. Swagbucks is a search engine, survey site, coupon site, offerwall provider, cash back system, and more all in one. Basically they are the ultimate rewards program. People can make pretty good money from them, especially from my favorite two aspects:

1. Swagbucks cash back. 2-10% on literally every major online store including Amazon , Ebay , Walmart and all the travel sites.
2. The search engine. Earn 6-100 cents worth of Swagbucks randomly while searching.

Both are great programs because they're low-effort.

A higher effort way to make quite a bit of Swagbucks is to look at their current high-paying offers. These offers are often things like "subscribe to x service" or "buy x product".

Well the hilarious thing is that often Swagbucks will reward you MORE than what you are required to pay to that business. Now, that sounds absolutely silly, but they do it because they know less-motivated people will buy the product and forget to unsubscribe. For instance, if they join Hulu and get $28 worth of Swagbucks, they may stay subscribed for over 3 months and therefore Hulu will make a profit.

However, if you find the minimum time you're allowed to unsubscribe and still receive the Swagbucks reward, you can earn money from such an offer!

Swagbucks Story Time From 2015

First of all, yes I've been using Swagbucks since 2015. Second, this method I'm talking about had merit back then and still has merit today.

Back in 2015 I noticed an offer for a console called "FlarePlay". It was a super cheap little gaming console from Disney that streamed games from their servers onto your screen, rather than you running the game yourself. This was an early prototype for popular systems today, like Google Stadia.

Anyway, the offer was to give me 2,480 Swagbucks (about $24.80 worth). The first month was $9.99, and you were only required to pay for the first month. So I paid $9.99 for the console, got it shipped in the mail, and then I cancelled my service at the end of the month.

I walked away with $15 in profit from this little thing, and had some fun with the console (though it was insanely laggy).

These types of offers are still available on Swagbucks!

The Hulu thing I mentioned earlier was pretty much a real thing. Just make sure you check the rules of each offer to see how long you're required to stay subscribed, then do the math to see if it is a profitable decision.

Let me know in this thread if you've claimed any profitable offers like this! I'll continue to post in this thread when I find new ways to profit from these Swagbucks offers, so be sure to enable email notifications.