Great Budget Parking Tips To Try Today


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May 17, 2018
As that classic love song goes, the trouble with hello is goodbye. Well then, I would have to say that the trouble with traveling is…parking? I’m being tongue-in-cheek because traveling does have its own special set of issues. But more and more, I’ve been discovering that I’ve been spending a lot of money on parking, whether it’s at the airport, at a restaurant, or even when I go shopping for groceries or other much-needed items! It’s gotten to the point that I’ve set aside funds just for parking whenever I go out in my car. And let me tell you – the amount I set aside is no joke. It’s usually enough to cover a couple of my main meals in a day!

I realized that in order for me to get cheap parking anywhere, I would have to carefully plan ahead and not just haphazardly venture somewhere without any parking plans. This is true especially when I have to park my car somewhere before embarking on a long trip. But it is also applicable to short-term yet frequent parking schedules, such as when I go to the mall, to a theme park, or even to just watch a movie.

So without further ado, here is my list of practical budget parking tips to try.

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Take Advantage of Budget Parking Coupon Deals

When I wasn’t aware of promo parking coupons and deals, I had to grin and bear the kind of traffic involved in looking for a precious parking slot. You can just imagine how it feels getting stuck in a long queue just to reach the parking area of a mall or building, and drive up several stories because all slots are usually filled on the lower levels. More often than not, I always wound up being late for a meeting or a movie, and generally just wasted my time looking for a proper parking space.

With parking coupons, I get such deals as season parking passes to theme parks and other recreational venues which my family and I often visit. It’s a great deal for multiple visits to certain favorite places because you can save anywhere between 15 to 20% on a seasonal parking pass (it depends on the place and the season, though). To get coupons and various promos on parking, sign up for notifications with your favorite theme parks, hotels, restaurants, or other deal providers to receive them via text or email.

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Use a Promo Code for Cheap Airport Parking

I know how it is when convenience takes precedence over expense. At least, that’s what usually happened to me when I had to use airport parking in the past. You see, I always thought that the nearer I parked at the airport entrance, the more convenient it will be for me to haul my luggage to and from a flight. Of course, this meant it will be more expensive. This was the “norm” until I learned all about cheap parking for airport options.

It’s a good thing that many enterprising business people are now considering convenience along with savings for their clients when they put up airport parking services. These businesses can typically be found within a couple of miles of an airport terminal, but it doesn’t really matter how near or far they are to the entrance. You will basically arrange for a parking space with them in the duration of your trip, pay a deposit, and have them watch over, clean (optional), and generally provide security for your vehicle while you travel. A lot of them throw in a shuttle service to take you to the airport on the day of your trip or pick you up on arrival so you won’t have to worry about transportation. If you’re a frequent traveler/client, you can avail of promo codes for a certain period so you can have even more practical deals thrown in with the service (or even seasonal discounts).

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Opt for Parking Garages Instead of Hotel Valet Parking

Valet parking is a great way to not worry about parking space (and it feels so gosh-darn classy to boot!). Many hotels, restaurants, and other establishments offer this so guests won’t get annoyed at trying to park their cars in the area. Unfortunately, it is also quite expensive.

However, there is a great alternative to this – parking garages! These have become my favorite convenient way to park when I go out to eat or watch a movie. The secret to getting a discounted rate is to book online for a parking space before you leave the house. Choose a parking garage that’s at least a couple of blocks away from your destination and take note of the flat rate before making arrangements to reserve a slot. Some of these garages may ask for a deposit based on the number of hours (or even days) you plan to park your car, but the convenience alone makes it worth your while.

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Use a Parking App

Got a smartphone? Good. because that’s going to be an important tool for you when it comes to convenient and cheap parking.

I’ve been using the Parker app for some time now because it just keeps the hassles of finding a parking space in the city to a minimum. With it, I can search for parking slots by price and payment type, location, space, etc. When I’m especially frazzled, the app’s built-in GPS helps me navigate towards an available parking space anywhere I might be. This is especially helpful if I’m driving around in a place I’ve never been to before.

The good news is that there are dozens of parking-related apps to download today. It’s just a simple matter of looking them up, reading reviews, and figuring out which one will work best for your parking needs.

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So Before We Park (Err, Part)…

Budget parking might not seem like such a big ticket item on your travel itinerary, but believe me when I say that parking fees can add up like crazy! It’s enough to put a damper on your much-needed relaxing holiday. To avoid this, you must do your homework in advance. It could be a shorter-term solution such as having a companion get down from your car and physically scout for a parking space they can point you to. Or, as with the suggestions I mentioned above, you will really have to look up parking garages, promos and coupon codes, and other parking apps and services that offer convenience and savings along with your travel itinerary. The bottom line is, it’s a battle you can win!
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