Get Paid for Browsing Internet 🤑 $3-$5 Per day

Aug 29, 2020
es, You heard me right! You can literally get paid for just browsing on Facebook or YouTube.

My friend introduced me to Brave Browser a few Months ago.
It's a superfast browser that blocks Adware as well as popups and viruses.
Once I started using this, I never used chrome, firefox or any other browser.

In few months I was able to make a decent amount of money by just doing what I was doing - Browsing Web!

The Payment is made in BAT ( Basic attention token) it's a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin, The best part is you can sell BAT at any crypto exchange and transfer it to your bank account.

I am just accumulating at this stage and waiting for the price of BAT to reach around $5-$10 . Right now it's around $.40 .

It's way better than filling hours long surveys , Just do what you're doing and Earn money

It's a legit Browser with a Genuine team behind it. The guy who made Mozilla firefox is behind the development of this browser.

If you would like to make extra buck without doing anything extra, I would suggest you to download this ASAP!

Download link -

Tk cr ! Happy earning !