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Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018

If you like sharing your opinions online (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) taking surveys on survey websites is a great way to make some money online. It’s a big industry with totally legit players, but if you’ve got good video editing skills and a personality that translates well on-camera, why don’t you level-up your efforts?

I was looking for a creative outlet when I found FameBit. FameBit is a premium content marketplace that connects brands to creators. They’ve worked some of the world’s biggest brands, including Canon, Activision, Adidas, and Sony.

Brands are always looking for awesome people to rep their brands, and FameBit is the platform for that. Through the site, creators get the chance to pitch their services to brands. The winning creators get paid to make branded content and share it on their own YouTube channel and social media accounts. If you want to become an influencer, this is the avenue for you.

It’s a pretty sweet way to make money. Also, FameBit is owned and run by YouTube, so you know it’s legit.

I gave this a try, and it was super fun. If this is something you want to try (And why wouldn’t it? It’s awesome!) read on for more info and some tips.

How to Get Started

1. Sign up

Signing up is free. To me, a free sign up is always a good sign. Most shady sites request money up front, which is a big red flag to me.

Link: https://famebit.com/choose-social-account

2. Choose Sponsorship

This is where the fun starts. FameBit has over 850 sponsorship opportunities. These sponsorships are provided by brands from a wide range of industries, including sports, video games, food, and electronics.

There are a lot of sponsors to pick from, but I suggest narrowing down your options by going for the ones that suit your looks and personality. If you’re pretty swole, you might want to try pitching to sports brands, our supplement makers.

The likelihood of a video game developer picking a buff, athletic person is pretty slim. It is possible, but unlikely.

By limiting your pitches, you maximize your efforts and increase your chances of getting chosen by the right brand for you.

3. Send Pitches

When you’ve finalized your list of potential sponsors, it’s time to create your pitches. This is a pretty open-ended process. You can write your ideas down and send your proposal as a PDF. Or you could get your camera and start shooting some preliminary scenes.

I personally did the latter a few times. I found that brands responded better to proposals with a strong visual component. But whatever medium you send, you need to make sure that your ideas are conveyed clearly. Remember, these people will be receiving dozens, if not thousands, of pitches. Your pitch needs to stand out and be coherent.

Don’t forget to add your rate to the proposal. A rate isn’t something you just pull out of nowhere. You’ll have to take into account the cost of your production, and the time spend in post-production. If you’ll be working with a cameraperson and editor, you’ll have to take into account their own rates.

4. Get Hired

If you played your cards right, your target sponsor just might hire you!

If you get chosen, you may have to work according to their brand guidelines. These guidelines cover stuff like proper usage of their brand assets (like the logo), how to properly present their products, and language you cannot use.

You’ve got a lot of freedom to be creative and let your personality show, but remember you’re still making branded content. Your output needs to be aligned with the brand’s own personality and communication strategy.

5. Get Paid

When the sponsor signs off on your content, FameBit will send payment to you. In this regard, FameBit acts as a sort of escrow service between the sponsor and you.

FameBit sends payment through either PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check and Wire Transfer. They also pride themselves in their fast payment processing.


Authenticity is Important

“Authenticity” is a commonly-used buzzword these days. Brands want creators that fit their own branding, but they want that fit to be natural. For example, if a video game company is looking for a content creator, they’ll want someone who has extensive video game knowledge. And if a potential creator has cred in the online video game community, all the better.

So look at your interests and hobbies, and choose sponsors based on those. If you’ve got a popular Twitch channel, try pitching to game publishers. If you’re a high school basketball coach with an inspirational story, try pitching to sports brands.

Make a Kickass Proposal

I can’t stress this enough. When you send a proposal, you’re trying to do two things: stand out and communicate your ideas clearly. And it’s not always easy to create a proposal that does both.

So get creative. Whenever I spot a high-value sponsorship, I would go all out with my pitch. Often, this pitch is close to the quality of the finished product. I heard from companies that I’ve worked with that my pitches were a major factor that made them pick me.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?

FameBit is totally legit, and totally awesome. It’s a fun platform that lets you be yourself and gives you the opportunity to showcase your creative chops.

It may get disheartening to send pitches and get zero jobs, but I used that to motivate me to make better proposals. In the end, it all paid off.

Famebit Screenshots

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Your Turn

This review is based on my own experiences creating branded content on FameBit. How about you? Have you tried making content on FameBit or other platforms? What brands did you work with and how much did you earn?

Let’s hear your stories!