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GiftHulk Bonus Codes

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GiftHulk has been in business since 2011. They offer the usual - surveys, offer walls, app downloads etc. You'll also find a few unique games such as "Guess the Card" and "Fountain of Youth."

This thread is made for you to share your codes. Please DO NOT post thank you messages in this thread, instead give a LIKE or share on social media. Let's keep it clean and only post working promo codes, so we can build a nice promo codes list.

Here's the first promo code!



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It is from Reddit so it is not that trustworthy. It may be a problem so members may be experiencing but I think a big company like Gifthulk will pay their members.
Don't think Reddit and especially the people at Beermoney are untrustworthy, but it is why I did ask if anyone here on ETB could collaborate whether or not this is true or not.
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