LEGIT CashCrate Review: Make Money Online with Paid Surveys - Scam or Legit?


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Apr 16, 2018

Is CashCrate a good way to make money? Read my review and find out!

I like making money. Who doesn’t? But to make the maximum dollar, you have to keep an eye out for all the opportunities that are out there. I never thought I’d make money filling out surveys, but that’s just what happened with CashCrate.

I thought I’d share my experiences with them. The site provides payouts to users who fill out surveys and take special offers. It looks pretty simple, but there are secrets to maximizing your earnings on the site (more on those later, so make sure you read through my rearview!).

I came across CashCrate while searching for ways to make money online. CashCrate was one of the first sites I came across, and at first glance, it seemed pretty reliable. I dug deeper and looked for reviews from a variety of sources, such as online communities like Quora, as well as reviewers and influencers.

I signed up with CashCrate, and at first, I went all-in trying to earn as much money as possible. I made a bit of extra cash as a result, but overall results were just okay. My record earning in a single month was almost $500 - nothing to complain about, but not quite enough to make you quit your day-job.

And that leads me to my next point: managing your expectations. I was psyched to make almost 500 bucks in a single month, but it’ll be pretty tricky making that amount month after month. So consider CashCrate a way to supplement your regular income.

All right, with expectations set appropriately, it’s time to review the actual site and answer the burning question: is CashCrate legit? Let’s get to it:

What’s good about CashCrate

When it comes to making money online, legitimacy and reliability are very important. CashCrate was started in 2006, and today has millions of members around the world. You can’t argue with those numbers.

CashCrate has an official online community where you can get assistance and even do some flexing by showing off your earnings to others. The latter is a premium feature, but it’s not the most important one, in my opinion. I want to earn money. Showing off doesn’t matter.

What does matter are the following features:
  • Free registration
  • Supportive members
  • You can make even more money via the referral program
CashCrate is all about community. There are tons of people using CashCrate, and everyone likes to encourage other members.

Making money was my primary goal with joining CashCrate, but I was surprised by how awesome the people were. I enjoyed interacting with people via the site’s games and contests. You can win points and trade them for prizes.

I think those factors make CashCrate not good, but awesome!

How to earn big, and maximize your earnings

I’ll give you some a secret later on that shows how to earn the most amount of money while spending as little time as possible.

But first, you need to know the basics: come up with a process and stick to it. Here was my process:

1. Register an email account just for CashCrate

You have an email address just for work, so the same should be for CashCrate. Once you sign up with CashCrate, you’re going to get lots of emails, many of which are pretty essential or contain info on enticing opportunities.

So keep your various inboxes clutter-free and organized by having separate email addresses. If you want to take it to the next level, I would also recommend using your email’s various filter and labeling features.

2. Register at CashCrate

This is what you’re here for, right? Go on and register! You’re going to have to provide your residential (or business address), but don’t worry, that’s standard procedure. CashCrate pays via cheque only, so you’ll have to provide a physical address.

3. Take surveys

This is the most basic, and standard way of earning. You can start taking surveys as soon as you sign-up. The bulk of my earnings came from filling out surveys, so don’t sleep on this method!

Surveys are a super-easy way to earn because it’s mostly a brainless task. You could do it during your free time. As for me, I like to switch on the TV and while taking surveys. I even managed to take surveys during vacation down-times.

CashCrate has tons of surveys for you to try. That was good for me because I can bang out a tremendous amount of surveys in no time.

4. Sign-up for offers

There are two basic types of offers: products and services. If an offer needs you to register for an email blast or newsletter, you need to pay attention to the conditions. Once you get paid for signing up, you can unsubscribe, or stay onboard.

You will also encounter paid offers. Unlike regular offers, you’ll have to pay to take to avail of the promo. For example, CashCrate is offering a commission for signing up for a premium streaming service. You will still have to pay for that service yourself to get your CashCrate commission.

I try to make this work for me by checking out offers that I would use anyways. That way, I can recoup some of the money I spent on the offer. As with everything on the site, it pays to do some research and take time to plan ahead.

