Direct-Selling: Turn Your Love for Fashion into a Thriving Business!


Jun 13, 2018
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The only thing I love more than fashion is sharing it. And that involves giving tips on what friends should wear, sharing my opinions on the hottest collections, and helping people find great deals. Because of all that, I decided to combine my love for fashion and love for making money.

After doing some research, I discovered that it was actually quite easy to make money as a fashion lover - and doing so doesn’t involve having to schmooze with fashion designers in an attempt to infiltrate the uber-exclusive world of high fashion.

To make money as a fashion lover, I decided to get into direct-selling. You’ve probably heard of direct-selling, which is usually associated with companies like Avon (and also Tupperware, although it isn’t a fashion brand). I learned that there are even more companies that let you sell directly to eager fashionistas.

If you’re interested in giving this a try, I’ve compiled a list of companies you can try out! They aren’t high-fashion, but who cares? Direct-selling is fun, mainly because you get to interact with buyers in a low-pressure setting. People tend to be more relaxed when they’re at home, and that makes for a better experience for both you and your clients.

Without further ado, here’s my list:



Let’s start with the most popular company in the field. Everyone knows the name Avon, but not everyone will know that the company has been around since 1886 (and was founded by a dude!). It all started when a book salesman named David H. McConnell created a rose-scented perfume to help sell his books. Well, the book business didn’t quite take off, but people fell in love with his perfume. He decided to sell the perfume on its own, and from that grew a clothing and cosmetics empire.

Through Avon, you will be able to sell clothes, shoes, skin care products, and cosmetics. Getting started is super-affordable. It only costs $25 to start. That initial investment gives you brochures for selling, and some sample products. Avon is also pretty good when it comes to giving support to their direct marketers. They will even give you your own web page where clients can order directly from you!

Selling is done via mini “campaigns” that last about two weeks. Clients will order through the brochures you carry. (You never actually bring the inventory with you) You will then take the money and send it to Avon for them to complete the order. But you get to keep your commission! That amount can range from 20% to 50%.



Cabi is a relatively high-end label. Cabi is actually my favorite brand in this list, and I wear many of their pieces myself. They have pretty feel-good branding, and that personality is definitely reflected in their clothes.

You can request for a free starter kit. It includes invitations, an unveiling curtain (for those grand reveals!), clothes racks, as well as brochures and order forms. But you can’t actually do anything with these. You’ll have to pony up the money to actually buy your inventory - $2,470, to be exact. It’s a high buy-in amount, especially compared to Avon. But if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it.

Cabi also provides lots of training opportunities, as well as bonuses and incentives.

Chloe + Isabel


Chloe + Isabel is another popular name on this list. The company focuses on high-quality costume jewelry pieces. The company was started by Chantel Waterbury, a veteran jewelry designer. The founder’s eye for detail and glamor is evident in every Chloe + Isabel piece.

The company is also pretty particular about their merchandisers. To start selling, you will first have to pass an interview. That interview is important, because the company will want to find out if you’re a good fit for them.

Your initial investment will be $175, and that gives you $700 worth of inventory (which you can model for potential buyers), marketing materials, and your own web page for selling. Online and offline commissions range from 25% to 40%.

India Hicks


India Hicks, the founder of her eponymous company, has fashion pedigree: she is the daughter of Ralph Lauren, one of the most revered names in fashion. The company creates beauty products, purses, jewelry, and fragrances, all of which are created as a means for women to empower themselves.

To become an Ambassador (India Hicks’ name for merchandiser), you can start with either the Baby Kit for $99; the Booty kit for $449 (which has a retail value of $1,475); or the Big Kahuna for $749 (which has a retail value of $2,175).

You will get a 20% commission on all your sales. The great thing about India Hicks is that the company is like a big, supportive family.



If you’re into bags, Thirty-One is the company for you! The company specializes in super-stylish and practical bags, such as totes, lunch bags, and diaper bags. Customers can customize these pieces by having their initials added.

Starting up is really affordable: it only costs $99, and that amount includes $300 worth of inventory and marketing materials such as brochures and catalogs. Commission for each item sold is 25%. The


Direct-selling is a legit way to turn your love for fashion into a lucrative career! It’s super-rewarding and fun. I don’t think I would be able to develop this sort of connection with customers if I were selling in a regular store.

Your Turn

The sites listed above are all great places to start direct-selling. Now it’s your turn to share! have you tried direct-selling? What companies did you sell for?

Let’s hear your stories!