EXPIRED Get $8.00 Cashback from Amazon.ca to See DeadPool 2 At The Theaters

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Until 11:56 pm (PT) on May 21, 2018, when you make a qualifying purchase at www.amazon.ca of a movie dvd, you will receive within 48 hours of shipment, a promo code with instructions on how to redeem/use it. You have approximately 79 movies to choose from such as Hitman (Agent 47), X-Men, Logan, Fantastic 4, Wolverine to DeadPool.

As in most cashback offers, the offer is only good while supplies last and is limited to one customer per account. There is a limit of 5 (five) promo codes per household. You will get an unique promo code that can be used only online at the cineplex theatre website to buy your ticket. As well amazon reserves the right to cancel or modify this cashback offer at any time. The rest of the terms and conditions of which there are 14 for the offer and 9 (nine) for the promo code as well as the offer itself can be found at
https://www.amazon.ca/b?node=17716973011&ref=tsm_1_fb_s_cnda_1542088314&linkId=51878007. You have approximately 3 (three) more days left to make a purchase.
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