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Favrite halloween movie or tv show?

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halloween is my favrite time of the year because of all the movies and tv shows i get to binge watch! i am currently watching the haunting of hill house and wow i am so scared to even close my eyes to sleep at night haha! but i am also looking forward to chilling adventures of sabrina because she was my fave growing up in the original archie series! i like scaring myself even tho i always regret it during the night lol

what about you what shows or movies are you looking forward to watch this halloween?


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Because of my kids, we've made watching Nightmare Before Christmas a sort of hybrid Halloween-Christmas tradition! It's held up pretty well over the years even with the more sophisticated CGI technology used for the current crop of kids' movies. Aside from that, we like re-watching the original Ghostbusters before launching into its more recent reboot. Hmm, what else...Oh! Also the original Pet Sematary (I hear there's a new one version coming soon?) because I just love the book!

As for TV shows, will probably look through what Netflix is offering. I agree with you though, the new Sabrina series looks pretty exciting!

Fred W

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Thanks for the heads up on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! I wasn’t very interested in it at the start because I was a big fan of the 90s sitcom one (with Melissa Joan Hart) because I was a college kid back then and thought it was hilarious (talking black cat puppet and all). But when I started watching it - boy, was I hooked! I liked how it linked the witch-hunting of the past with the present-day with the hunting of those who don’t quite fit in what a lot of people think is “normal”. Even my teenage daughter loves it and is now planning her Halloween costume around Sabrina’s red lace-collared dress!

I also like that while it’s a series that takes its cue from teenage references, it has genuinely scary moments that give you pause. Scary, like jumpscare-type scary and gory scenes galore, but also real-life issues that make a lot of us truly afraid in the society we’re currently in. I think this is a brave new TV series and hope it has more seasons to follow.

As for all-time favorite Halloween movies I like to re-watch, I have the following on my list: 30 Days of Night, Suspiria (the original one), Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Hotel Transylvania (gotta mix it up with some kid-friendly stuff!), and What They Do In The Shadows (best vampire movie ever in my honest opinion) are always good to revisit!
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