TIPS Five Wacky Ways to Make Freelance Money


May 23, 2018

Those who gave up the nine-to-five grind for some freelancer-related freedom know all too well that a dull routine is one of the biggest killers of creativity. This is why we see all sorts of weird careers today that we never would have imagined a decade ago! It seems that as long as there is a need for something, someone innovative will come up with ways to meet that need.

Of course, a semblance of structure is needed when it comes to having a job, any job. Apps and job innovators are in place to make sure schedules and tasks are met, and that satisfaction is guaranteed for both customers and service providers.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that a freelancer has to take on the dullest available work around just to have a steady income - far from it! Let’s take a look at five of the wackiest, but oddly fulfilling ways, that you can do to make some extra cash today.

1. Taste-test food for pets

Before you stick out your tongue and make gagging noises at this idea, take a look at the following facts first. First off, it’s a real job within a multi-billion dollar industry. Secondly, the regulated pet food industry requires that food for our beloved dogs and cats should be human-grade, meaning, it should be okay to eat it! Thirdly, a pet food taste-tester can spit, not swallow. That means if you really can’t wrap your head (and uvula) around the idea of eating dog food, you can simply let your taste buds do the work, savor the flavor, spit the rest out, and write up a report on the grub you just sampled.

It’s still relatively uncharted territory, so you’re not likely to get a lot of competition on bagging this particular job. And while it’s not exactly a career opportunity that’s advertised openly by pet food companies, it’s there for the taking as long as you ask for it! Contact your favorite pet food manufacturer and inquire if there’s an opening for you and your palate today.

2. Lose weight, win a bet

If you want to shed some pounds and make money while you’re at it, then this could just be your dream job. Sites like HealthyWage work by challenging users to keep track of their weight loss journey in order to win prizes. The challenge depends on the amount of weight you want to lose, how long it will take you to reach your weight loss goal, and how much money you are willing to bet every month.

It sounds like an awesome deal for risk-takers and health conscious people. If you don’t like taking on this challenge by yourself, consider doing it with a group of friends for the support and team effort.

3. Run Others’ Errands

Freelance labor is not a new concept. The idea of “neighborly support” with a cash reward has produced online and mobile apps like TaskRabbit. It offers cleaning, delivery, moving, and handyman services. “Taskers” sign up, get background checks, and then bid and complete tasks from different categories.

If you’re not in the market for physically challenging freelance labor, consider freelance platforms like Fiverr instead. It specializes in graphic design, digital marketing, video production, programming, and other tasks requiring a computer and lots of sitting down.

4. Cuddle for cash

If you like hugging and think you can be a pro at it, then why not take it to the next level and become a professional cuddler? Programs like CuddleComfort actually pay people to get physical (but not sexual) in the name of hug-based friendship.

Surprisingly, it’s not that new of a concept. Sites advocating physical affection on a strictly platonic level have been around since at least 2011. These programs underline the benefits of cuddling when it comes to anxiety relief, emotional, physical, and mental well-being, and how good it just feels to sometimes hug someone minus the messy entanglements of romantic relationships.

5. Get paid to be opinionated

Put your money where your mouth is! SliceThePie is a review site that actually looks for opinionated people who can provide feedback and reviews on new merchandise, music, and more. The aim is to help other consumers make decisions on these products and services by reading the reviews first, as well as provide feedback to the artists, designers, and business owners themselves. So if you love the idea of being first to listen to new music, or see fresh trends in fashion before anyone else does while giving your opinion on them, then this job would be perfect for you.

Reviewers have to register, get a confirmed account, then choose the categories they want to tackle. After listening to the music or looking at the product or fashion that needs feedback, you will need to answer some specific questions about what you are reviewing, and rate it out of ten. Then you get paid after five working days via Paypal. It sounds pretty straightforward.

The verdict?

Most of these sound like fun, relatively risk-free, legitimate, and creative ventures any freelancer would love to try. There’s a lot of discipline involved in carrying out the tasks, though, but as long as you follow the guidelines and mind the deadlines, it’s all good. Over-all, I’d say I’d like to give each one a spin at least once, and see if the monetary rewards are worth the initial wackiness of the job description!

Your turn!

What’s the most unconventional (or downright weird) way you’ve done to make money so far? I’d love to hear all about it!

Fred W

Jun 14, 2018
Hahaha, this list is awesome! As far as wacky ways to make freelance money go, I personally think cuddling and being someone’s “casual comforter” is the weirdest one - but not so far-fetched. I heard it’s now a common thing in Japan, kind of like hiring a boyfriend or girlfriend for the night or the weekend, or just to hug it out whenever you need it. I can kind of understand where these people who actually hire professional cuddlers are coming from. Loneliness is a hard thing to deal with, and sometimes a friendly touch (not sexual!) can spell out all the difference by releasing pheromones or something. As long as the adults involved are consenting, then it’s all good.

I’ve already read a thread in this forum about pet food taste testing so I don’t really find it all that weird. Unsavory, but not weird, haha! I can’t see myself doing it, but if it’s edible, why not? I heard it pays well, too!

One other wacky way to make some extra cash that I heard of is to sell your hair to make into wigs. Lucky for those with thick, long, and lustrous hair because they can cash in on that. The closest I ever got to making money from my (sadly depleting) tresses was back in college when a friend who was studying to be a hairstylist asked me to be her model for a test styling. It went okay - she passed her class, and I got paid in pizza and had a nice new haircut in the process!


Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 13, 2018
Man, this thread is a total trip, lololol. Probably the craziest earning method here is tasting pet food. But you wanna know what’s really crazy about it? It’s not the fact that you’re putting pet food in your mouth (more on that later) it’s the fact that some people make really big money doing this.

One dude from the United Kingdom, Simon Allison makes big money doing this. Granted, he’s probably at the very top of the earnings mountain, but the pet industry is a really huge one. I read in a business site that the pet industry is worth over $28 billion! That’s huge. And while I’m sure you won’t be making Mark Zuckerberg money chowing on canned dog food, you can rest assured knowing that there’s a lot of money in this industry. And some of that money has to go to R&D.

Now, about tasting pet food… I’ve done it a few times as a kid, mostly on a dare. I can’t say I enjoyed the taste of it, but you know what? It wasn’t bad either. It was just… food. And they might use animal byproducts for that food, but it’s still just that – food. It’s totally safe, and totally edible.