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DollarClix Review: Online Rewards Site - Scam or Legit?

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What Is DollarClix?
DollarClix is a GPT site with low $1.00 Cashouts, And Registration Open for Worldwide Members!!

How long has it been around?
DollarClix has been around since 2015
So far they have paid out $212,936.29 in cash and 504,604.05 in points to their worldwide members

Who Can Join:
Registration Open for Worldwide Members, And you must be at least 18yrs old

Things You Need to Know:
Low $1.00 to cashout, And they have Daily Payments!
They have a points converter, so if you do an offer for points you can exchange those points to cash

You will earn 20% of your level 1 referrals earnings.
You will earn 10% of your level 2 referrals earnings.

They are on Facebook, Twitter, and have a Youtube channel

How to Earn/Ways to Earn:
The site has multiple ways to earn - 20+ Different Offer Walls, Unlimited Videos, Survey Sites, Promo Codes, Jackpots, Contests

Payout Options:
Get Paid Through PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin & Amazon , Tango Card, Visa Card

The verdict:
DollarClix is a nice site, they have so many ways to earn here, having more offer walls then some other GPT sites. Best part is they are open to all countries when so many other GPT sites are not. I appreciate the $1.00 cashouts and daily payments.

They also have a chatbox that shows the offers that are approving, and the country that person is from

Your turn:
Are you a member? Do you like the site? Do you have a favorite part? Share your own experiences and feedback with us

Join Me:

My Payments:
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DollarClix is definitely legit and not a scam. Anyone can earn money and get paid for every task completed in this website, tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, and more. Most surveys pay $.25-$2.50, for videos they pay $.0065-$.0115 for watching around 10-15 minutes of video.

However, this isn't a get-rich website. It is hard to earn decent money with this platform unless you know how to recruit tons of people, and I mean tons. It is the best way to earn from this website.

As a free member, you’ll earn 10% of your referrals earnings. However, they have an expanded affiliate program that pays a higher rate and allows multiple levels of referral earnings, but you need a paid membership for this.

In conclusion, if you want to stick to this website and is serious about making decent money, you just need to focus on referring people.
DollarClix is a platform where anyone can make money by performing various online tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, completing offers, and referring other people to their site. These online tasks are not hard to do and are things that most of us already do online, so this is a good way for anyone to earn some extra cash.
However, it's true that you will not be able to make decent money in DollarClix unless you have lots of referrals. I've been with this website for two months only, and I've been paid 4x. However, I had a hard time recruiting people, and as a result, I didn't made enough, so I left. However, if you're good at referring people, you can earn a lot of money from this website. DollarClix is legit, and they really pay.
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