Five Legit Work From Home Jobs


Jun 14, 2018

Hi, everyone! I’m back after a much-needed break from all things online and Internet-related. It’s good to take a technology hiatus once in a while. But since I’m a freelancer, I need to get back in the saddle and resume the kind of work that’s been keeping me financially afloat. So today, I figured it’s the best time to discuss the kind of work from home jobs which I consider to be legit.

Please take note that I said “jobs” and not just its singular form. You see, in nearly a decade of being a home-based worker, I discovered that I needed to juggle a couple of jobs in order to receive a suitable income that fits my chosen lifestyle. I’m a pretty basic dude and don’t require high maintenance living accommodations, which is why I gravitate towards equally simple and doable tasks that nevertheless compensate me decently for the amount of work I put in them. So without further ado, here are five of the best work from home jobs that I consider legit.

1. Be a member of GPT and survey sites

I’ve read several comments on ETB about how members usually start out as “casual” users of online rewards sites (you know, for beer money or to pad up their pocket money, etc.) but end up with those sites becoming their main income generating gigs. This is hardly surprising if you’re lucky enough to come across some reliable and truly rewarding GPT and survey sites that pay fast, won’t screen you out during surveys, and offer the kind of rewards that make it worth your time and effort. However, it would take some patience to comb through the ones that are legit and to weed out the scammy ones that will just waste your time. Thank goodness there are forums like this where feedback among members prove to be a big help.

2. Try an Amazon Virtual Locations job

I was not aware of this particular home-based job until a close friend mentioned it. Apparently, she’s been an Amazon remote worker for nearly half a year now, and she swears by the part-time income she makes from it.

I took a look at the Virtual Locations link she sent me and was pleasantly surprised at the number of work-at-home positions being offered in different areas. I see full time, part-time, and seasonal jobs that are up for grabs for people in IT and operations, and for support engineers, those in human resources, customer service, and dozens of more departments. Small wonder: Amazon is such a huge company that hiring thousands of skilled remote workers is a logical move on their part.

3. Teach online classes

This is what I cheekily refer to as getting paid to do someone’s homework! I had so wished for something like this when I was a kid struggling with schoolwork and research papers. Now the time has come and the tables have turned, and I can pay it forward by helping other students accomplish their homework on time (with payment, of course).

Thankfully, today’s virtual tutorial tasks aren’t confined to just school-age kids and college students. As I’ve written in the post I linked here, there are sites that also help even business people and professionals write “corporate homework” or do research on their behalf. I’ve been taking advantage of several such platforms myself, and I’m proud to report that it’s become a dependable seasonal gig for me (especially when end-of-term exams and other school-related deadlines are looming).

4. Do online proofreading

I took on my first online proofreading job by accident. At least it wasn’t in my list of work from home jobs with which I considered myself to be a sort of veteran. For some strange reason, my Internet connection was wonky for a couple of weeks, so I had to seek jobs that didn’t require me to be online all day. Thank goodness I’ve had editing experience for past clients, so I was a shoo-in for this particular proofreading task that was suddenly dropped on my lap.

I thought it would be a one-time gig only but I ended up trying out for a couple more projects via word-of-mouth referrals. Another source I go to when I want to do more proofreading jobs is Domainite, which first gives potential editors a sample test to accomplish before they get hired.

5. Become a beta tester

Beta-testing for websites and apps is a good and fun way to earn while staying at home. There’s really no need to go out and test these things when they are online, right?

Most of these new sites and apps require the feedback and user experience of normal, everyday people like you and me before they can roll them out publicly. As I already commented on this post about WhatUsersDo, usability testing sites are awesome! In fact, they’re fast becoming one of my favorite work from home jobs for a number of reasons. Not only do they provide a refreshing change of pace from all the survey-taking and reading lengthy documents - I can earn more than double what I would usually make on a survey at around the same amount of time (roughly $8-$10 per 15 minutes or so)!

So those are just five of my favorite work from home jobs which are also tried and tested as far as being reliable streams of income go. I would like to know which ones make it to your personal list, and if you have more to add, I’m all ears!