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LEGIT GrindaBuck Review: Complete Surveys and Micro-Tasks for Rewards - Legit or Scam?

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When it comes to survey sites, I think the really good ones present multiple earning methods to their members. The more ways to earn on a site, the better it is. Of course, that’s just my opinion. But that’s also the reason why I decided to try GrindaBuck. The site has tons of ways for members to earn.

And that is they’re the topic of today’s review. Here’s my GrindaBuck review. Wanna know if GrindaBuck is legit? Read on!

GrindaBuck: First Impressions

The site design of GrindaBuck is… pretty non-existent. The word “spartan” comes to mind. The site is basically just a black background and some colored boxes to add a minuscule amount of variety. Apart from the logo and a few icons, the site doesn’t have any other design elements.

What the GrindaBuck site does have lots of is information. There’s no shortage of information on how it operates, how members can earn, and the various rewards and achievement programs it has. Everything you would possibly want to know about earning on GrindaBuck is easy to find. So props for that.

My Hot Take: The site looks uninteresting at first glance, but at least they don’t try to hide info from potential members. Overall, a pretty decent first impression.

How to Earn on GrindaBuck

Here’s where it gets interesting. Completing surveys is their “main” way to earn, but there’s so much more to this site. Let’s go through them one by one, shall we?

Complete Surveys

Companies hire Grindabuck to help them conduct market research and gather more intel about their target market. Conducting surveys is one of the best ways for companies to get information. Whenever you complete a survey, GrindaBuck rewards you with “Grindabucks” which are basically points you can trade for earnings later on.

Passive Earning Methods

You can also earn points by watching videos or surfing websites. They’re called passive earning methods because unlike taking surveys, you don’t actually have to actively participate to earn. Personally, I just keep the page on and let the videos play one after another while I do other stuff.

The Offer Wall

You can earn points by availing of various free offers, which are found on Grindabuck’s Offer Wall. These offers involve stuff like free subscriptions to online magazines and streaming services, but, really, there’s no limit to what these offers can involve.

Do take note, these offers sometimes require you to provide your credit card info, or even make a cash deposit. For example, I found an offer for a casino club. It requires you to make a consumable deposit. Once you’ve used up your deposit, Grindabuck will reward you with a whopping 3,000 points. But that’s on the higher end of the scale. Most tasks will pay around 4 points.

Here’s a friendly reminder: if you use your credit card to sign up, you should deactivate your account before the free membership ends. These memberships usually auto-renew, and require you to opt-out manually. But if you decide you like the service and want to keep it, there’s nothing stopping you from continuing.

There’s a slight negative here: I provided my phone number when subscribing to one offer, and now telemarketers will not leave me alone! If you can get away with no giving your phone numer, don’t. You’ll thank me for it.


After registering, you will get an invite code, which you can share all around the internet. Whenever some signs up using your code, they become your referral. That means you will earn 10% of what they earn, provided you both are still active members.

Sign-Up Bonus

When you first sign up on Grindabuck, you will receive a sweet 100 Gigabucks (equivalent to $1) bonus.

Live Chat with Other Members

While not explicitly an earning method, the site lets you chat with other members. Frankly, I just ignore this feature. I signed-up to earn, not chat with a bunch of strangers online.

My Hot Take: These earning methods are pretty cool. GrindaBuck is pretty multifaceted when it comes to giving members options for earning. So credit goes to the owners of the site.

The VIP and Monthly Achievements Programs

As you complete tasks and earn on GrindaBuck, your membership will move up from VIP Level 1 (“Penny”) up to VIP Legend 7 (“Legend”). As you move up, you will get added incentives and perks. For example, when you get to Level 7, your earnings will be immediately credited to your account. With lower levels, your earnings will be held for up to 14 days.

The Monthly Achievements Programs have Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. You move up a level based on the number of offers you took during the month. Each level gives you bonus points which are paid on the 1st day of the following month.

My Hot Take: I like it when survey sites think of ways to further incentivize participation. So props to GrindaBuck for doing this. There is one thing I’d like to point out, though. You need to reach the top VIP level to get instant credits. Below that, you have to wait 14 days. In my opinion, 14 days is way too long to wait, even for lower levels. Other sites give you your earnings after one or two days - some even give earnings instantly, without having to participate in any leveling-up gimmick.

Earning Potential on GrindaBuck

Here are some average payouts for some of the more common tasks:

Videos - 1 Grindabuck (equivalent to $0.01) for every three videos. Yeah, this is not a very good way to earn. Good thing it’s passive.

Taking Offers - The more common offers (like signing up for a music streaming service) pays about 4 points. But bigger ones like the casino offer I mentioned earlier in this post gets you 3,000 points.

Surveys - Each survey pays around 50 points up to 300 points, based on the length and complexity of the survey.

My Hot Take: Overall, I think the earning potential on GrindaBuck is pretty decent. It won’t be enough to send your kid to college or buy a brand new car (or even a used car, for that matter), but that’s not what survey sites are for. GrindaBuck is good for earning some extra pocket money, and that’s good enough for me.

Payout Options on GrindaBuck

When you’ve earned a minimum of $1 (or 100 Grindabucks) you can request a payout. Earnings are sent either as cash (you can choose PayPal, Vanilla eRewards), gift cards (Amazon ) or cryptocurrency (bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum).

Like I mentioned a while ago, processing takes 14 days unless you’re at the very top of the VIP levels.

My Hot Take: Payout options are all great. But the waiting time to get your earnings is not so great! Two weeks is too long a wait, especially when you consider that there are sites out there that pay instantly.

How to Join

Memberships are open to residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia, and is completely free. Follow the link below to head to GrindaBucks’ registration page. Ka-chow:

Registration Page: https://grindabuck.com/register

They don’t have a mobile app, which is fast becoming a requirement for modern survey sites. But at least their site seems to be optimized for mobile browsing. This means you will be able to complete surveys and other tasks while you’re out and about.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

GrindaBuck is legit! They have great earning methods, and the overall experience is positive… except for the long waiting time to get your earnings. But if you’re okay with waiting (maybe you prefer saving your earnings?) give this site a try!

GrindaBuck Screenshots

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Your Turn

So that’s my review for GrindaBuck. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you given this site a try? How did you find it?

Let’s hear your stories!



I think Grindabuck is true to it's name because you really need to grind to make money with them. I also think they took a page or two from SwagBucks and InboxDollars but their implementation is messy, real messy. Like you login and it's not easy to figure out what to do and once you do figure out what to do and create a routine, you have to understand their tier system etc. The only thing that I really like is that their rewards is 1 to 1 and that they don't add extra cost to redeem even obscure gift cards. Having said that I do not recommend Grindabuck in my review, for the simple reason it's not a top earning site of mine, I much prefer sites like GrabPoints and InstaGC which are just simple earners, you login, you know what to do and they have superior payouts.


I was always on the lookout for ways to make some money online and I happen to visit your review here regarding GrindaBuck. After I saw this post about 2 months ago, I visited their website right away to take a look and give it a try.

GrindaBuck offers a lot of options to earn with than any other GTP websites. I took some offers, watched some videos but I really focused on doing available surveys. I have had my first payout last September. It's not that high but they pay right on time.

Their customer supports are very knowledgeable and helpful. However, there's something that I didn’t like about GrindaBuck. It's about the VIP Program level. The restrictions that the website has on the lower levels really limit your ability to earn more from this opportunity. I get that this will force you to use GrindaBuck more, but the restrictions could actually make you forgo the opportunity entirely and look for something else.

Though you can't earn much from this website, still, I would say that they're legit.


Grindabuck is an awesome place to earn online. A great site to receive gift cards & instant Paypal rewards in exchange for doing surveys, watching videos and other fun tasks.
I didn't hesitate to try this website because of their popular offerwalls like Peanut Labs and Adscend media. With these in mind, I knew that they're legit. By the way, I'm new to this website. I just started last September.
I haven't encountered any problem redeeming my rewards so far. Though it takes a lot of time and effort to earn enough points from this website, it's okay because I never ran out of surveys to do.
Their staffs are reliable, friendly and respond fast to my queries.
I love being a member of this site. GrindaBuck is legit, you can go and try it so you can see for yourself.
100% legit. I think they're getting a lot of hype lately and thats because they're doing a good job. I have been using them for 2 months now and I like them a lot. They are only around since 2014 so a lot of people are still sceptical I guess but 4 years is a long time. Over the last 4 years they paid out 400k usd and I know that I am one of them. I'm sure they will be around for a long time. While they are not one of the biggest players out there yet they have a good amount of daily tasks and I started using them more and more. Like I mentioned in some of my other reviews I always rotate between a handful of providers and grindabuck.com is a place where I find myself more and more. I don't participate in the contests though and I don't recommend you to do so either. The best way to make money with those GPT sites is to simply do your tasks and cash out. I am not a gambler so I don't really like to put my money at risk in the hope to make more. Just cash out once you reach your threshold :) All in all I can also recommend the Grindabuck GHT site


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I swore to myself - no more survey sites! I’m beginning to think they aren’t worth my time and effort. But here I am giving Grindabuck a try mainly due to its low payout threshold of just one dollar. So that at least meets one of my standards for even trying out sites like these.

How has my experience been so far? Let’s see…
  • It was easy enough to works toward the dollar payout, what with the menu of different tasks to do here.
  • It wasn’t easy for me to wait two whole weeks for the equivalent of loose change.
  • The offers look to have a decent pay rate (average seems to be around $5 when I looked around) but I’m pretty wary about using my credit card for trial offers.
  • I didn’t bother with the videos because I don’t want to be paid in pennies.
  • There’s a referral program, which is great. The thing is, I’m not entirely sure if I want to stick it out with this GPT site because the earnings just don’t seem to be worth my while :(
So those are my two cents (OR the equivalent of two whole videos watched) on Grindabuck. Hope you guys have a better experience with it.

Burt Maklin

Active member
Grindabucks rocks! I like the fact that this awesome site has lots and lots of earning methods because I get bored easily. Yeah, I get bored doing surveys! But a site like Grindabucks gives you lots of ways to earn. If you’re like me and have ADHD and get bored doing the same thing over and over again, Grindabucks is the site for you. In addition to answering surveys – which everyone is familiar with – you can also earn by watching videos and completing offers. Although to be honest I never really did complete any offers because they sometimes required you to make a purchase or give your credit card. I’m trying to avoid using my credit card at the moment, so I never completed offers. But if you have the means, you should definitely complete offers since the payouts for that sorta task is much higher than answering surveys – and definitely higher than watching videos. Although videos is my favorite earning method since it’s “passive income.” I’m a big fan of passive income methods because I like doing other stuff with those videos playing in the background. Also I’m lazy and like easy money, even if it’s not too high, lol.
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