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LEGIT Earn Cash Donating Plasma


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This is not a work at home per-say but it is along the medical lines. I earn cash monthly donating plasma twice a week at my local plasma center. They follow very strict rules and guidelines but it is possible to make up to $305 per month with them. The company gives you a physical, draws your blood to test for drugs and certain diseases during your first visit. You have to fill out a medical history and answer several predetermined questions regarding any medications you take and they even question if you have lived in certain areas of the world before letting you donate. If you pass this screen and are able to donate the process flows pretty simply.

Each time you go in to donate plasma you answer a 26 question survey on a computer kiosk. After you answer the questions you are called back to have your blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and blood checked. Your blood pressure and pulse and temperature all have to be in normal ranges. Your blood has to have a high enough iron level in it to safely donate and it cannot have too much fat in it. Meaning, don't eat a huge meal of burger and fries before going to donate plasma. If you pass all of these requirements on that day they will let you donate plasma. The plasma donating process (when they hook you up on the machine) takes about 45 minutes if there are no problems.

This is the pay scale at the clinic I donate at:

$20 first donation of a given month (ex: August)
$30 second donation of the same month
$25 third donation of the same month
$35 fourth donation of the same month
$45 each time after this

The key to this is that they only allow you to donate 2 times per every 7 days. Most people who donate set a schedule and donate on certain days of the week. My days are always on Tuesday and Thursday.

In my area, if you are a new donor you get $75 the first three times you come. I loved this!

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