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LEGIT GiftHulk Review: Online Rewards Site - Scam or Legit?

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The Internet is a free gift that most of us use all day - browsing through content, watching videos, and playing games beyond the scope of paid online work. With the advent of online rewards site, however, doing these activities can now turn into a money-making pursuit for those looking to make a quick buck. And who doesn’t want that?

GiftHulk is just one of the many online rewards sites that promise to compensate users for watching videos, playing games, surfing the web, and answering surveys. As for the compensation itself, well, it’s a topic worth investigating deeper. So let’s take a closer look at GiftHulk and review it thoroughly to see if it’s indeed a legit way to make money, or if it’s a scam.

First things first - what is it?

As a rewards and small task website, GiftHulk offers its members multiple ways to earn a unique currency called Hulk Coins. In order to earn these, you can use GiftHulk Search as your everyday search engine, complete some surveys, refer people to their program, take advantage of daily offers, shop online, or simply watch videos.

The creators of the site also launched an app called Tapporo for both iOS and Android users, which looks to be the mobile version of GiftHulk.

How long has it been around?

GiftHulk was established in 2011 with the founders aiming to reward people for doing ordinary online activities like viewing ads and reviewing products and services. It is currently available to users worldwide.

Does it pay well?

It pays primarily in Hulk Coins and gift cards, if that’s something you find useful and interesting. We all have different takes on getting “paid well”, but personally, I prefer getting extra income in cold hard cash instead of a virtual currency.

With that said, members can redeem their earned Hulk Coins for gift cards to their favorite retailers. There is a five-tier system (from bronze to diamond) which encourages members to climb higher levels for more perks and rebates. Steam, Amazon , and Walmart are just some of the more popular retailers that have partnered up with GiftHulk.

Hulk Coins are also convertible via Paypal Cash and even bitcoins, according to your preference. The way it’s looking, there are plenty of small doable tasks available, and lots of ways to earn prizes and Hulk Coins on the menu.

Is registration free?

Yes, absolutely free. Joining requires no sign-up fees. You will just need a username, password, and verifiable address to register for an account.

How do I start earning extra income from GiftHulk?

If someone referred you to GiftHulk, you can use the referral code when you sign up and it will instantly give you 250 Hulk Coins to your account. You in turn can also get 5% from referral earnings.

You can choose to watch GiftHulk TV, which comes with a progress bar so you can see how much you’ve earned after viewing full videos. Or you can use the GiftHulk Search engine feature in your daily browsing. Members are also matched with surveys and offers you need to complete in order to earn more Hulk Coins. You can also opt to do tasks either from GiftHulk or CrowdFlower.

There is a Guess the Card game where you could win Hulk Coins right away. You get five free chips a day to play the game, but there’s an option to buy more chips using Hulk Coins (kind of a not good way to earn, IMHO). As with these games, it’s always by chance and luck so I wouldn’t recommend that you spend too much time on it.

Gift cards are redeemable after 7 business days. The process can be speeded up, though - you just have to work your way into becoming a high-level user in accordance with GiftHulk’s tiered incentive system.

What kind of gift cards are available on GiftHulk?

To underline its legitimacy, GiftHulk has a page dedicated to its array of partner retailers, and the most popular ones redeemed by members. The categories include dining, fashion, gaming, toys, department stores, traveling, online shopping, sports, entertainment, beauty, and furniture. Macy’s, Lowe’s, PayPal, and Amazon currently seem to be the most widely redeemed cards (the member name is indicated along with how much the card or cash was redeemed).

The verdict?

I would confidently say that GiftHulk is legit, given its thoughtful tier system that incentivizes active loyal users of the site to have their earnings processed faster, plus higher rebates on prize purchases as they climb up the tier. Compared to other online rewards site, there seem to be more task options and activities available to its members, too.

Sadly, if you’re looking to earn some cash fast because you need it ASAP, GiftHulk might not be the best fit for you (a dollar is equivalent to 1,000 Hulk Coins). There is a way to make real cash from their virtual currency (via PayPal payment), but it will take some time for it to accumulate into something you can actually use.

GiftHulk Screenshots

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Your turn!

Have you ever tried GiftHulk? What did you use your earnings for, and would you recommend this online rewards site to others? Please share with us your experiences and feedback, and if you have proofs of payment, as well.

Link: https://gifthulk.me/
iOS: Tapporo http://www.tapporo.com/ios/
Android: Tapporo https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tapporo

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Gifthulk still did not pay me a gift card i ordered the 11th of this month , contacted support but zero information. also i can not complete surveys because of a form i have to fill, which instantly deletes the info i put... also contacted support but zero information.. what should i do? how long does gifthulk to give rewards you claimed?


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I actually love gifthulk, I have been a member since 2012, I have never had a problem with receiving payments from them. I have been paid 37 times by them, and in a few days will have enough to cashout again

I do wish they worked on their customer service as its near impossible to get a reply from them, thats another reason people are complaining, as someone is posting on their Gifthulk page the promo codes and updates, but wont answer anyone. And there are alot of people who do not like them whatsoever, if you look on Facebook people are complaining daily, and threatening the site

This was my last payment, in April gh.gif


very first reward, do they take longer for first times?
Yes! Most sites will take longer on their first payout as they will verify all your information, to ensure it's not a fraudulent account. After your first payout following payouts should be faster as the site will most likely not scrutinize your account as much.


