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RULES GrabPoints Forum - Do's and Dont's

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Welcome to the Official GrabPoints forum! This post will describe the do's and don't of posting in the GrabPoints forum.


1. Ask questions about GrabPoints - whether this includes functionality or earning questions. No question is a bad a question, as long as it's related to GrabPoints.

2. Follow the EarnThatBuck.com forum rules.

3. Treat other members with respect and create a friendly and informative forum! Remember, the goal is for EVERYONE to earn more!

4. Share your earnings monthly. Every month, we will start a new thread where GrabPoints members can post their earnings for the previous month. Take part!


1. Chat about other GPT sites. Visit the Rewarding Apps and Sites forum to chat about other GPT sites.

2. Chat about generic topics unrelated to GrabPoints. This forum is reserved for GrabPoints. To chat about general topics, one of the below forums may be suitable for you:

3. Post prohibited topics and content (Refer to the EarnThatBuck forum rules)
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