5. Go shopping!

The site has a cash back program when you buy stuff from their network of online stores. I don’t use this as much as the Survey and Offer features, but I still keep an eye out for discounts. If I were in the market for a new laptop, I would pay particular attention to gadget and electronics discounts. I was going to buy that laptop anyways; might as well take the offer on CashCrate and earn back some of my money.

Invite your friends and earn even more

The site offers a referral system, giving you another way to earn on top of taking surveys and offers. I’m pretty happy with this and found it a great way to supplement what I was earning from them.


You have to become a bit of a CashCrate evangelist to pull this off. Simply invite people to join, and you will get a commission from every survey they take. This is a great way to make passive income, but you’ll have to get reliable, hard-working people to register.

Affiliate Program

If you’re a content creator or blogger, you can use your blog or YouTube channel to promote CashCrate. It sounds like another layer of work, but you’ll benefit in the long-run. You can add a link to the page that leads people to CashCrate. This is sort of like those Amazon or eBay links you find in other people’s blogs. Whenever someone visits the linked sites, the blogger gets a monetary reward.

My secret: the CashCrate “ecosystem”

Okay now’s the time to let you in on that secret I promised a while ago. CashCrate offers a lot of ways to make money, from surveys to offers to referrals to affiliate links. The key to maximizing your earnings is to use all those methods synergistically. Don’t focus on just one method.

Here’s a real-world example: I’m out on vacation. I got some free time there, so I would use it to fill out some surveys. While I’m at it, I could also blog about my vacation and insert CashCrate into the post. The topic of the blog post could be “Check out my great vacation - all paid for with my CashCrate earnings!” From there, people can click the affiliate link, earning you more money. Or you could strike up a conversation with the people in my tour group. Everyone likes to hear about money-making opportunities. So invite them and, yep, get a cut from their earnings.

It’s super easy once you get the hang of it. My record-earning month was the result of me using all these methods together. And I’m happy I did.

Bonus second secret: use autocomplete bots

Here’s another way to maximize your time on the site: use autocomplete bots. These are online tools that enable you to fill out surveys and forms way faster than mere mortals.
Since our earnings rely on the quantity of work we do, it literally pays to have an electronic assistant helping you complete those forms.

There are a plethora of tools available on the interwebs, but my personal go-to helper is UltimateSurveyBot. You’ll have to test a few out to find the one that works for you, but once you find one, it’s very worth it. Stick with it, and watch the bucks come in.

I can stress using a good bot enough. Sometimes, the program will add the wrong info to the wrong text field. Forms with wrong info are usually rejected. This could amount to wasted time, and that also means a lost chance to earn money.

So do your research. It’ll be worth it in the long-term.

How to receive your payouts

Now is the fun part! Getting paid. There are a few things you’ll need to remember, though. The minimum cash out is $20. Once you make at least $20, you can ask for your cheque. Yep, cheque. Remember when I mentioned providing your mailing details earlier? This is why.

You can also choose to get paid in points. These points can be used to redeem goodies from various apps and online shops.

The Verdict: Legit or Scam?


I made a decent amount of money from CashCrate. Not enough to burn money and act like Floyd Mayweather, but enough to supplement my regular paycheck. The money I made from the site was very useful when it came to replenishing my savings. When I had a fair amount set aside, I was even able to indulge in a fun vacation.

You do get out of it what you put in. So you need to be willing to work hard and network hard. But keep in mind the tips and secrets I provided earlier:

Remember the Process

Remember the “Ecosystem”

Remember your Autocomplete Bots

Use these, and you’ll have a great foundation for earning on CashCrate.

CashCrate Screenshots

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Your Turn

This is my review based on my own experiences. Now it’s your turn to share. Do you have any other systems or secrets for maximizing earnings? Did you earn more than me? (I sure hope so!)

Let’s hear your stories!