Gifthulk still did not pay me a gift card i ordered the 11th of this month , contacted support but zero information. also i can not complete surveys because of a form i have to fill, which instantly deletes the info i put... also contacted support but zero information.. what should i do? how long does gifthulk to give rewards you claimed?
There is some chatter over at Reddit in /r/beermoney/ about people not being paid on time from GiftHulk, while others are saying they are having no issues. Maybe they just decided to clean up their act and get rid of bad and fraudulent accounts or maybe it's something more sinister. Personally I've never had an issue getting paid from GiftHulk and have cashed out several payments years back, but right now I'm not actively using GH as the site is slow to earn with and there are other better sites out there.


I have been using Gifthulk since 2015 and it is one of my consistent GPT sites I use regularly. I have not had any problems receiving my Paypal money when I redeem my points. I have noticed that I do not spend as much time of the site since they changed the Fountain of Youth codes and the videos. Before the changes you could earn up to 100 hulk coins from the FOY codes and you could receive multiple codes that could be shared with other users. The users could also share their extra codes with you. The other change of the Guess the Card game now gives you 4 hulk coins instead of 5 when you made a match. In regards to the videos you now must stay on the site and interact to move on to the next video when previously you could run them all day on a tab without advancing to the next video. Overall I like the site despite the changes and although I have not redeemed any points within the last couple of months (saving up for 1 big withdrawal for my cruise in October - YAY) I have attached my last redemption in February. I am currently at 7650 which is a little over $5. My lifetime hulk coins earning is 211055. This is a slow earner for me but I try and at least do my 60 Guess the Cards daily since every point count :)



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GiftHulk has way too many negative reviews if you do any research on it. Just because they're been around 15+ years does not mean they are good or honest, or anything. I'VE NOT BEEN PAID FOR MONTHS ($5.00 PAYPAL owed) & they refuse to respond to any of my support emails.
STAY AWAY FROM GIFTHULK. SAVE yourself time & energy & guaranteed disappointment. They have done this to me more than a few times.


I've been using GiftHulk for a few years now. It's not one of my favorites for a few reasons but it is legit. Firstly the conversion from Hulk coins to cash is pretty low compared to other sites. Secondly the videos function, which is my preferred method of earning for any such site, is a bit finicky; they don't progress on their own ever and videos are mismatched with the wrong names and categories. It's a bit of a mess. A small irritant, but not bad in the grand scheme of things, are the pop-ups. They let you know when other people have earned or occasionally when offers are available to you. I've yet to find a way to turn that off. Despite all this, the fact remains that I continue to use the site. Paypal payouts never have issues and the "Guess the Card" function is a silly and easy way to make a little extra each day. GiftHulk is one of my lowest earners but someone had to be. There's potential there for the person who wants to find it.

GiftHulk Proof of payout.PNG


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There's potential there for the person who wants to find it.

A couple other easy things to do on the site, that maybe you already know, or someone else might not :)

* Click surveys, there is a blue box where you get 5 points just signing in
* Do a search (you can do one per hour and earn 4 points) BUT make sure tho you click on a result, they will ban you from searching if you have too many times where you dont click a result
* And yes for sure always play Guess The Card :)
* You can get 20 points x3 for being disqualified from a survey
* I always go to OfferWalls, there is a blue bar that shows what has just credited, click view, anything that says 10 they tried a survey and didnt get it, so earned 10

Hope that helps someone :)

P.S. I cashed out on 6-27 from Gifthulk and was paid the next day, fastest Ive ever been paid by them :)
I don't trust this site. I was registered on this site 5 years ago, I earned enough points for redeem gift (silver bracelet for my cousin) and still waiting for it is come. I sent 5 times letters, but they answer you "must wait for delivery". Scam site!


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I have been doing the bare minimum until recent. Now I am trying to average 200-300 points a day and then at then end of the month have about 5000 or 7500 monthly with a couple days to catch up if you miss one. Then you can build up your points for a higher cashout. I do this with a few different programs and always have cashout cash when needed:)


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I’ve totally forgotten that I’ve joined up on GiftHulk until I read this in-depth review again. If I remember correctly, I’ve been a member since mid-2017 or so. I’m not entirely sure why I wasn’t actively doing tasks on it anymore. Hmm. Strange.

At any rate, I decided to give it another shot and try to get more Hulk coins since the holidays are upon us and I can do with a bit of extra income.

I wasn’t in the mood for surveys so I decided to go and do some of my fave tasks there, which is to use the GiftHulk search engine and watch some GiftHulk TV. They earned me the equivalent of loose change, which I don’t really mind because those activities didn’t take up too much of my time, anyway.

I also discovered that I made 200 Hulk Coins from a couple of referrals who used my invite codes to sign up to the site! That’s pretty neat - earning some passive income even though I wasn’t as active as I’d like to be with them.

What else? I didn’t feel like doing rebates or completing offers on GiftHulk because to be honest, I became wary about reports of not getting their rewards sent to them on time. Doing the light, sort of mindless tasks on this site is fine by me, but anything that warrants more effort than its worth is not. Maybe that’s the main reason why I kept this site in the back burner?
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