Get Paid for Browsing the Internet – 5 Browser Extensions that Earn You Money!


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
There are tons of ways to make money online. Most of these methods require your active participation, such as answering surveys and completing offers. They’re awesome ways to earn, but they do require a certain amount of time and effort to make worthwhile. On the other hand, there are so-called passive ways to earn. These are the unicorns of online earning. They’re like these magical things that let you earn without actually doing much (hence the term passive). Watching videos on rewards sites is one such method because you don’t actually have to do anything – just play the videos and watch your earnings pile up

For this post, I’ll be tackling another interesting way to earn a passive income: browse the internet. Sure, this isn’t actually as passive as watching videos, since you still have to, you know, browse the internet. But the great thing about this earning method is that you don’t have to do anything you don’t already do. And since you’re reading this article on a forum on the internet, it’s safe to say you have an internet connection and like surfing the net. So it’s a cool option to be able to earn doing what you already do.

This post is dedicated to teaching you how to make money browsing the internet. Now, there are a lot of scammy (or outright dangerous) browser extensions out there. The bad ones will steal your data, or even install malware on your computer. Needless to say, avoid those at all costs. To help you still to only the good ones, here’s a list of my 5 favorite browser extensions that let you earn money while browsing the internet!


Let’s start with one of the more straightforward browser extensions that let you earn for browsing the internet. Qmee is a great extension for beginners to online earning since it teaches you all sorts of concepts that will be useful when using other extensions. In fact, Qmee is a great way to make money from Chrome extensions.

Once you’ve installed Qmee into your browser, you will get paid to search for stuff on the internet and on specific sites. Qmee works with sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even Walmart, Amazon , and a few other online shops. While using Qmee, you will occasionally be taken to a special page that contains ads. You can earn anywhere from $.03-$.12 whenever you click one of those ads.

And that’s it. The best part of Qmee is there isn’t a minimum withdrawal amount. While I recommend you save your earnings, you can withdraw it whenever you want. You can get your earnings as cash (which is sent via PayPal) or Amazon or Walmart gift cards.


Savvy Connect

You can also try Savvy Connect, which is a bit more complex than an extension like Qmee. Savvy Connect is part of a rewards site called Survey Savvy . Earning through Savvy Connect requires a bit more effort. Through the app, you will receive “tasks” which are higher-paying versions of the usual tasks you will find on Survey Savvy. These definitely pay higher – you can hope to make anywhere from $10 to $50 using Savvy Connect.

And check this out: if you’re a resident of the United States, if you join now, you can take part in a so-called “Gold Project.” Basically, what this project does is pay you $60 after you’ve kept Savvy Connect installed for a month.

Another thing I love about Savvy Connect is that there is also no minimum withdrawal here. You have the option of requesting your funds whenever you feel like it.



Ebates is a different kind of browser extension since it rewards you with cashback rewards. If you’re new to the rewards scene, a cashback reward is just that – you get some of your cash back whenever you make a purchase from any of Ebates’ partner sites. Other sites and apps offer similar rewards, like Swagbucks (which we’ll be checking out later in this post).

Once you’ve installed Ebates, you will get notified of various opportunities for cashback rewards. These usually come from partner online stores – it’s not like you can just shop anywhere, of course. Whenever you shop from those sites, you can a percentage of the money you spent back. This is an awesome way to earn back some of the money you’ve spent. You will have to pace and plan your purchases accordingly since as I mentioned earlier, you’ll have to use the listed shops to actually earn those sweet cashback rewards.

You can get your cashback earnings via PayPal, bank deposit, or check (which is sent via snail mail). Now the downside: payouts are sent quarterly. But at least they tend to pay a bit higher than the competition, so it all balances out.



Swagbucks, which I mentioned earlier, is another great site that offers you cashback rewards. Swagbucks is also one of the most popular names in the rewards site industry, so you know this site is totally legit. Swagbucks has tons of earning methods, from answering surveys to completing rewards. If you like doing more active earning methods, you should definitely try Swagbucks

The site also has a browser extension that you can install. Like Ebates, you become eligible for a cashback reward whenever you make a purchase from any of their partner online shops. You can withdraw your earnings as gift cards when you’ve made at least $5, and as cash when you’ve accumulated at least $25.

Cross Media Panel

Cross Media Panel is a “true” passive income earning method. And that’s because after you’ve installed the Cross Media Panel extension, you don’t have to do anything. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Just keep it running in the background, and you’ll $2 on your first week, and $1 for every week thereafter. If you also install their app, you could earn $3 per week.

The reason you don’t have to do anything else is that Cross Media Panel is collecting your data for market research purposes. But don’t worry, your info is totally safe with Cross Media Panel.

You can withdraw your earnings as cash or gift cards when you’ve earned at least $5.

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