SCAM Review - Scam or Legit?


Apr 23, 2018
2 is a URL shortening network that pays you when you shrink your URL/links, share them online, and your viewers click those shorten links you've posted. They offer up to $11 per 1000 skips and minimum at $2.5.

How much do you earn?


Payment Methods:

  • Paypal – minimum withdrawal at $5
  • Payoneer – minimum withdrawal at $5
  • Bitcoin – minimum withdrawal at $5
  • Egyptian Post – minimum withdrawal at $50
  • Vodafone Cash – minimum withdrawal at $50
  • Algerian Post Office – minimum withdrawal at $50
  • Etisalat Flous
  • Orange Money
  • Western Union

General Information:

  • Free
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Net 25 payments
  • Referral commission at 5%
  • Essential tools:
    • Auto link shortener
    • Mass shrinker
    • Easy links
    • Social link maker
  • Stats reporting system
  • Ad format: Interstitial

From what I have researched online about this network, it was previously legit but has had some issues recently regarding payment being processed. I would like to see more current feedback from their users to determine the correct group in this area of business. For now, I won't put them yet on our scam group, and I'll leave them on our unrated category.

What has your experience had been? Do you have payment proof that you can share with the community? We'd love to hear from you.

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