LEGIT Hiving Review: Complete Surveys and Micro-Tasks for Cash - Scam or Legit?


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Jun 13, 2018
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My previous two reviews were for India-exclusive survey sites (big thanks to my buddy Sanjay for helping with those). But now, let’s go back to an international site. I’ll be reviewing Hiving.

Hiving is a French company, and was founded in 2009. This is pretty reassuring since most scam sites don’t last very long - or they do, but keep assuming new names.

Hiving looks pretty legit. So here's my Hiving review. First, let's talk about my first impressions about Hiving.

First Impressions

The website of Hiving is pretty slick and professional. In fact, it’s probably my favorite design so far. The design and color scheme is pretty clean and easy on the eyes.

But Hiving really shines when it comes to content. Everything you could possibly want to know before registering is there, out in the open and easy to read. It usually ticks me off when sites hide their info, or force you to register site unseen before knowing how the site operates. Hive, luckily, isn’t one of those.

My Hot Take: My first impression is overwhelmingly positive! This is the site that gets me excited to try out. But does this positive experience apply to the rest of the experience? Read on!

How to Earn on Hiving

There are several ways to earn on Hiving. So let’s cover them individually:

Complete Surveys - Taking surveys will be your main method of earning on Hiving. After you’ve registered, notification emails will be sent to your email inbox. Completing surveys - which usually take around 15 minutes to complete - will earn you points. You can then convert these points to cash later on.

All the other tasks in this list will also earn you points.

Do Microtasks - These are tasks that require “human intelligence.” In other words, they’re tasks machines and computers can do. They include transcribing voice recordings, tagging photos and data entry.

Do Paid Product Testing - This is like the unicorn of the site; it’s rarely seen, and I doubt if it even exists. I never got assigned any paid product testing tasks. I wonder if it’s because of my location. But either way, I don’t think this is a reliable way to earn.

Refer Friends - Hiving has a “Tell a Friend Program” where you will earn a percentage of your recruits’ earnings on the site. The earnings you get will be taken from their own earnings, though. I’m not that keen on this program, to be honest. Like, I’m telling a friend to join, and in exchange I take part of their earnings - what’s stopping them from registering on their own and keeping all their earnings?

Join Lotteries - If you like throwing money away, you can join their lottery. Each entry costs you 400 points. I never gave this a shot, because I like keeping my money, thank you very much.

My Hot Take: Overall, it’s good that they’ve got different ways to earn, but some of these methods could use some improvement.

Earning Potential on Hiving

1,000 points is equivalent to $1.

You can expect to get up to four surveys per month. Each survey pays around 100 points, or ten cents. That’s not a whole lot.

But who knows? Your own earnings might differ from mine - chances are, I didn’t qualify for surveys because of my profile or demographic.

My Hot Take: I can only base my opinions on my own experience, so I’ll call this underwhelming. It’s not the pay per survey I have a problem with, but the small number of surveys I got on the site.

Payout Options on Hiving

Once you reach a minimum of 4,000 points (or $4 in real-world money) you can request a payout, which is sent via PayPal. Take note, earnings are sent out in increments of 4,000 points. So you can cash out every 4,000, 8,000, and 12,000 points.

Hiving doesn’t charge you a PayPal transaction fee, which is really appreciated. Other sites charge you just to get your funds, which really sucks.

My Hot Take: It’ll take you a while to reach the 4,000-point minimum, and their incremental withdrawal is pretty restricting. But I really do like the fact that they shoulder all PayPal fees. So props for that.

How to Join

The site is open to members from a wide range of countries, but you gotta be at least 15 years old to join. You also need a PayPal account. Joining is really easy - the registration form is built right into the homepage. Here’s a link for ya:

Homepage: https://www.joinhiving.com

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Hiving is legit… but underwhelming. Nice design, but there’s not much beyond its good looks. Give this site a try, if you’re looking for a different survey site to check out.

Hiving Screenshots

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Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried hiving? What was your experience like?

Let’s hear your stories!



Jun 14, 2018
My turn to share! Here’s my Hiving survey review, and I’d like to make it concise and to the point.

First impressions

Ooh, la la! French! I thought I was in for some classy paid survey-taking time. And as Amos said, the site is easy on the eyes, very navigable, with a calm blue theme and with no distracting bells and whistles other paid or GPT sites have the unfortunate tendency to overuse.

On to the nitty-gritty

So I signed up and there were over a dozen pre-qualifying questions on different topics that, I am guessing, is to give me very specific surveys to answer down the line. Aside from my general personal info, I remember there was stuff on health and beauty I answered. They weren’t difficult to answer but they weren’t rewarding, either. I only got 300 points for doing that but I guess it’s better than nothing.

Over the next couple of weeks, I did get surveys that seem to be in sync with my profile questions so hurray for that!

Survey says!

Now for a bit of a sticky wicket - well into my second month as a member and the surveys have stopped coming :(

The bad news is that I have barely earned 4000 points, which is equivalent to $5 to cash out on PayPal, so it’s really vexing that I’m stuck here waiting for surveys (probably a feeling most of us have experienced many times over). It’s a good thing that Hiving also offers micro tasks to do like image tagging, which is tedious but at least it helps me rack up enough points in order to cash out.

So overall, Hiving surveys is not a scam, but it’s also not something I would recommend in case you’re starting to save up for holiday shopping. I suggest sticking with the tried-and-tested ones, instead.


Oct 10, 2018
Hiving is legit and I've been using them for a few months now. Just like most other providers Hiving pays you to fill out surveys. The amount of surveys is pretty good and the payouts are alright. They're not the highest paying ones out there but they pay out alright. One thing you should definitely avoid is their lottery ( unless you're feeling lucky ) because In the end you might just gamble away your hard earned points. Do your work, Play it safe and cash out your points. I did make the mistake in the beginning and I never won anything ( I guess I'm not that lucky when it comes to gambling). One little thing I wanted to mention that recently they got a lot of negative feedback on other survey review sites. It appears like they are not paying all their users BUT in my opinion those guys prob tried to defraud them somehow. I got paid and will keep using them although I will keep an eye on the other reviews. If ever they just miss one of my payouts I'll stop using them but so far so good.


Nov 13, 2018
Hiving review used to be alright but lately they have a lot of problems so I stopped using them entirely. I don't really want to rate them legit nor scam but usually when they stop updating surveys etc its a very bad sign.

If you ask me there are better providers out there. I remember I stopped using them after seeing a lot of blank pages and no fresh surveys for a few days. My personal recommendation is to stay away and pick one of the higher rated ones