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LEGIT Drop Review: Swipe Ads for Money - Scam or Legit?

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We all want freebies like gift cards and other rewards. When it comes to rewards sites and programs, I say the more the merrier. And that’s why it’s good we have the Drop app.

What Is Drop?

Drop is another company that offers rewards for your loyalty and patronage automatically and on top of other reward programs system. They call their rewards program Earn With Drop. You will earn points which can be exchanged for gifts and such without the hassle of taking out your rewards card and swiping it to record the points on your purchase.

The Drop app is free and has no installation fee. At the moment, it has more than half a million members and by using it, you can earn points as soon as you’re done with your registration. As mentioned, there are no Drop loyalty cards. Once you register, you’re all set. Your next move is to redeem your rewards from the app!

How To Avail of Drop

Here are the necessary links for you to join Drop:

Official website: https://www.earnwithdrop.com

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1090987006

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.drop.loyalty.android

How it Works

The Drop app is available in the United States and Canada only. You have to link your debit card or credit card to your Drop app so you can get your rewards from all your purchases.

Here is how to do it:
  1. Go to the website and input your contact info. The site will send you a verification link in text so you can install the app.
  2. Prepare all your debit and credit cards. You have to link it to your Drop app account because that’s how you’ll get your rewards.
  3. There will be a favorite store selection. Choose the stores that you frequent to earn your rewards.
  4. Once you link your debit or credit card and have chosen the stores, you will now earn points automatically.
  5. If the points qualify, you can redeem it after five days.
The points you get through Drop will never expire, which is a good feature. As for ways to earn more points, here is an overview:

Selecting your Favorite Stores

For every store that you use your debit or credit card on, your $1 purchase will provide points. In McDonald’s, Target and Walgreens, you will earn 8 points for your $1. At Starbucks, your $1 is worth 12 points. If you spend $1 in Target, the equivalent points is two, which seems to be the lowest among all. Some Drop members also benefit from using Uber since $1 will get them 15 points.

Other stores that tie up with Drop are Lyft, Trader Joe’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Bath and Body Works, 7-Eleven, Sephora and many more. Each of these stores have a corresponding number of points to a dollar. You are allowed to choose up to five stores where you can earn your points from, so select them well. Pick those stores that you usually frequent to maximize your earnings.

Tips On Making More Points

One-Time Offers – Go to DISCOVER on the Drop app and view one-time offers. These can increase the points on your purchases, so watch out for that.

Referral – Like any other rewards program, if you refer family and friends to use their app, you’ll get 1,000 points. Be sure to give your family and friends an invite code so that Drop will attribute the referral on you. Some users say that just by inviting their friends, they’ve earned $100.

Play The Bonus Game – There is a bonus game in Drop called Supercharge. You can play it when available which is usually after every five purchases. The game will give you more points.

Ongoing Offers – Drop is also collaborating with other retailers and merchants, for example, Rocketmiles. If you book a hotel stay, Drop will give you 100,000 points.

Linking More Cards – If you link all of your credit and debit cards with Drop, then, your chances of getting points on your purchases is certain.

Choosing Your Stores – As already mentioned, you have to choose your stores wisely. You can’t revise your selected stores once your register and link it.

How To Redeem Your Points

Your points from Drop can be converted into gift cards. For every 5,000 points that you earn, you can get a $5 gift card. You can redeem your $5 from Aerie and Starbucks.

If your points are equivalent to $10, you can redeem it as an Amazon , GAP, iTunes, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Best Buy gift card, with many more being added.

For 15,000 points, you can exchange a $15 gift card at Groupon. If you have 20,000 points which is $20 in gift cards, you can use it at Whole Foods Market. Nike, Banana Republic, JCPenney, Applebee’s and Barnes & Noble will accept an exchange of 25,000 points for $25. If your points reach 50,000, then, you can use it at Hotels.com. For an American Airlines gift card of $100, your points must reach 100,000.

How to Make More Points

If you allow Drop to make notifications on your phone, then, you will earn an extra 50 points every time. For most users, they get their first gift card after two months.

Is The App Safe to Use?

The primary concern of Drop app potential users is the safety of their credit and and debit cards. To get points, you have to link your cards to the app. Is it a secure procedure?

