LEGIT EasyShift Review: Earn by doing tasks on the Go! Scam or Legit?


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018

Who wants to earn on the side while shopping or answering surveys on their phones? Did I hear a “ME!”? Well, it’s your lucky day. It’s called EASYSHIFT, and here is a review to help you decide if it’s for you, or not.

Explaining EASYSHIFT

EasyShift or ES is an app that rewards users to finish discreet shopping-related activities – much like Mobee, Field Agent and GigWalk.


You don't need experience at ES, and there are no applications required.
Just register in the App and RESERVE SHIFTS.
It’s effortless.

Big brands want to know how their fairing out in the market beside their competitors. It is where the “shifters” come in. You will take photos of these products, do price checks, monitor sales days or promotional offers and then, when you have all the info needed, you will upload all the necessary photos to the app and answer a survey.

This activity is called a “shift,” and it takes more or less 45 minutes to finish. The app is open in almost all cities in the United States, and regularly, urban towns have the more shifts compared to the suburbs and rural areas.

How Do I Sign Up For This?

You need to note some important things before you can start with the registration:

You can download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store using a supported smartphone only. No other gadgets are applicable.
Phone number verification is required as you will receive a text message with a code to confirm your identity.
After confirmation, you can now reserve shifts and work!

The Process Of Reserving Shifts

Step 1 – Check Which Shifts Are Open In The App Map

Click on “SHIFTS,” and you will see all those available for reservation within your area. The GREEN points are open and you can reserve it. However, reserved jobs are in GRAY, while shifts you have reserved for yourself are in BLUE.

Step 2 – Note All Requirements Necessary To Reserve A Shift.

Each of the shifts has a name and the necessary details, like when the job is due, the estimated pay rate, the store's location; it’s address and distance from you, and other pertinent information. Click a point on the map called “pins,” and you’ll see it.

Step 3 – Reserve Shift

If you see a shift you like to participate in, then, click it to reserve.

How To Complete A Shift

Most shifts have a 24-hour expiration period, but some require immediate response time. The clients of ES are the ones setting up these due date, and this is not under the control of ES. There are no extensions, and so, you have to finish a shift on the time and date required. Most shifters do the work 3 hours before it is due, but why wait until last minute? If you can do it in the first available hour, then, it must be done.

Don’t forget to read through the instructions and focus on doing the shift. When you’ve completed, you need to submit through the app, and the receiving end will review your work. They will accept or decline the shift.

Declined Shifts

Here are possible reasons for rejected shifts:

1. Not following instructions can warrant a decline.
2. Information sent was false.
3. The images uploaded were blurry or wrong.

You have one chance on a rejected shift and customer service will overlook it as an honest error. Once they see that you’re continually supplying rejected submissions, your shifter reputation will be damaged.

Start As A Rookie (EasyShift Levels)

The main point here is for you to complete a shift without mistakes. With that, you start at the Rookie Level and work your way up. As a rookie, you are allowed one job per day. If you send completed shifts, your points will get higher, and thus, it will give you the opportunity to open up more work at a higher level – as high as a General Manager or the 9th level.

Rookie 12pts and one shift daily.
Clerk 25pts and one shift daily.
Agent 75 pts and two shifts daily.
Senior Agent 150pts and three shifts daily.
Manager 300pts and four shifts daily.
Supervisor 500pts and five shifts daily.
Director 700pts and six shifts daily.
VP 1000pts and seven shifts daily.
General Manager 1500pts and ten shifts daily.

If I Can’t Finish My Shift, For Any Reason, What Happens?

The only solution is to release your reservation. There will be a hold on the shift for two hours, though.

How Much Is The Pay From EasyShift?

It’s not much, but it’s decent and let’s face it, the work is exciting. Shifters get at least $2 to do a job. Others reach as high as $20. The rate varies. Location is also a contributing factor, but if you successfully do shifts daily, then, you get paid more.

If you visit Reddit, some shifters reported there that they get fifty to a hundred every month by doing jobs. There are no reimbursements for travel expenses, and so it’s better to get shifts that are walking distance from your area. If the situation requires you to buy something, then, EasyShift will pay you back.

They Pay Through Paypal

EasyShift sends payment through Paypal. It’s fast and easy. You will have to wait at most 48 hours for the payment to clear after approval of the shift. There are also no minimum amount requirements to withdraw your earnings.

Remember This

The rate of the shift is an estimated rate. At times, it will go higher if the client is satisfied with your job. There are also instances when the pay is lower than the estimated rate. If you don’t follow directions to the dot, your payment will also suffer.

How To Earn More From EasyShift

There are so many great tips from the internet (and in Reddit from shifters themselves) on how to earn more from ES:

  1. Check the app often and refresh the map for new shifts.
  2. Do your job as soon as you can. Don’t wait until the last minute. Three hours before the due date is enough time to complete an ES task.
  3. Keep all receipts, photos, and images for future reference.
  4. Apply your stealth skills when taking pictures to avoid suspicion from store workers.
  5. Read EasyShift’s FAQ – very important.

Everything is in the FAQ portion of EasyShift. All the relevant information and glossary of terms are there. If you’re familiar with ES vocabulary, it will make your shift easier to complete.

Testimonies From Shifters

Checking the Apple App Store, EasyShift has a three over 5-star rating with 59 reviews. Google Play Store has it at 2.9 over five stars with 794 reviews.

What they like about ES:

- Pay comes in quick at Paypal
- The shifts are easily approved if you complete all instructions and the photos are clear.
- It’s fun to do!
- The job is flexible, and you can reserve shifts 24/7.
- Shopping and earning at the same time is heaven for others.

What they don’t like about ES:

- Some shifts are tedious, and the pay is small.
- Customer service takes too long to reply.
- Shift submission is often a problem, and the app doesn’t work well at times.
- There are limited shifts, and reviewers are very unpredictable.

2018 EasyShift Updates

Quri from the United States maintains EasyShift operations. Last January 2018, Trax acquired Quri. Trax is a computer vision and analytics organization. They want to improve crowdsourcing and provide real-time in-store information to their clients.

The mobile app is still called EasyShift, and it will continue to have the same functions. There are no changes in payment schedules and shift points after the acquisition. And what’s more, Trax wants EasyShift to be more user-friendly, with many shifts available and to produce better image qualities.


The money is not much. It’s not even a part-time job. A person can complete the shift in 45 minutes tops, so don’t resign from your day job for EasyShift. Instead, use ES as your supplementary work. If you live in a highly urbanized city, your chances of reserving shifts and earning more are higher compared to those in the rural areas. The job is easy to do, for most people, and making $5 for taking pictures is better than nothing, right?

With this, we believe that EasyShift is a LEGIT app. One can earn money through it by doing small jobs and if it doesn’t work for you, just delete the app. But if you like the idea of making extra cash, while doing your grocery shopping, then, this can fill your 45 minutes.

EasyShift Screenshots

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Have You Tried EasyShift Before?

We want to know your experience as a shifter and how it is to work for EasyShift. Please, comment below and tell us your EasyShift story. Share with us your tips, tricks, funny encounters, words of caution, and all. If you were to rate and review EasyShift, what would you say? We want to hear from you!

Site: http://www.easyshiftapp.com/
iOS Link: http://bit.ly/easyshift
Android Link: http://bit.ly/EasyshiftAndroid