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LEGIT FlirtBucks Review: Get Paid to Chat and Earn $60 Per Hour! Scam or Legit?

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Hello there, I have signed up for FlirtBucks.net months ago. Every time I sign in the website it says "Your account is pending approval." It has been doing the same thing for months NOW. The website says it takes two business days to receive a response. I've checked my email and spam many many times. Never got a response. I googled other people's experiences with that same website, most people had similar experiences. I think it's fake. If you have had good things with that website, that's good for you. I'm just saying it didn't work for me.


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Hey Star Light Rose, welcome to Earn That Buck. Thanks for sharing your experience using Flirtbucks… or rather, your experience not being able to use Flirtbucks, amirite? Sorry to hear that you weren’t able to complete the application. I hear ya. And I think it sucks that you were not able to complete your application process and use the site to earn money.

I was lucky enough to get accepted, as well as a few other members, form the looks of it. My guess is that the site suspended getting new members for the time being. I’ve encountered this in a few other work from home sites I’ve tried. The number of new applications far exceeds their need for new workers. But it really does suck, since it gives a lackluster experience to applicants. The least the site could have done was make a public announcement that they weren’t accepting new applications. Either that, or at least send you an email informing you that new hires are on hold for the time being,

There are other sites you can try out. Since you’re new to the Earn That Buck community, you can check out the different threads and forums on this site. You’ll find a lot of ways to earn money from home!
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