HOW-TO Get Paid Up To $13,000 By Selling Your Poop!


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018

Don’t laugh. This is a serious write-up about making money. And yes, you can get paid up to $13,000 by selling your poop. Call it silly, or you can call me crazy. But as senseless as it sounds, the idea of selling your crap is interesting, right?

People sell their hair, their sperm, their eggs, and even their blood. So, why not entertain the idea of selling poop? Didn’t you know that our “crap” is very much needed in the name of scientific research? The feces has medical value, and you can earn from it through an NPO or a non-profit organization called OpenBiome. Some people say that selling your poop to OpenBiome can make you $13,000 annually. Others say that this idea is a joke, but it’s not. This money-making activity is real and it’s happening.

Have you heard of the medical term “fecal transplants?” If you haven’t, then, this is the reason why OpenBiome will pay you for your poop. Our society has instilled in us that poop is dirty, yucky, and gross. The positive thing about poop was not mentioned to us, and that is for fecal transplants.

Anyway, our intestines contain microbiome (billions of microscopic bacteria) that aids in the function of one’s digestive system. Without bacterial growth in our bodies, our overall health is impaired. The body will work correctly if the cells are functioning as intended. It can only happen if our bodies have these good bacteria, the microbiome. So, you see, a person’s body is thriving on bacteria.

Health problems will persist if the microbiome is disturbed. The effects of a distressed microbiome include obesity risk and ulcer, among many other health issues. But the most severe consequence, if your microbiome is disrupted, happens when there is an excess of the bacteria called C. difficile, which is not normal. C. difficile, in its normal amount, is also needed by the body, but if there is an overgrowth, it can create many health issues.

This is where OpenBiome comes in. The company is based in Massachusetts and assists at most 200 hospitals in the country for its microbiome treatments. If you want to donate your poop and earn some money doing it, then, the first thing you need to do is satisfy the residence requirement. You can only participate in the program if you live within the locality of their centers namely in Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston, MA.

If you satisfy that requisite, then, you can continue with the application. It won’t be easy getting into the program since a specific set of requirements are strictly employed. At times, only 40 applicants are approved for the program out of 1000 hopefuls. That’s because they need people who are physically and mentally fit. If you have a high level of physical fitness, then, you might be able to get accepted into the program. Don’t get discouraged with the statistics.

How Much Is My Poop Worth?

Regularly, OpenBiome pays $40 for your poop donation, and there’s more. If you can go to the center every day for five days straight and give your donation (assuming you’re accepted in the program), then, you earn an extra $50 each day that you visit. It means that for five days, you will be compensated a bonus of $250. If you compute that, in total, you can earn as high as $13,000!

It’s odd; I get it. This may be the first time you hear that poop donation is possible and that you can earn from it, but then again, there’s more. If you’re the highest donor each month, you will also get a reward. They do count the times that you donate your poop and you can be their biggest poop donor for a prize. It is embarrassing and money-making, at the same time, but if accepted, would you do it?

Think of it as helping other people with health problems. You are donating your poop for some money, but the point of it is to save a life. Your microbiome will be another person’s health rescue, and that’s what counts here.

VERDICT: Scam or Legit?

Donating poop for money (and helping those who are sick) through OpenBiome is 100% LEGIT. It’s not for everyone though, but if you fit the bill, then try to apply and see if you can be a donor. For now, two things matter – your location and your physical health. If these two requirements are fulfilled, then, don’t hesitate to donate and earn. The money is rewarding, and you’re doing a good thing at the same time.


Have you heard of OpenBiome and the chance to donate poop for money? If not from OpenBiome, have you tried doing this type of earning opportunity in other centers similar to OpenBiome? How was the whole experience for you? What’s your physical health rating? Is there anything else that you would like to add? Comments? Feedback? Opinion? Let’s hear it!


May 21, 2018
I watched this on VICE and remember seeing this poor guy having to get poop donations from his neighbor, because he couldn't get it from anywhere else, as it was such a struggle. So I totally believe that selling your poop pays good money.


May 15, 2018
I was actually going to sign up to this, as I would love to get paid but also I would be doing good by donating my fecal matters. But according to their website it seems like it's specific to the following areas only:

Who can donate?
Donors must be local to Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville, Massachusetts and pass a series of health screens. To begin:
  • Can you visit our labs at the BU West T Stop (Boston) or Central / Kendall Square (Cambridge) at least 3 times a week for 60 days?
  • Will you be 18-50 years old during the donation period?


May 18, 2018
LOL at this article. I had no idea you could get paid for selling your poop, but at this rate I might even sign up.