Earn Money by Listening to Music! Here’s How


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
Are you a music fan? Okay, that’s a ridiculous question… because who doesn’t love music, right?

I’m really psyched to write this post since I’ll be showing you ways to get paid to listen to music! For anyone who loves music – which is pretty much all of us – here are my tops ways for earning by listening to music!


Become a Music Critic / Content Creator

This earning method for listening to music is a bit left-field, so let’s start with this one. Most of the ways to make money listening to music in this article involve apps. But if you’ve got a more creative bent, you might want to try your hand at making music-related content.

Right now, I’m pretty addicted to a few YouTube channels where music experts talk about and critique particular songs. The angle can be technical analysis (a few of them are music producers with long resumes), or simply critiquing songs as a music fan.

The best thing about being a content creator is that you can put your own personality and preferences into it. If you like rock music, talk about rock music. If you’re into electronic music, by all means, cover electronic music. There are so many opportunities to make money talking about the music you love.

And it doesn’t have to stop at just songs. You can also create content based on music scenes, subcultures, your favorite artists, and even – if you’ve got the appropriate skills – music production and songwriting.

These aren’t “easy” methods to listen to music for money since they require a hands-on approach to creating content. And for sure, this method is a bit next-level. But if you’ve got the skills and the knowledge to pull it off, give it a shot! The online music community needs more music content creators!

And with that out of the way, I will now show you how to make money listening to music through these apps and websites:



Slice the Pie is one of the more widely-used apps out there that let you get paid to listen to music. I finally gave it a shot after hearing so many people give glowing reviews about Slice the Pie. After giving it a try, I kind of regret not having used it much sooner! Slice the Pie is seriously delicious, I meant awesome.

What I like about Slice the Pie is that it rewards your loyalty. The more you participate, the more your earnings will be. But generally speaking, you can earn anywhere from one to five cents per “micro” review in addition to bonuses.


Most of the methods that let you get paid for listening to music involve active participation — you listen to music, then write a short review, or answer a quick survey. And it’s understandable why: most of these sites are trying to gauge what the market responds positively to.

But if you like to daydream while listening to tunes, those methods might not be ideal for you. And that’s where Radio Loyalty comes in. With Radio Loyalty, you listen to internet radio — which is something most of us do anyway, right? But in this scenario, you actually earn money by listening to music!

Radio Loyalty even has a variety of radio stations, so it’s not like you’ll be forced to listen to music you don’t like. You will earn $0.03 per ten minutes you spend listening to Radio Loyalty. I would consider this passive income, although you do have to enter a code every 30 minutes, to confirm that you’re actually listening. But even with that requirement, it’s still super easy to earn while you’re doing other stuff like working or waiting in line at the grocery.

Radio Loyalty, has also worked with rewards sites, giving you an “integrated” experience. And by that I mean, you can pursue music-related earning methods one minute, then pivot to more traditional rewards site earning methods like answering surveys and completing offers.

Radio Loyalty works with Fusion Cash, a popular rewards site. Fusion Cash boosts your earnings on Radio Loyalty, so sign up on their site as well. On Fusion Cash, you can request a payout once you’ve earned at least $25, and true to their name, they offer a variety of cash payment options.

Earnably is another site you can use via Radio Loyalty. Payout minimums here are more manageable at $2, and you can redeem your earnings as PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

Music Xray

Music XRay will try to connect you to music you actually like — see, on other sites, you have to listen to music you’re not into. This is not necessarily a bad thing — if you want to get paid for listening to music, you will have to endure a few songs you’re not really into.

But Music XRay doesn’t do that. In here, there’s a big chance you’ll be listening to music you would listen to anyways, even if you weren’t earning money listening to music. You will, however, have to provide your demographic info, like age, location, and job. But Music XRay is a legit site, and won’t sell you out.



Music fans all across the world can get paid to listen to music. SongPeople is a great site, specifically, for residents of the United Kingdom. But SongPeople has a global presence, so just about everyone can use this site to earn by listening to music. That said, expect a lot of British music (which is awesome — I love Britpop!).

On SongPeople, members earn points when they listen to music and write their opinions about the song. You will receive a notification whenever a song is available for review, so you’ll never miss a beat.


Hit Predictor

Hit Predictor is one of my personal favorite methods for earning money listening to music. The earning method is pretty similar to other sites – you listen to songs, then give your feedback on it. You earn points, and you can redeem those as CDs and DVDs, as well as a wide variety of gift cards.

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