Don’t worry: Drop utilizes an encryption system similar to banks. Your personal information and transactions are secured through that encryption. So, they don’t have access to your money and other personal data.


There are so many positive reviews on Drop app as a rewards program. Users are getting their points and their rewards all the time. I haven’t seen any negative words on the system and it’s free to use. The retailers connected with Drop are also those that we buy from regularly, meaning, the points that we accumulate can be put to good use. Drop is a 100% LEGIT app, if you want to earn points, rewards, and gift cards from your favorite stores.

Drop Screenshots

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Tell us what you think about Drop app. Have you tried it for yourself? Are the rewards useable? Got any suggestions to make the app better?

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Earn with Drop or the Drop App is a cool concept and essentially just another cashback app, having said that the whole concept is rather poorly executed. You will realize this once you download Drop, before doing anything you are asked to link your bank account or credit card, I would definitely not recommend you linking your bank account with a third party app and even if you do it probably won't work. As for linking your credit card I would feel a bit more secure about, still keep in mind what info you're giving up and to whom.

The earning capabilities are limited and selected by Drop, so note this is not something you can earn with on all of your purchases. Lastly the app has been experiencing a lot of issues lately with not giving credits/points on purchased. Generally Drop is good with reimbursing these missing points, regardless it's a bit annoying. Overall Drop App (Earn with Drop) is legit and they do pay, just a friendly advise to keep in mind what you're giving up in exchange of a few dollars.


This app is great. I started using this app a month ago and I am loving it so far. The points get added quickly and it gets stacked with the card offers.

Once signed up, Drop App lets you earn gift cards with little to no effort. Just make sure to sign up at the stores you like the most as you won't be able to change them anymore.

I didn't have any issues with purchases so far but I read some Drop App reviews that some users aren't being credited for the purchases they've made. But I've also read in the reviews that missing points are always being reimbursed by DropApp.

Their customer service is not so great. Sometimes they are helpful, sometimes they are not, and sometimes they don't even respond. However, I can say that this app is legit cause they are really paying.

If you want to try this app, do it at your own risk.
My experience with them overall is good and you get rewards for something you do anyways. The trick is just not to spend more just because you are getting some points for the purchase. But if you're planning to buy one particular item anyways then why not also get some points with the drop app :) I also like how convenient it is. I just had to download the app, register my account and then link my credit cards. done and done :) After that they'll ask you to pick your 5 favorite brands so they can send you some special deals ( once again don't buy anything you don't want or need) . From time to time they will send you some deals and I have to admit that I bought some things through it as well sometimes. All in all I like that I can collect points at my favorite stores such as
Wal-Mart (you get 2 points per $1 spent), Dunkin Donuts (you get 14 points per $1 spent) and Target (you get 8 points per $1 spent). Those are places I visit frequently anyways ( dunkin on my way to work in the morning. 14 points per dollar is pretty neat if you ask me). Once you reach enough points you can cash them out via gift cards. All in all I recommend them as my experience with them was very pleasant and I will keep using the app.
I’ve been a Drop member for about a month now, and I can honestly say I love the app! Drop is a great app to get rewarded with extra points when you spend money at your favorite stores.
I find this perfect cause it's something that I love to do. I love shopping or buying stuff online, so I really benefit from this app.
A friend of mine recommended this app to me. He even let me see the electronic gift card he received from Drop.
I was amazed, so I signed up right away. I got my first gift card 5 days ago, and it feels like free money to me. :)
Drop is legit, no doubt. The only downside is the unresponsive customer staffs.


Drop is a great app to earn some awesome rewards if you love buying stuff online like me. Registration is easy and FREE. I've been with this app for five months now, and I enjoy it. Just by linking my credit card, and making purchases to participating retailers, I got enough points which I used to earn gift cards.

I love that they have a large selection rewards -- they offer a lot of different brands to redeem gift cards so everyone should be able to find a store they like easily. Also, I already earn $10 just by referring people to use Drop App (I got 10,000 points in total)

Just a tip: For the sake of your wallet, I would recommend not allowing Drop to push notifications to your phone. This way, you can check your offers only when you’re planning to spend anyhow.
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