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Apr 16, 2018
Welcome aboard! We’re all here to exchange info on how to earn money, and have fun while doing so. But before you start posting, please read and familiarize yourself with the following rules:

Say Hello First

Before you start your first topic, I suggest heading over to the Introductions sub-forum to say “Hi!” and get to know the forum regulars. This thread is a good place to get some posting practice in. It isn't exposed to the public, only to users of this site, so take that as permission to be open about what you expect from these forums.

The Golden Rule

Do one simple thing before posting. Ask yourself if the post you’re making is FAMILY-FRIENDLY and ON TOPIC.

General Content

Posts need to follow the topic of their respective sub-forums, if available. I suggest checking out different threads before posting. That way, you get a feel for how people interact and share info.

Prohibited Topics and Content
We don’t allow posting or sharing links on following topics:​
Pornography, or any NSFW content
If it isn’t something you’d want your parents to find in your browser history, don’t post it.​
Excessive violence
This covers any real or fictional depictions of violence, including those in mature-rated video games.​
Hate speech
We like to maintain a friendly and inclusive vibe in this forum. So don’t post anything that encourages hatred or violence towards individuals based on things like their race, nationality, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation.​
This also includes bullying, stalking, doxxing, or harassing others.​
Excessive profanity
We all like to drop the occasional f-bomb, but let’s try to keep our forum from becoming a swear-fest.​
Content that promotes the sale or use of illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
This also covers the actual selling of illegal or illegally-acquired drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and related paraphernalia.​
Content that promotes the sale of endangered or protected wildlife
This includes both the animal itself, and products obtained from it.​
Content that promotes the sale or use of weapons
This includes guns, ammo, knives, police and military gear, and non-lethal weapons such as pepper sprays and nightsticks.​
Selling or sharing student essays or coursework
Do your own homework!​


Yes, we share a lot of info on business and money-making opportunities in this forum. We consider something spam if you post something repeatedly, are obviously trying to promote it, or if it’s suspicious and potentially harmful.

Generally speaking, a well-written and original post about an opportunity will not be considered spam if it is in the right subforum. However, a poorly written post will be deleted.

This is to keep our forum's Google ranks above board, and allow everyone to have a good experience browsing the forums.

Plagiarized and Copyrighted Materials

This includes passing other people’s work as your own, or sharing content that was stolen from its original creator.

This also covers hacking, software cracking, and posting key codes.

Any other content or activity that is illegal, promotes illegal activities, or is harmful to others.

This is pretty self-explanatory. But to put it more simply: just don’t be a jerk.

Reporting Posts

If you find a post or member that violates any of these rules, report them to a moderator for immediate action.

Minor offences will warrant a warning. Repeat or flagrant offences will result in a permanent ban.


We understand that members want the ability to customize their signatures and possibly add a link or two. Here are the rules around signatures:
  • Maximum of 3 lines
  • Maximum of 3 links
  • No images
If you are found to be breaking rules, your signature will be modified manually by a moderator and you will receive a warning. Repeated violations may result in a permanent ban.
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