LEGIT Get-Paid: Take Surveys, Level Up & Earn Cash - Scam or Legit?


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018

There are lots of survey sites out on the internet. A lot of them are legit, but there are also a few bad apples in the mix. I’ve encountered my share of scam sites, and it’s a really sucky feeling getting scammed. You put in all this time doing surveys and other tasks, and in then the scammers bounce without paying you.

I don’t want anybody else to go through the same experience, which is why I’ve been sharing my opinions on various survey sites. This time I’ll be discussing Get-Paid. Is it legit or is it a scam? Read on to find out!

How to Earn on Get-Paid

There are two ways to get paid on Get-Paid. The first one is by earning coins, and the second one is by winning them.

Coins are what Get-Paid calls points. You earn coins by doing any of the following tasks:
  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Taking offers
  • Transcribing text
  • Download and use Get-Paid’s proprietary toolbar
  • Make outgoing calls to companies
  • Do data entry (Such as adding info on business cards onto a spreadsheet)
Get-Paid’s list of tasks is continuously being updated, so check the site often.

As for winning coins, the site occasionally gives bonus coins via games and contests. It’s nice to have but consider it just that - a bonus. You still have to rely on doing tasks to make a sufficient amount of coins.

What Makes Get-Paid Unique?

Experience Points

The site allows you to level up by accumulating experience points (XPs) as you complete tasks. Anyone who’s played role-playing games online will be familiar with this concept.

Each time you gather enough XP you are promoted to the next level. The more prolific you are, the faster you will get bumped up.

Levelling-up opens up a host of features and benefits. These perks include getting higher points for each task completed, and getting paid faster.


You can also earn badges for certain accomplishments like using the site for one week straight or completing a certain number of tasks. These badges don’t give you any actual perks, they just give you a bit of cred within the Get-Paid community.


Using your site profile, you can add friends and chat with them, just like in a social media site.

Overall, I think all these methods are great ways to make people stay loyal to the site.

How to Get Paid

As soon as you have a minimum amount of coins worth $1, you can request a cash-out. I like how the minimum amount is low, but I tend to save up more money before cashing-out. Once you make a request the funds will be sent within 24 hours.

Payment can be made in the following methods:

Perfect Money
Gift Cards

The Get-Paid Referral System

Every good survey site has a referral system, and Get-Paid is no exception. For every friend you successfully recruit to the site, you get 30% of the coins they earn.

While most sites allow you to get a commission down multiple levels of recruits, in Get-Paid, you only make money off your direct recruit and the second level. It’s slightly disappointing because it can be difficult to get people onboard.

Pros and Cons of Get-Paid

In the interest of making this a balanced review, here’s what I think is good and not-so-good about Get-Paid.

  • Lot of ways to earn
  • The XP system is a great way to boost earnings
  • The company is pretty professional
  • Payment processing is fast and accurate
  • It takes a while to earn a substantial amount of money
The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

Get-Paid is a legit site! I’m a fan of how the site operates. I’ve never had a problem with my points or payment processing. I’m super-impressed!

It may take a while to accumulate enough points to make cashing out worthwhile. Just remember to put in the time.

Get-Paid Screenshots

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences using Get-Paid. Now it’s your turn to share! Have you used Get-Paid? How were your earnings?

Let’s hear your stories!



May 21, 2018
I've been reading a few get-paid.com reviews, but I've been unable to figure out how long it takes to get paid with them after you claim your rewards, also how much are the XP points worth in US dollars when converted? Anyone?


Oct 4, 2018
It was last summer when I started using this website. I've got nothing important to do with my time so I decided to find some online opportunity to make some money. I have tried a couple of GTP website before but nothing satisfied me, I just wasted my time and effort.

Get-Paid.com is very easy to use. Anyone can really make some money with this website just by watching videos, completing tasks, referring to people, downloading some great apps and even playing some of the enjoyable games. Although it is a bit disappointing that I cannot get some offers and surveys because of my country, it is still something worthwhile.

Most of my experiences are good so far. I'm getting the rewards on time with no problem. Their support is great, very professional and helpful.

What I like the most about Get-Paid is the Business Cards. A captcha entry job that perhaps contributes to producing business cards for third-party businesses and Get-Paid users are contributors for the business card production and get paid for it. The rate of this earning opportunity is good compared to most of the other data entry sites. Their rate is 50 cents per 1,000 pieces of entries done. I know it's not a lot but still, it's reasonable.

