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LEGIT FusionCash Review: Earn $30 ASAP for Easy Tasks! Legit or Scam?

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As kids, we imagined a job as doing fun stuff which we can actually get paid for. All we knew is that the grown-ups in our lives left the house for “work”, disappearing in a mysterious somewhere where we visualized them watching cartoons, playing video games, and eating yummy treats all day. In the background, a smiling boss hovered over them with a wad of cash in hand (which our grown-ups eventually spent on nice things for us in turn).

Boy, that was the dream. Today’s reality too often involves long hours of eyestrain and monotonous routines. If only we can get paid to watch videos, shop online, and play games, right? Well, with GPT websites like FusionCash, it’s possible. But is it totally legit, or too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look.

First things first - what is it?

FusionCash is one of the older GPT sites in existence where members can earn a little extra cash doing different online tasks. These include watching videos, doing some online shopping, completing surveys, playing games, etc. The site has partnered up with businesses in need of market research, which they in turn address via product promotion and sales, survey distribution, and other affiliate solutions.

The website is a serviceable portal for both members and affiliate partners, and doesn’t have the bells and whistles of more recent, gimmicky GPT sites. It’s like it wants to advertise that it’s all about serious business - nothing more, nothing less.

How long has it been around?

Established in 2005, FusionCash is based in California and now boasts having more than three million users across Canada and the USA. I’m inclined to think the numbers have increased somewhat, given the recent popularity of GPT sites among extra income-seekers, but since the website has no counter, I can’t really vouch for it.

Does it pay well?

In their About Us page (which is as no-nonsense and stark as the rest of the site), FusionCash states that since 2005, they have paid their members over $3 million. They’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau, which underlines its legitimacy as an online rewards site.

FusionCash gives its members a couple of options for payouts: via PayPal, direct deposit, or checks. They pay only in dollars. In my opinion, this is a good indication of seriousness to pay members in need of money ASAP, with no virtual currency or gift cards in lieu of real cold, hard cash. Requested cashouts are approved every 20th of the month, and are usually available as payment after a maximum of five working days.

Is registration free?

Signing up is totally free with no fees (registration or maintenance) required. In fact, the simple act of signing up will instantly give a member a $5 sign-up bonus, as long as you have a verifiable email address and are willing to complete a short survey first.

How do I start earning extra income from FusionCash?

There are several options to earn as a member of FusionCash. Some of these options require a credit card, but if you’re uncomfortable with sharing credit card info online (who isn’t?), you can opt out of it and look for the “No CC” icon on offers.

You can try out the mobile apps, games, and videos offered in the menu, but don’t expect to make big bucks with these. Each completed task amounts to a couple of cents at best. Completing trial offers will earn you credit, and you can opt to sign out of them even before the trial period is up so you won’t end up getting spammed.

Some members have mentioned the somewhat frustrating time they have with the surveys. For one thing, there are different providers so members will have to wait for an email confirmation from a provider before even starting on a survey. In short, a waste of time.

What is the best way to earn money from FusionCash?

The referrals system is always a great way to reel in new members for GPT and small-task websites. Just by signing up with them as a new member instantly earns you $5. In turn, referring others and having them sign up can earn you up to $8 per referral (it’s a dollar per successful referral, $2 when the referral completes an offer, and $5 once they cash out)!

Having a group of your friends sign up with different accounts and accomplishing tasks can easily earn you $30 or more without breaking a sweat. So if you’re good at persuading others to join things and try out new stuff, this could be your best money-making method yet for FusionCash.

The verdict?

With its accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and over 12 years of existence, I would venture to say that FusionCash is a legit GPT website. I also like the fact that they use PayPal and direct cash or check deposits for member payouts. Not a lot of other GPT sites nowadays do that.

But for me, an online rewards site should be rewarding, not vexing. With the slow process involved in even accomplishing a survey, FusionCash tasks can become frustrating in the long run. I still think it’s worth a try though, given its steady history of being an online rewards site (and being no-nonsense about it!).

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Your turn!

Having given you my take on FusionCash, I would now like to hear yours. Did/do you like being a member and was/is it financially rewarding? If you have proof of payment, please include it in your feedback!

Link: http://www.fusioncash.net



Well-known member
I have been a member of Fusion Cash since 2016. I'm only able to cash out two or three times a year. It just takes me forever to build up my account balance. They are definitely legit. I've never had a problem getting paid and the direct deposit option is nice. I earn through surveys, videos, Hopster, *************, Daily Cash email, and occasionally a Paid to Sign up offer. Here is what I like and don't like about Fusion Cash:

What I like: 1 cent per disqualification on Peanut Labs and Samplicio surveys (I haven't noticed a limit on those as I have accumulated up to .17 in DQ bonus points in one day)
Surveys credit within minutes, no pending points!
Weekly earning reports sent via email

What I don't like: Minimum of $25 to cashout and $15 of your balance cannot come from bonus credits
Payment is the 20th of the following month after you cash out
Hard to qualify for surveys
Points that have been sitting for six months or more start to expire

So overall, it's an okay site. I just work on it here and there and it's always nice when that direct deposit shows up in my bank account.



Active member
Long story short: They're one of my favorite sites and not a scam! Everything works on this page and they're doing a great job

Besides surveys they also have a lot of offers where you need to buy something to get a reward ( make sure you read the terms and conditions). If you play a lot of video games like me then you could get some points for a free subscription of games fly. Its a video game rental page but make sure you cancel your trial unless you want to get billed monthly.

What I really liked about them is that there are plenty of tasks like downloading apps and mobile games. As I said I play a lot of video games anyways so I don't mind downloading some of their games on my phone and play them for a little while. I even found some I really ended up liking after getting paid to try it :)

All in all I highly recommend fusioncash. They're 100% legit and you can make some good cash with them.

I loved the signup bonus. You basically just get $5 for confirming your email and filling out a short survey about yourself. Not too bad if you ask me. took me about 10 mins to do it.


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Ive been with ForumCash since 2013, and have been paid $529.00 from them so far, which is quite small compared to some

#1 thing I do not like, is their staff are not visible. Meaning you never hear from them, never see them, you never see a mod or admin on their forum.....EVER.

#2 They hardly ever add any new offers. So All I do there is the daily tasks, email, and posting on the forum

When I first joined I had many problems with trying to sign up. They didnt like the phone I was using, didnt like the email I was using, I kept trying, finally after several weeks of badgering them, then waiting 5-6 days for a response each time, I finally completed my registration
FusionCash is definitely the best survey site I've come across, but I only see a few people who are talking about it.

This is the only survey site I have been with that I can make money per week/bi-weekly. I get qualified for surveys on this website most of the time than any other survey sites.

It's easy to earn from this website just by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos and more. I already earned about $95. I cash out about every other week for $10 and up, and I receive the money within a week.

The only problem I see about this site is that they usually say that it's the fault of the survey providers, and not on their end. I'm talking about being disqualified in the middle of surveys, etc.

I've tried dozens of sites, but this where I ended up with. In general, I'm satisfied with this website.


This is a legitimate website that pays reasonable money for various activities that will keep you boredom-free. Like any other get-paid-to site, this one has its downsides as well, but this is not a reason to not give it a try.
FusionCash offers many ways of making bucks by doing tasks other than just completing surveys (watching videos, playing games, etc.). I was using this site last summer as I got nothing to do with my time, and I made more than $230, this site really pays off!
Like any other get paid to site, this site has its downsides like the $25 minimum payout which I found a bit high compared to some sites, but this isn't enough reason not to give it a try.
Although it might demand some of your time, if you can make more than $100 a month, I can say that it is totally worth it.
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