LEGIT Forthright Review: Answer Surveys and Get Paid Instantly - Scam or Legit?

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Right now I’m going to review one of the most talked-about survey sites out there: Forthright. The site was formerly known as innoPoll. I’ve never tried innoPoll, but Forthright seemed like a good site to try out.

So here’s my Forthright review. If you’ve been wondering whether Forthright is legit or not, read on!

Forthright: First Impressions

There’s a lot of hype with Forthright. A lot of online commenters have mentioned that Forthright is one of the best survey sites they’ve used. When you first check out their website, I can see why people love this company. I think Forthright’s website looks pretty rad. The design is excellent (no cheesy stock photos or free website templates!), and the info is easy to read and understand.

If you’re like me and usually head straight to the FAQ page, you’ll notice that there isn’t much info on that page. And that’s because all the info is where they should be - in their corresponding sites. I’ve noticed that other sites simply dump all the info into the FAQ page and leave the other pages empty (or even non-existent). I appreciate how Forthright tries to present their content properly.

My Hot Take: My first impression is excellent. I’ve reviewed quite a few great survey sites recently, but Forthright is on a whole different level, as far as design and content go. Now that we’ve covered the first impression, let’s hop right into the actual experience of using the site.

How to Earn on Forthright

Forthright, as you may have gathered by now, is a survey site. For any beginners out there, I’ll explain what survey sites do. Companies pay Forthright (and other survey sites) to provide surveys to its members. The info taken from these surveys are turned over to the company, which uses them to make better-informed business decisions. For example, an energy drink brand may want to know what sort of new flavors the market would respond positively to. So it hires Forthright to send out surveys. Most of these surveys will be targeted to a particular demographic. That energy drink company may want only athletic people to take the survey. So Forthright will try to have only qualifying members take the survey.

The market research industry is huge. According to CNBC, companies in the United States spend over 1 trillion (yes, that’s trillion!) per year on research and development. Since Forthright is making money this way, they, in turn, pay members such as us for completing those surveys.

You can earn on Forthright three different ways:

Proprietary Surveys - These are surveys that Forthright itself provides.

Partner Surveys - These are surveys that, as the name implies, are from third parties, usually Pinecone Research and Univox Community, and are routed through Forthright. (Other sites actually provide partner surveys exclusively - they are called survey routers.)

The great thing about Forthright is that you get paid instantly after you’ve answered a survey. That is such a big deal. No more counting and converting points, no more waiting long processing times. You finish a survey, and get paid right away. That is awesome!

You will usually have to answer pre-qualifying questions before you can take a survey. This is done to ensure that you fit the survey’s target demographic. There is also a limit of three surveys you can complete per day. On average, these surveys take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete.

Sometimes, you will be disqualified in the middle of taking a survey. That could be because of two things: 1. The site already reached its quota of answers or 2. The site decided, based on your current answers, that you aren’t the survey’s target demographic. It usually sucks to get disqualified because that means wasted time (and no earnings). But on Forthright, you get paid a nominal fee when you get disqualified. No more wasted time! How cool is that?

Participating in Product Testing - You can also earn by receiving sample products and giving your feedback about them. But to be honest, product tests don’t become available very often. In fact, I’ve never seen one become available yet. But if you luck out, this would be a pretty good way to earn.

My Hot Take: Everything looks pretty good here. There are no alternate earning methods like watching videos, reading emails, and other micro tasks, but it’s no big deal. What I do miss are referrals. Most survey sites have referral programs, and it’s pretty strange that a site like Forthright doesn’t have it.

Earning Potential on ForthRight

As mentioned earlier, surveys take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete. On average, they pay around $1 to $3 dollars, depending on the survey’s length and complexity. I’ve heard about surveys paying more than $5, but I’ve never encountered them personally.

Forthright also gives a Loyalty Bonus - when you complete three proprietary surveys, you get a bonus credit sent to your profile!

Your actual earnings will depend on how many surveys you qualify for, and whether you spend the time completing them. But let’s assume you complete three $1 surveys a day. That would amount to $21 a week - not bad at all! But it’s still recommendable to manage your expectations. The earning’s are good here, but it still won’t amount to anything more than pocket money. So don’t try to take surveys to pay the rent.

My Hot Take: Earning potential on the site is really good! There will be times when you don’t qualify for surveys, and those times can get plenty frustrating, but just keep trying to qualify, and eventually you’ll start making money.

Payout Options on Forthright

Now, this is where the site really shines. As soon as you complete a survey, you get paid immediately! You can choose to have your earnings sent via PayPal, Tango, bank deposit, bitcoin (via Coinbase), Amazon Gift Card, or as a donation.

Yep, no minimum withdrawals to try and reach, no lengthy process times - just instant payment!

My Hot Take: This is the best thing about Forthright. And I think they’re payment processing is one of the best - if not the best - in the industry.