I totally recommend this website!


Bronze Wordsmith
Jun 10, 2018
I have been paid by this site, I do not recall how long it took to receive my payment but it was no longer then a day or so.
I do not work the site very much as I just have way too many earning sites. But I should because I find it quite fun as its a bit different then other sites

Good things:
I like that the site does not look like other GPT sites
They are very active on facebook
They have a leveling system, this helps me with goals, I am level 4. And I love the levels as you get bonus points depending on your level, plus what you earn for the offer itself

If you would like to give the site a try

Payment Proof
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Nov 19, 2018
I really enjoy being a member of this website cause there are lots of benefits. There's a lot of ways to earn points from this website which can be converted to cash.
Get-Paid has a lot of payment options as well, including PayPal and Payza. Me, I always choose Payza as a payment option. Regarding the payment, it's quite fast; it only takes up to 24 hours.
Minimum payout is only $1, but I tend to save up mine to at least $10 before I request payment.
My total earning is about $60 since I started joining this website.
I seldom encounter a problem with this website, and if I do, I don't get worried cause there support staffs are very reliable and helpful.
Get-Paid is legit, and they really pay. I just wish they increase the value of points to every task to make earnings easier. Still, I'm satisfied. They are definitely one of the best GPT sites around these days.


Nov 28, 2018
I love the payment system of this website. They offer a lot of option to cash out points such as PayPal, Payza, Webmoney, and more. Gift cards are available as well.

Another thing is the low minimum cashout requirement which is only $1. I find this very convenient plus it only takes up to 24 hours to receive.

Their support staffs are accommodating and they respond promptly. I'm just happy about being a member of this site.

If there's a downside about this website, it's about the low value of points in every task completed. It will be perfect if they increase the points to make things easier.

All in all, this site is legit, and they really pay. I'd still recommend this.

Amy Es

Sep 24, 2018
This is a great site. I just think the name – “Get-Paid” – is a little on the nose, lol. But it’s still a legit site, and I recommend most people give this a try. One of the better things about Get-Paid is the fact that it has some additional earning methods on top of the usual tasks and methods. So you’ve got your usual tasks: answering surveys, watching videos, and completing offers. Pretty typical, right? But in addition to those tasks, you can also transcribe text and do data entry.

If you’re a fast typer, and have good attention to detail, you should try Get-Paid. Transcribing is a pretty cool gig to do. But you need to pay attention. This isn’t a “brain off” type of task, like watching videos. If you can maintain a decent quality of work through several hours, you should definitely give transcription work a try. And beyond that, you can also try data entry work. In my experience, data entry isn’t as difficult as transcription work, but it still requires you bring your A game. It includes, as the OP mentioned, adding info to a spreadsheet.

The reason I recommend Get-Paid is that you get transcription experience, and you can use that experience to get better, higher-paying jobs later on!
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Nov 13, 2018
If you want to get paid to take surveys then go to get paid ( little word play :) ) But jokes aside Get-Paid.com is one of the best GPT sites out there at the moment. I am doing my tasks there every other day and they always pay without problems. the amount of offers is great and recently they added a lot more stuff. If you're living in one of the tier 1 countries then there is plenty to do for you to earn cash and get paid ( sorry I couldn't help it).

All in all they do a great job and I can highly recommend them.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that their support team is extremely helpful. I had an issue once about not getting credited and it was fixed right away

Burt Maklin

Sep 24, 2018
Get-paid is a great site to, uh, get paid in. Like Amy Es said above, the name is kind of generic-sounding, lololol. But I like Get-Paid cause you can take part in various earning methods. That’s one of the things I look for in rewards site. I like multiple way to earn, for two reasons - first I get bored easily, lol. So when I get tired of answering surveys, I can look for other ways to make a few bucks. Next, is that I’m always unlucky when it comes to surveys haha. I dunno if it’s my profile, but I always get disqualified from completing them. :lol: But on Get-Paid I can flip between different earning methods and try to look for something that suits my mood. Can’t beat that level of awesome. The op and others also mentioned that you can do data entry. I gotta admit this is pretty scary for me since I’m not sure if I have that sort of attention to detail haha. But for now I’m more than happy answering surveys, watching videos (always my favorite earning method!) and completing offers. They’ve also got this special toolbar which gives you more awesome options to earn!
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