ContentGather Review - Scam or Legit?


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018
ContentGather is a marketplace where you as a worker can make money by writing up content, which is then sold on the marketplace where the buyer becomes the owner of the content and they are free to post it wherever they want. Alternatively you can you choose from jobs that clients post.

A few notes
  • Only silver level writers gets prepaid for work submitted. So if you are not a silver member and you submit articles to the marketplace and nobody buys them you will not earn anything.
  • The site does extensive screening, and cares a lot about grammar, even if you are accepted I would recommend you use Grammarly or a similar software to stay on top of you work, so your acceptance rate is higher.
  • Minimum rate you get paid is 1 cent per word, assuming your articles are accepted.
  • There can be a lot of back and forth with clients if you go direct as they have unlimited revisions within reason.
  • This is pure ghost writing, upon selling your article your transfer ALL rights to the buyer.
  • PayPal is available as payout option
ContentGather is similar to TextBroker, minus the whole marketplace part, and if you are a native English speaker and write decently you can definitely make some easy bucks, but if you’re not a native speaker or have years of experience writing in English I am not sure I would spend my time writing up content for this site, especially since you’re not guaranteed to get paid unless someone buys your work.

Please share your experiences with ContentGather as well as payment proofs.

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Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 14, 2018
I believe this site is owned by Ryan who used to have Postloop. When ContentGather first began he used to post on ForumCoin and let us know what it entailed and to answer our queries. There are a few site owners who do this and it is perfectly acceptable.

Although I am a native English speaker and my grammar is reasonable I have always shied away from this kind of site fearing that my efforts would not be good enough. Some of the people who had attempted it failed and became disillusioned quite quickly so for that reason I have never attempted it.


Jul 3, 2018
I registered in the site last week and I am yet to post an article. I will give it a try, I hope it will be accepted.

Fred W

Jun 14, 2018
I tried my hand at ContentGather more than a year ago. This was before I went knee-deep in trying out online rewards sites and finding the sweet spot between going for sharing economy jobs and doing GPT and survey site tasks. It was also before I launched a blog where I can share my thoughts on a lot of stuff regularly.

Back when I was still doing corporate work, I spent a lot of my free time churning out articles that should have gone to my non-existent personal blog, but which I managed to keep in a folder on my desktop, instead. I like that ContentGather encourages non-published but pre-existing articles for submission because I could just go over the ones I already have, polish them up a bit, and then submit them for consideration.

The payment was just so-so though they did pay me fast. I didn’t expect to make a lot out of article submission, anyway. I guess the biggest “payout” for article market sites such as ContentGather has to do with personal validation - that someone out there actually thinks you write well enough to get paid for it! :cool: