LEGIT Green Panthera Review: Earn Cash Answering Surveys and Doing Tasks - Legit or Scam?


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Jun 13, 2018
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For starters, how’s that for a name? Green Panthera sounds pretty badass. When I was looking around for new survey sites to review, that name caught my eye. I’m actually noticing a bit of a trend here. There are survey sites named after Pandas, Monkeys… and now cats.

Is there more to Green Panthera than a memorable name? Is Green Panthera legit? Or are they a scam? Read my Green Panthera review to find out!

How Do You Earn on Green Panthera?

There are several ways for you to earn on the site. Take surveys is by far the most common method, so let’s start with that:

Taking Surveys

On Green Panthera, you earn by completing surveys. Companies hire Green Panthera to conduct these surveys. The information gathered from these surveys help the companies make better decisions regarding various aspects of their business. So it’s pretty cool that our feedback - no matter how small in the grand scheme of things - has the potential to sway large corporations.

When a survey becomes available, you’ll get a notification through email. I like this feature because it means you don’t have to figuratively camp out at the Green Panthera site waiting for surveys to become available. I recommend you keep your inbox clear of spam so you don’t miss out on notifications. I go so far as to create individual email accounts for each survey site I join.

Green Panthera makes several surveys available per day. It sounds like a lot in theory, but some of these surveys are duds. I would sometimes log in only to get disqualified while taking it.

Only survey notifications are sent via email. For the other methods, it would still be a good idea to check the site from time to time. And speaking of other methods to earn, let’s get to those now.

Taking Promo Offers

Green Panthera has a pretty sweet offer wall. Here you will find a bunch of offers you can try out in exchange for earnings. These offers usually involve signing-up for a free trial membership, such as a magazine subscription, or downloading a game on your phone and using it for a set period of time.

Heads-up: these offers sometimes auto-renew after the trial period, which means your credit card may be charged. Once you sign-up for the offer, make sure you opt-out of the auto-renew option - unless you really want to keep the subscription, of course. It’s your call.

Shopping Online

Green Panthera offers some pretty sweet cashback rewards when you shop at of their partner online shops. When you shop in these stores, you can get 3% and sometimes even 9% of the purchase price back!

Do take note, though, that most of these shops only cater to the US, Canada, and UK markets.

Using Coupons

You can also print coupons and use them in designated shops. Members from certain countries may not have available coupons. Partner stores of Green Panthera are usually based in North America.

Signing Up

Green Panthera offers a $5 bonus just for signing up! That’s pretty standard practice across other survey sites, but it’s always a welcome feature.

Earning Potential

Your earnings will depend on the number of surveys and tasks you complete. So this means you really gotta hustle to get stuff done.

Most surveys pay from 75 cents to $1 depending on how long they take to complete. They usually take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to complete.

Now here’s where it gets a little hairy. That sounds like a pretty good rate, especially when you consider Green Panthera sends several survey notifications you get. If you take three $1 surveys a day, that’s around $90 a month, right?

Well, not really. Like I mentioned up above, a lot of times, the surveys you get are dead ends. You take them, then they boot you out before you can complete the survey. It does this for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, by the time you take the survey, the site will already have had enough respondents. Remember what I said about keeping your inbox free of spam? This is why. As soon as a survey notification arrives, you want to be on that almost immediately.

But trying to answer a survey promptly won’t make a difference if the site decides midway that you’re not the correct demographic for it. This is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to survey sites. But I’m writing this on a Friday, and this is officially my chill day. So I won’t rant too much about it.

Payout Options

After you complete a survey or task, it may take up to five days for your earnings to reflect on your Green Panthera account. You can request a payout after you’ve earned a minimum of $30. That’s a pretty high amount, and sadly, I’m seeing more and more survey sites maintaining the same practice. But it still sucks.

Green Panthera sends funds via PayPal. You can also use your earnings on any of Green Panthera’s partner shops. Green Panthera’s site also functions as a shopping portal.

When you request a PayPal payout, you’ll have to wait another two weeks (yes, two weeks) before the money is sent and available in your bank account.

Yeah, I’m not to hot on their payout processing methods. It takes too long just to process, and that’s on top of their high payout minimum. It certainly isn’t impossible to hit $30, but it’ll take a while. I suggest not relying on your Green Panthera earnings for things like groceries and bills. Because it’ll take a while for you to receive your funds, and you might not make whatever deadlines your bills have.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Green Panthera is legit! There are a few things about this site that I don’t like, such as their long processing time and high payout minimum. But beyond all that, Green Panthera is a perfectly legit site. Manage your expectations, and you should have a decent experience using this site.

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences using Green Panthera. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you given this site a try? Is it less panther and more timid kitty? Let us know what you think!

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Sep 28, 2018
I've been researching Green Panthera myself and it appears there are a lot of red flags with this survey site. When you google them you find numerous complains of users not getting paid or even some cases where people simply couldn't login to their green panthera account anymore.

