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Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Want to watch videos for money? Look no further! In this post, I’ll be showing you rewards sites that will pay you – either in cash or gift cards – to watch promoted videos and ads. There are a lot of scammy rewards sites out there, but I’ve weeded-out the sketchy ones to give you only the legit sites that are worthy of your time and effort. But first, I’ll answer a question most of you are probably asking right about now:

Why A Post On How To Make Money Watching Videos?

All of the sites I’ll be listing in this post offer multiple earning methods — getting paid by watching videos is just one earning method. So why a forum post dedicated to this earning method? For starters, watching videos is one of the most user-friendly ways to earn. And that’s because it’s what I call passive earning: you switch on the reward site’s video channel, play videos, and then… that’s it. No complicated surveys to take, or paid offers to avail of first. Sometimes, you’ll have to confirm that you’ve finished watching a video, but I would still consider watching videos a passive earning method.

If you want to add to your video-watching earnings, you can always try the other earning methods that these sites have — you can rest assured that the rewards sites I’ve listed here are all totally safe, legit, and lucrative, no matter which earning method you use. But these sites were chosen for one very specific reason — they’re all great sites that will let you watch and earn money at the same time! Wanna earn money watching videos? Read on to discover sites that will let you do just that!


I have about five rewards sites in regular rotation these days, but I didn’t always use instaGC . The reason was simple: they specialize in gift card rewards (as their name implies). You can still redeem your earnings as cash, but it’s a bit more complicated than getting your payouts in gift cards. I used to be a strictly cash-only person. But I tried instaGC a few times, and I’ve been hooked. They have over 350 gift card options, and you can’t beat that sort of convenience. They are now one of my favorite sites to make money watching videos, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy earning through them, as well.

Click here to join instaGC.



In this list of well-regarded rewards sites, GrabPoints has probably the most hype at present. Twitter and various blogs are quick to point out that GrabPoints is the highest-paying rewards site on the planet. I was skeptical at first – I mean, there are probably hundreds (most likely even more) rewards sites online. Kind of tough to be the highest paying one, right? Well, I’ve given GrabPoints a try, and now that I have firsthand experience, I can say that the hype is real. GrabPoints really does pay better than their competition. To be fair, watching videos is GrabPoints’ lowest-paying task (you can also earn by answering surveys and complete offers on GrabPoints), but it’s still a higher rate than on other sites. If you’d like to “graduate” to higher earning methods, you can always try their other earning methods. On GrabPoints you can always try earning by completing offers and

Click here to join GrabPoints.



Speaking of popular sites, SwagBucks is perhaps the most popular, beyond any hype. They’re one of the so-called pillars of the rewards industry. Anyone who’s tried to get paid to watch ads or paid to watch videos has tried using SwagBucks.

The site us ultra-professional, too. They’ve got hundreds of videos you can watch – way more than on other sites, and that means you can pick and choose which videos you’d like to watch. To track your watching progress, the site has a progress bar that slowly moves forward the more videos you watch. Based on my experience, it takes about 10 minutes’ worth of videos to earn 3 points (which the site calls – appropriately enough – “SwagBucks”). You can go back and keep watching videos if you like – SwagBucks has a 15-point daily limit for watching videos. But if you max out on your daily point allocation for watching videos, you can always try their other earning methods – SwagBucks has a pretty excellent user experience.

Click here to join SwagBucks.


Inbox Dollars

Up next is another rewards site – InboxDollars. The site has a similar roster of earning methods to the other sites on this list. On InboxDollars you can earn by doing the standard rewards site methods. You get paid by answering surveys, playing online games, and yep, you also earn money by watching videos.

Every day, Inbox Dollars will assign you a list of videos you can watch. On average, there are about 3 to 5 videos for you to watch per day. The videos last anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes, and your earnings will be 1 to 2 cents, depending on how long the video is.

Click here to join Inbox Dollars.


Fusion Cash

If you’re looking for an additional rewards site to watch videos on, don’t overlook Fusion Cash.

I always recommend keeping a few sites in regular rotation. That way you can spread you can multiply your earning capacity. If you’ve watched all the videos available on one site, you can always go on to the next, and so on.

Like all the sites I’ve listed here, Fusion Cash is a legit way to get paid to watch ads. But with that said, Fusion Cash is one of my least favorite sites. And that’s because earnings won’t be as high here as, say, on GrabPoints.

Every day, Fusion Cash will assign you about 10 videos (sometimes more) to watch. And each one pays 1 to 2 cents. Videos last from 30 seconds up to 5 minutes.

And just like the other sites on this list, you can also earn by answering surveys, completing offers, and visiting websites. One upside to using Fusion Cash is that they have a cashback offer. With cashback offers, you can shop at any of their partner shops and establishments. And when you do, you get a cash rebate. It’s a sweet way to earn on top of watching videos!

Click here to join Fusion Cash.

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