Get Paid to Visit Websites? I Show You How!


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Rewards sites are awesome for people looking to earn a few bucks from the comfort of their own homes. From the looks of things, the rewards industry is booming, since so many rewards sites seem to be popping up at an almost weekly basis (not all of them, unfortunately, are legit – but more on that later). I think we’re undergoing a revolution – as well as evolution – surrounding the way people earn. And rewards sites are at the forefront of these developments.

The reason for that is really simple: it’s super-easy to use rewards sites. On most rewards sites, all you have to do to earn is do a bunch of simple tasks, like answer surveys, watch a bunch of videos, and complete some offers and trial memberships. Some rewards sites also pay you for visiting promoted sites.

Notice a common thread among all these tasks? They’re all things you normally do anyway, reward or no reward. Who among us hasn’t answered a survey, watch videos on YouTube or sign-up for a free offer? I can’t think of anyone, actually. And that’s why rewards sites are so awesome – with rewards sites, you’re being paid to do stuff you already do.

This short guide will be covering the different earning methods featured on those sites. For today, I’ll be focusing on just one: earning by visiting websites. In my opinion, this is the most “basic” since you literally just visit a website and earn afterward. Sure, you might have to sign up or answer a quick survey, but it’s still pretty easy to do, overall.

Is It Safe To Get Paid To View Websites?

I know it sounds shady – “make money visiting websites.” Why would anyone pay you to do what you usually do anyway? Well, there are several reasons, all legit. For starters, a web design agency or the company that owns the site will want people to test it first before making it public. This part is called the beta-testing. Or the owner of the site would like to pad its pageviews, so it literally pays people to visit their website.

The owner of the website works with the rewards site to incentivize its members to visit the site. And since there’s a middleman – the rewards site – you can be assured that the sites you’re being asked to visit are all legit and malware-free.

So this definitely an awesome way to earn. With all the rewards sites popping up, it’s critical to avoid scam sites. Below is a list of my top get-paid-to-click sites. They’ve been tested, and I can certify that they are all legit. Wanna earn money by visiting websites? Read on!


PrizeRebel is an awesome rewards site. Let’s start with one of the more popular rewards sites on the internet – PrizeRebel is definitely it. The site has an excellent rewards program where members get paid to click sites. (They can also do other tasks on the site.) Whenever they complete a task, such as visiting promoted websites, they get points. When you’ve earned at least 1,000 points, you can redeem it for prizes, such as gift cards.

To register, simply visit the PrizeRebel website.



Many rewards sites will pay you in cash. And that happens to be my favorite payment method. But I know quite a few people prefer getting paid in gift card since it’s more convenient. If you’re one of those people, you should look into instaGC . When you view sites, you earn points. And here’s the great thing about instaGC: they specialize in providing a wide variety of gift cards to members. Check this out: they’ve got over 300 gift card options!

To sign-up, visit the instaGC website now!


Fusion Cash

On Fusion Cash, you can take part in various earning methods, one of which is getting paid to look at websites. Fusion Cash will pay you $.15 when you view five pages on a promoted website. But note that you have to do that within 2 and a half minutes. But that’s totally doable. You can only do this once per day, but at least there are lots of other ways to earn. When you’ve earned at least $25, you can request a payout, either as cash (sent via PayPal) or direct bank deposit.

Excited to try Fusion Cash? Here’s a link to the Fusion Cash website.


SwagBucks is one of the giants in the rewards industry. And for a good reason: they consistently give members an excellent user experience and have lots of ways to earn, one of which is making money online visiting websites. SwagBucks is definitely one of my favorite rewards sites. And I highly recommend you give them a try. On SwagBucks, you earn points (called, appropriately enough, “SwagBucks”) when you visit a site within 30 seconds. You can trade your points for a variety of rewards, such as real-world cash and gift cards.

Wanna sign-up on SwagBucks? Here’s a link to the Swagbucks website.



Now on to one of the best – if not the best – rewards sites out there. GrabPoints is one of the hottest names in the industry, for one simple reason: they provide the highest payouts in the world. I have considerable experience trying out all these rewards sites, and I can confirm that none of them pay as well as GrabPoints. Another awesome thing about them is that it only takes 48 hours to process your payouts. So you won’t spend weeks twiddling your fingers hoping your earnings aren’t stuck in limbo. If you use only one rewards site, make it GrabPoints.

Wanna hop on the GrabPoints hype train? Visit the GrabPoints site now.



Next to GrabPoints, this is my favorite site to get paid to view websites online. And that’s because ClixSense actually specializes in giving you rewards for visiting websites. They have other earning methods – as any legit rewards site should – but rewarding you for visiting other websites is their main earning method. Their minimum withdrawal is a bit high at $8, but they make up for it by having a great overall experience and lots of rewards options.

To sign up at ClixSense, click this link to visit the ClixSense website.

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