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May 4, 2018
I signed up with CashCrate, and at first, I went all-in trying to earn as much money as possible. I made a bit of extra cash as a result, but overall results were just okay. My record earning in a single month was almost $500 - nothing to complain about, but not quite enough to make you quit your day-job.
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May 4, 2018
cashcrate payment proof 1.jpg

Don't wast too much time on other tasks. Just work on the ones that usually lets you earn. Look for offers that generally pay more. Some surveys are not worth your time completing.

You make money as much as you like. The amount of money you make will depend upon how much hard work you are putting.
More the surveys and offers you take up more the money you make.
However you should not live in an illusion that you can make thousands of dollars every month because the commission that you get is very less.
Completing one survey would pay you 0.50 Cents to 0.80 Cents only.


May 15, 2018
CashCrate used to be a great money maker of mine, but I've since switched to other sites that has better rates and more inventory. CC is legit though and they pay on time. Attaching payment proof.


Jun 4, 2018
Signed up with CashCrate, and at first, I went all-in trying to earn as much money as possible. I made a bit of extra cash as a result, but overall results were just okay. My record earning in a single month was almost $500 - nothing to complain about, but not quite enough to make you quit your day-job.



Rookie Wordsmith
Jun 6, 2018
This was one of the sites I came across long time ago when i was starting my online jobs.Unfortunately, this survey site is only opened for the top tier countries only like many other survey sites


Bronze Wordsmith
Apr 16, 2018
This was one of the sites I came across long time ago when i was starting my online jobs.Unfortunately, this survey site is only opened for the top tier countries only like many other survey sites
I don't know what country you are in, but if you are in a restricted country, say a European one, a good tip is to use google or bing to search or survey providers in your own language. You will be surprised how many local market research companies are out there. Alternatively, go to Google and search for surveys, paid surveys etc. and then allow Google to ad target you and you might get relevant ads in your own country. Of course always do your research on these companies to see if they pay before spending any of your valuable time on them.


Jun 12, 2018
Im new here at cashcrate i think its a legit site to easily earn money through online.i hope i can enjoy in joining here and also i hope i can earn a lot of money here.i will be a good member of cashcrate.


Jun 15, 2018
I have been an active member of Cashcrate since April of 2016.

I can say personally, through experience, I have never had an issue getting the funds I have earn. Whether it is by an online gift cards, a check sent through the mail, or deposited directly to my PayPal account. The choice is mine! Cashcrate makes is easy and is my #1 trusted site for making a little extra money, to pick up the extra things I need or to help me enjoy the things I couldn't normally pick up with my limited income. Thanks Cashcrate for a true and honest Earning opportunity. Sincerely Paul


Jun 21, 2018
Make money from CashCrate

I have joined CashCrate just two days before and I have got 1.50$. This is a site where you can earn dollars by simply answering to surveys, watching videos etc. CashCrate gives more money than any other sites I have ever seen. This is a great site for beginners. CashCrate have surveys which pay you more than 0.50$. Watching videos from CashCrate is simple and easy. By doing the tasks from CashCrate you will get
points and also you will be entertained. This site really pays you and do not have any distracting ads in it. This will you pass time along with earning money. Only you have to do is go to CashCrate, register a new account and start earning money. Go and join today itself.



Oct 10, 2018
I really love CashCrate. To me they're one of the best providers when it comes to making money from home. They've been around for a long time and on top of that they have a perfect record. A couple of my friends ( I referred some and I am still earning 10% on their earnings. For life ! Thats one of the best parts about CashCrate if you ask me. Their referral system is awesome! ) use it as well and I never heard about any issues when it comes to payments. Just like many other providers they have a lot of surveys and another great way to earn points is to shop with their partners. As I mentioned in another post don't buy anything you don't need but if you're shopping there anyways then you might as well earn some points doing so . I hope you enjoyed my personal cashcrate review and if you want to give them a shot just head over to their website cashcrate.com and get started. Highly recommended ! They're around since 2002 and they got over 2 million members! These guys aren't going anywhere anytime soon.