Earn by Booking Hotels – Dosh Review: Legit or Scam?


Bronze Wordsmith
May 17, 2018
I love to travel, both for business and leisure (one of my side hustles is to get paid to travel and review hotels). Travel is great, but the cost of paying for hotel rooms? Not so much. A colleague recommended I try Dosh to help offset the cost of booking accommodations. I’ve been using Dosh for a while, and can now give an objective review of the app.

What is Dosh?

Dosh is a cash-back app. Members select and purchase offers that are listed in the app. Some of the best offers listed on Dosh are for hotel reservations, but it covers a wide variety of offers, from restaurants to retail. Even if you’re only after the hotel offers, you should definitely try the other offers. If you travel a lot, many of them will be relevant to your life on the go.

My first impression of the Dosh site itself is extremely positive. The design and layout are clean, modern, and easy on the eyes. It’s also really professional, making it easy to navigate. But the best part about Dosh is that it looks totally authentic. I don’t mean that in a patronizing way. It’s just that some rewards sites look pretty shady like they were made by a bunch of kids in their parents’ garage.


How does Dosh work?

For starters, you need to sign-up for an account. I’ll be showing you how to register in a bit. Once you’ve become a bonafide member of Dosh , you’ll have to link your credit or debit card to your Dosh account. Don’t worry, dosh is totally legit and bank-level security for your credit card info and data. The reason Dosh asks for this info is so it can give you your cash rewards!

Once you’re a member, you can check out all the available offers on their offer wall. Dosh has tons of partner hotels and establishments. Here are just some of those establishments:

Joe’s Crab Shack
Forever 21
Jack in the Box
Shoe Carnival
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
Payless ShoeSource
… and many more!

When you shop or dine in any of Dosh ’s partner establishments, make sure you use the credit or debit card you have linked to your Dosh account. When you pay using that card, Dosh automatically credits up to 10% cashback reward to your Dosh Wallet! It’s that simple. You don’t have to count points or coupons or any other type of gimmick. You pay using your card, you get a cash reward. That’s it. No fuss. No hassle.

I consider Dosh ’s rewards program one of the best on the internet for two reasons: first, there are tons of partner establishments. Whether you’re a fan of eating out or shopping for home improvement equipment, you’ll find something here you’ll like. Second, it’s so easy to earn rewards. In fact, this is one of the few cash-back programs you can “forget” to use. Just use your linked card, and get your cash back reward automatically. It’s super-easy to earn.

I’d also like to add that since most of these establishments are fairly well-known, chances are you already shop there. So it’s not like you need to change your shopping habits drastically just to get your cash-back rewards.


Cool, but how do you actually book hotels on Dosh?

Dosh also functions as a sort of travel and booking app. You can book your room by following these steps:

1. Simply select the Travel tab and look through all the available offers related to hotels and accommodations.

2. Enter your location, and the date you’ll be needing the room. You will also have to provide additional information, like how many adults and kids will be using the room.

3. Check all the options. Once you’ve provided all the relevant info, you will find all the available hotels for you. These will include their respective prices, so you can make an informed decision.

4. Book through the app. As mentioned a while ago, Dosh is also a booking app. Once you’ve found a hotel that suits you, book your stay using your Dosh account and linked credit or debit card.

And that’s it! You will also get your cash back reward after booking. Honestly, it’s the closest thing I’ve found to get paid to stay in hotels.


How do you get your earnings on Dosh?

Whenever you make a purchase or book a hotel room using Dosh , the corresponding cash-back reward is instantly credited to your Dosh wallet. Once you’ve earned a minimum of $15, you can request a payout. You can choose cash (which is sent via PayPal), bank transfer, or to donate your earnings to charity.

One of the best things about Dosh is that PayPal payments are sent out almost instantly! No more long waiting or praying to the rewards site gods for you to actually receive your earnings. Dosh is super-awesome in this regard, but take note that they use a different payment processing company. But it’s still totally legit. Bank transfers might take longer, but I honestly never tried that option – it’s PayPal all the way for me.


How much can you earn using Dosh?

Your earnings on Dosh will depend on how much you spend on their partner establishments. Basically, the more you spend, the more money you’ll get back!

The cash-back rates for each offer vary. They range from 2% up to 10%. I used Dosh for doing groceries, and was surprised to have earned $30 back in a single month! That was awesome. Your earnings will vary, of course. But the great thing here is that the offers Dosh makes all come from well-known establishments. So it’s not like you’ll have to shop in some sketchy establishment just to get rewards.


How to join Dosh

If Dosh sounds like an app you’d like to try, first download and install the app on your mobile phone or tablet. They have versions for both iOS and Android users. Once you’ve installed the app, open it, and register. And that’s about all there is to it, really. It’s super-easy.

Pro Tip: Once you become a member, you will also have the option of receiving push notifications. Make sure you opt-in, just so you’ll know whenever cash gets credited to your Dosh Wallet.



Dosh is totally legit! It’s one of the greatest rewards surveys I’ve tried. It’s really easy to use, has lots of enticing offers, and has fast payment processing. If you travel or shop a lot, give Dosh a try!
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