How to Join Forthright

As of now, only residents of the United States can join Forthright - although I’ve heard that they’re working on opening memberships to other countries. There’s no age requirement, but most of the surveys are for the 18 and up demographic.

To register, simply visit their website and head over to the registration page. I’ll be providing the link below. Ka-chow:

Registration Page: https://www.beforthright.com/join

One of the great things about Forthright is that their site is “mobile first.” That means it was designed specifically for use on mobile phones. This makes it easy for us to complete surveys while away from our desks (which, for me, is actually the best time to take surveys!)

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

As if there was any doubt: Forthright is legit! This is one of the greatest survey sites I’ve ever tried, for all the reasons listed above. If you’re looking for a survey site to try, I easily recommend this site. Give it a try!

On a related note: last month I reviewed a bunch of crappy survey sites. It seems this week is the exact opposite. I’ve been reviewing a bunch of awesome survey sites, including Forthright. Hope this trend keeps up!

Forthright Screenshots

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Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you tried Forthright? Was your experience as good as mine?

Let’s hear your stories!



Video Editor
I have been using Forthright for quite some time now and it actually works. Payments are instant, regardless of it being amazon gift card or PayPal, which are the 2 options that I use for payment, but they have other options. It is definitely legit and here are my payment proofs:


Fred W

I have been using Forthright for quite some time now and it actually works. Payments are instant, regardless of it being amazon gift card or PayPal, which are the 2 options that I use for payment, but they have other options. It is definitely legit and here are my payment proofs:
AWESOME! Thanks for the proof and vote of confidence, now I really will give Forthright a spin!


Because it’s already discussed thoroughly, I decided to do a sort of mini-review of Forthright because of this main review, so thanks, Amos and everyone else who recommended this survey site!

Initial impression

At this early junction, I want to say that I agree with your first point. It’s a nifty-looking website over at beforthright.com, with bright happy colors and neat fonts that I immediately can tell the site owners are on their feet to help reel in potential users like yours truly.

Also, its motto is “the place to be forthright” intrigued me. What does forthright mean, anyway? According to the dictionary, it means to be straightforward and honest. And the home page goes on to underline this with its premise of being transparent in order to help build a better community - via online market research, of course.

Well, so far so good! Nice first impression.

What the Forthright menu serves up

I was able to qualify for a couple of surveys that were somewhere between $1 to $3, which made me happy because I’ve seen many complaints about disqualification. They’re the kind of surveys that didn’t take up too much of my time, and also offered a payout after completing each one - which is all sorts of neat! I chose PayPal as a payment option, because I like money :)

Then I hit a bit of bad luck streak because for a couple of days, I kept getting a message that the quota is full for most of the surveys :( It got so frustrating that I decided to give Forthright a rest, though not give up on it entirely because of my initial good experience with it.

The verdict?

Forthright is legit, I’ll give them that. It’s just that I think its fate is to have the same kind of faults other survey sites are prone to having, including disqualification, not meeting the quota, and complaints about inattentive customer support. But I certainly like that there is no minimum payout so I can get my earned money quickly, and also that the kind of surveys on here are pretty much no-brainers.


Video Editor
AWESOME! Thanks for the proof and vote of confidence, now I really will give Forthright a spin!
You are welcome, you should give it a try. You can also stack your earnings until you earn a bigger amount and then cash it out.


I signed up, but I can not verify the phone number. Can you withdraw money there or not without this verification?


Thank you, I have never heard of it so I have followed your link and will be sure to check it out.


Thanks Holden, Nick, and Presb for the Forthright reviews! Really big help. There are so many survey sites out there, and it gets pretty confusing trying to decide which ones are really legit. User feedback such as yours is what’s keeping me sane, lol

Anyways, I tried Forthright a while ago, and I’d like to echo everyone’s sentiments: Forthright is legit. But here are a few things, just to manage everyone’s expectations:

- You can donate your earnings to charity, but I’m not sure how to confirm that my money is indeed going to the designated beneficiaries. I mean, I wasn’t expecting them to erect a plaque in my honor, but it would have been nice to get more info on where my money goes.

- It was hard to finish surveys at the start. I first tried to do about ten surveys in the beginning, but kept getting disqualified. It was frustrating at first, but things sorta improved later on. So there’s that, at least.

And here are some of the things that are awesome about Forthright:

- Responsive design. Forthright was designed to be used on your phone or tablet. And that’s awesome! A lot of other sites look like they were pulled kicking and screaming out ot the 90s without even a thought for mobile experience. Glad Forthright gets it right.

- Quick payouts. Self-explanatory. The site prides itself in its fast processing. Thumbs up for that.

- Relatively high-paying surveys. I’m not as experienced as you guys when it comes to survey sites, but they seem to give a pretty good rate.
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