Here’s How Much You Can Actually Make On GrabPoints Per Hour and Per Month


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Today we have a little change of pace in the paid surveys review department!

A lot of us here can get wordy when it comes to survey and GPT site reviews, which can't be helped - the more info you give, the better. But I realized that some people get the gist of things better when it’s done in a more visual way. To address that, I created an infographic that outlines how much users like you and me can make on GrabPoints at certain given times. Why GrabPoints? Because I find it consistently reliable as a supplemental source of income, and it has never let me down.

I basically wanted to show the number of earnings a user can make per hour and per month on the site, with data I got from GrabPoints. I made two charts to illustrate the potential earnings for different tasks – one for each hour, and one per month (assuming someone logs in at 40 hours of use per month like I do).

The first chart shows the graph with the average hourly earnings in green. The earnings in orange show the lowest and highest possible earnings in GrabPoints, with an average amount of $5.64 as an hourly rate when looking at the top users.

The main variables in the second “per month” chart include Offers Completed, Points Earned, and Dollars Earned. The average for this is a whopping $225.60 a month when looking at the top users, with the possibility of $582.80 as the highest earning you can get.


The Verdict?

You can earn more on average per hour and per month doing tasks on GrabPoints! Add that to the speedy payout process and low minimum withdrawal amount, and you’ve got yourself a keeper GPT site that I would actually recommend. Let me know how it works out for you per hour and per month, right there in the comments section. Happy earning!
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