I have not used them myself so I can't give a full review but after reading so much negative stuff about them I would def stay away. For me its simply not worth it to waste my time with sites that might not pay me after doing all the work. There are enough good providers out there that will pay me without any hassle!

More red flags from what I saw online : Cases where they reduced their survey payouts, account deactivations, making it hard to get paid.

Also Tahtah's post above makes me want to skip them. Green Panthera isn't necessarily a scam in my honest opinion but with all the red flags I would just stay away and work with the trusted sites out there


Oct 15, 2018
I signed up for this website about 5 days ago and have completed multiple surveys already. Most of the time I am not qualified for surveys maybe because I'm not the one they're looking or because of their certain demographics.

I’m a member of a couple of other GTP sites which have me accumulating points much quicker so I can say that it needs a lot of effort to actually earn from this website. I also noticed from this website that they're mostly looking for young people to take their surveys.

Regarding the payout, I haven't tried it yet because I'm still saving up my points.

While their minimum payout is so high which is $30, It's fine as long as I don't experience any trouble cashing out my points. Good luck to me!
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Amy Es

Sep 24, 2018
I tried Green Panthera against my better judgment. The site didn’t look shady, but something about it didn’t make me feel confident about it… i dunno, something just seemed off with it. But I’m always curious when it comes to rewards sites, and I just had to give this a try.

It’s okay… when you do get surveys to take. There were long periods of down-time here. I think that’s because Green Panthera doesn’t really get a whole lot of companies and advertisers to work with. I don’t know how long they’ve been around (you won’t find a whole lot of info on their site) but something tells me they haven’t really built up a good roster of advertisers in the time they’ve been around. So, yeah. Don’t expect a whole lot of surveys on this site.

Despite the low amount of surveys to take, you’ll notice from the above reviews that the min pay out is extremely high. You’ll have to save up $30 (!!!!) before you can even think about withdrawing your earnings. And when you do get to withdraw ‘em get ready to wait a pretty long time before you actually get your rewards.

Notice that I didn’t say Green Panthera was a scam… they’re not. It’s just that the experience wasn’t so good. But if you want to try different survey sites, by all means, give Green Panthera a try.

Janine F Warren

Sep 21, 2018
So because of this green panthera review i tried it out aaaand….here is my personel review of it! Sorry i am not very good at describing things but i will try my best here to share my experience and hopefully others can share there’s too! anyway here goes.

so i signed up for free and within the day i got an email about a new survey thats available for me to fill out. I clicked on the link but for some reason the survey was no longer available! Very strange and i thought i made a mistake with the link, and also a waist of my time to be honest. I mean its fine if it really is not available to me bec i dont fit the audience that they are looking for with that survey but to get an email sort of gets your hopes up, you know what im sayin?

At any rate i did get some surveys to answer at last. On the average i earned around 75 cents per survey but they change in length and topics so it depends on the survey really. I also tried joining websites to earn a reward from green panthera wich is easy but dull, but my fave task on there is downloading games on my mobile phone bec i really love games lol! So that kind of work was just right up my alley.

I like the 5 dollar joining bonus! It really helped me work towards cashing out on paypal which needs 30 dollars so yeah it was kind of a long time for me to achive that. However what i really wanna try next on green panthera are the coupons!! I have a friend who claims they really helped her wiht her budget and savings and that sounds like a good deal to me.


Oct 26, 2018
I was a member of this service not too long ago. I was with Green Panthera for about a month and a half, and I was able to make two payouts amounting to $10.
Sometimes, it's hard to get qualified for surveys, but still, I was able to accumulate enough points to cash out twice. However, after my second payout (about 2-3 days after) I had trouble trying to access my account, and I can't change my password as it says email not recognized on the system.
It's strange as I have been using this site for almost two months with no major problems then I wasn't able to log in to my account all of a sudden.


Dec 9, 2018
Green Panthera is a good site to earn some money, but like any other GTP sites, they have a downside. They are not a scam, and anyone can make some extra cash. The key is hard work and patience to reach the payout threshold.

How much you earn will depend on the time you are willing to spend taking surveys and other offers. You can also save money on your online shopping by clicking “Shops” and doing your shopping through the Green Panthera site, where you will have access to their discounts.

The main way to earn is through online shopping cash back. It looks like they pay you to shop at around 100 unpopular stores, the cashback rate is not high, and you’ll be waiting a long time for your earnings.


Oct 18, 2018
Green Panthera is a legit survey site, but the earning potential is not much.
I got paid once, but I needed to do some extra effort and patience to be able to accumulate enough points to cash out. They send an email whenever they have an available survey, and they are excellent in terms of this. However, most of the time, I don't get qualified to these surveys.
In conclusion, I came into a decision to discontinue using this site cause it's not worth my time. Plus, there's a lot of survey sites that I wanted to try.
This is a legit site cause they pay me before, but as I said, in my experience, it's not worth it.